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The trip back was taking forever. Pepper made herself some sandwiches and drove Tony's car down to the beach, where she sat in the surf and ate them, leaning back and enjoying the sun until it sank below the waves and she was forced to relocate indoors due to the cold.

Once inside, she paced the length of Tony's workshop not once, not twice, but 30 times until dizziness forced her to stop and sit in Tony's comfy padded chair where she then proceeded to try and make sense of all of Tony's designs on his computer. Failing miserably she then proceeded to consume 18 Oreos and watched Sister Act a total of 5 times and crash on Tony's sofa with orders to JARVIS to wake her up IMMEDIATLY if there was ANY development.

2 hours later, she heard JARVIS' voice drawing her out of her sleep and informing her that 'Mr Stark is sat next to you, Miss Potts.'

Pepper sat bolt upright and stared at Tony, who was sat next to her, a huge grin plastered on his face. Pepper flung her arms around Tony's neck, Tony wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightly, burying his face in her shoulder and breathing in her soft safe scent. They were so engrossed in each other they didn't hear Rhodey tiptoe softly away out of the house. 'I'm so glad you're okay!' Pepper cried, running her hands over Tony's face and her fingers through his hair. 'You scared me senseless.' Tony bent his head and captured Pepper's lips, clutching her waist tightly through her thin top. Pepper pulled him close to her and dragged him down so he was stretched out next to her. She broke the kiss and snuggled into his chest, feeling his strong arms go around her waist and his soft lips place a soft kiss to her neck, feeling the scratch of his goatee on her skin.

Tony fell asleep first, exhausted by the trip back and feeling secure now he was safe and with Pepper. Pepper stroked his hair and leant her head on his heart, feeling its soft beat and the gentle hum of the Arc Reactor and gradually she fell asleep too.