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Everything seemed normal. People sang and danced in the streets, and life was good. However, things were not to stay that way for long. In England, drummers beat their drums in time to the marches of the Queen's Guard.

In a sudden and bright flash, they were frozen, encased in stone. People of all sorts screamed at the sight, and ran in a desperate attempt to escape from the huge ray that turned all in its path to stone.

Similarly, in Honolulu, women sang and danced, playing their ukuleles and entertaining passersby. The next moment, the women were turned to stone; their instruments were also turned into useless stone.

In Yuuhi town, Kanda Aoi twirled about in the gardens of Yuuhi Town's much loved park, which was smack dab in the middle of town. Tanaka Hajime smiled at her and she waved at him as she plopped on the bench in the garden. She placed her hand to her chest and extended her other arm, singing brightly for the recruit. "See, Haji-kun? I told you I can sing better than you!"

"I never doubted it in the first place, Aoi-san!" Hajime laughed happily. "Singing's always my hardest subject in cheering…"

"Oh, you don't mean that, you have the cutest tenor voice," she said, making the recruit blush lightly. The Cheer Girl sucked in a breath of air and released it. She sang her heart out beautifully…

…and the next second, Hajime covered his eyes from the suspiciously bright light, and the singing girl was reduced to stone. The recruit stared, dumbfounded, at the sight before him, and his lip twitched, "A… Aoi-san…? Aoi-san…!!"


The Ouendan HQ was abuzz. People were screaming for help everywhere at once, and no one was sure where to go, or what to do. Ippongi Ryuuta was shouting for everyone to report, and Amemiya Sayaka was biting harshly on her thumb nail. "We have to figure out what this is. How many people are here?"

"One, two…" Doumeki Kai, who was easily the tallest, counted off those who had responded to the Ouendan Leader's call. "Hajime-san and Aoi-san are missing."

"Where could they be?" Anna Lindhurst asked, fearing the worst, "People all over are turning to stone… Whoever creates music has been attacked…"

"Even the birds in the air are being struck from the skies…" Saito Atsushi looked livid, crossing his arms and squeezing them harshly as he spoke. "Whoever could do that to innocent animals deserves nothing but pain…"

"For now, we cannot risk leaving the HQ. We need… assistance…" Kai said, "I will request aid."

"K…Kai-san!" Ryuuta said, flailing lightly in anger, "We need you here! What are we going to do, just HIDE here? There are people who need us! We can't just abandon them in this trying time…!"

"For now, we need more power than this…" Kai said, "We also need to know more about what's going…"

"PEOPLE-OF-EARTH!" Most of the Ouendan ducked and covered when a huge, strange voice boomed from the heavens. Slowly and in unison, each of the squad left their quarters to look into the sky. There, hanging in the blue sky, was a huge eye of magnificent proportions. It glared down at the planet, as if searching their souls. The ships in the air… all of them were… "WE-ARE-THE-RHOMBULANS. YOU-SHALL-FOREVERMORE-BE-UNDER-OUR-CONTROL. OUR-FIRST-DECREE…



Hajime knelt at the side of his friend. Aoi's arm was still extended; her smiling face was open in delight as she sang silently from her heart. The recruit didn't know what to do, so he just knelt at her side, placed his head in her lap, and sobbed, "Aoi-san…! Why? Who would ever do this to…?"


Hajime's breath caught in his throat as the voice repeated everything it had just said. The recruit clenched his teeth, a bright fire lighting within him. He turned to Aoi, and bowed lightly. "Aoi-san… I must go. There's something that needs my attention, but until then, I can't return you to normal. Please… forgive me…!" And with that, he prayed quickly for her soul and her quick recovery, and disappeared to meet with his friends.


Ryuuta paced angrily, like a caged lion. Anna twiddled with her hair, something she only did when she was nervous, which was a nice time to be. Suzuki Ittetsu took a deep breath, and finally spoke up, "What do you propose we do, Leader? You seem to be…"

"Aaaarg…! Kai-san! Why'd you leave us here all alone? Telling us to WAIT!?" Ryuuta hyperventilated, "I can't stand waiting here! No Alien's telling ME what I can or can't do! Come on, Ittetsu, Atsushi." The leader stormed off with a growl. "We're out of here."

"Ryuuta-kun…!" Ryuuta stopped when Anna stood. "You don't honestly think you can take on all those aliens all by yourself…?"

"Of course not," he said. Anna gave a confused look. "But then again, I doubt Yuuhi Town is going to be very happy to hear about their enslavement. We'll take them down like we did that meteor…!" The Cheer Girl didn't look so sure, and Ryuuta smiled in her direction. "Anna-san, could it be that you're worried about me…?"

"Only a little," she murmured, trying to avoid his gaze, "I mean, I don't doubt any of our skill, but this seems a little more… I don't think that one town's spirit can fight this full scale invasion. Ryuuta-kun, please, listen to Kai-san and listen to me."

Ryuuta gave her a look that showed he was considering it, maybe, if she was lucky… Then it flew out the window. "Atsushi, Ittetsu, let's go."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Anyone who harms animals deserves to be put in their place."

"Who can say that music isn't allowed? It's not something one can put down. Music is…"

"Music's alive!" Ryuuta said pridefully, "And no one can kill it! We'll show them just how powerful it is!" Anna watched as the three nodded at each other and disappeared, intent on defeating the aliens. The Cheer Girl bit her thumb and tried to ignore the sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Ryuuta-kun… please come back, I beg of you…" she said inwardly, "I… if I lost you…"


Ryuuta would not be denied. He stood in the middle of Yuuhi Town's park and shouted all around, "Everyone!" The residents looked up at the men they trusted for years to protect and help them. "We will NOT let you down! You know us, and we know you! I ask you…! Who will fight with us?"

People began to gather around the Ouendan. "We will throw off our oppressors and show them that NO ONE can take away our music!"

"Nya!" Neko the cat, who rested atop Tanaka Yasushi's head, meowed.

"My thoughts exactly!" The ramen shop owner proclaimed. Neko meowed again.

"If you keep talking like that, Mister Cheerers, don't you think you'll be put down?" Tsuyoshi asked, adjusting his glasses.

"I will fight with you!" Sugiyama Kouji proclaimed, "No one can destroy music! I pour my heart into my violin, and to have them take it from me… I would rather die!"

Yamagata Sachiko put her hair up in with a bobby pin and placed her hands on her hips. "I won't give up! You helped me, and now we'll help each other!"

Ryuuta soon obtained a huge following of Yuuhi Town's multiple residents. They refused to let these Rhombulans take over their world! Ryuuta raised his hand. "Osu!"

"OSU!" The town shouted in response.

The cheer began, "Ikuzee! San! Nii! Ichi! Sure!" and from there, the town made its stand. They challenged the Rhombulans to fight them, and once the aliens dropped down from their ships to tell them to cease and desist, Ryuuta stood like a general amongst his army. He may have stood in the middle of the crowd of people, but he stood on the large rock in the park, pointing at the aliens and DARING them to turn him to stone.

The Rhombulans raised their Flesh-to-Stone guns, but they could not fire them fast enough. Kouji played his violin, Sachiko sang loudly, Matsurida Shin clapped his hands and Yasushi clapped his ramen bowls together. The Yuuhi Town populous watched as the Rhombulans clutched their ears and many dropped their weapons, desperately attempting to escape.

"They really ARE afraid of music!" Tsuyoshi said.

"Then let's give them more, shall we?" Kouji said, smiling happily as he placed his violin under his chin.



The town was superb. The Rhombulans soon began to retreat, and Ryuuta shouted at them to leave their world forever. Many of the privates rushed to their superior officers, begging that they listen to the Ouendan's orders and just LEAVE. The officers slapped their subordinates around, especially when they received word from the central mothership. "WE-SHALL-SEND-IN-OUR-ELITE. THEY-WILL-NOT-FAIL. THE-WORMS-WILL-ALL-BE-DESTROYED."

"Is that all you have?" Ryuuta shouted, ever the general. He pointed and cheered as the Rhombulans rushed away from the townspeople. "If you must, LEAVE! You cannot change us! Music is alive! You can't remove it! You'll NEVER destroy us! NEVER!"

"Nya!!" Neko shouted, pointing down the way. The animal acted as the scout for the army, and they turned to see small group of differently dressed Rhombulans. They were the Elite…

"You can't beat us! Just try!" Ryuuta shouted, "Everyone! Don't give up! We can win! Work hard, let's go!"

"GOOOOOOOO!" The group continued their cheering, their singing and dancing. They believed in Ryuuta and refused to give up. No Elites would scare them!

"Go! Go! We can do it! Don't give up! Go!" Ryuuta roared, "We can…!" The Ouendan leader gave a cry when the rock he stood on suddenly exploded. A Rhombulan sniper burst it apart. Ryuuta dropped backwards, his arms flailing in a desperate attempt to keep him upright. Ittetsu reached out and grasped him tightly. Shaking debris from his hair, he punched the air. "Everyone! Just a minor setback! Everyone! You can…!"

A scream erupted from the crowd when one of the Elite resisted the music just long enough to fire his gun. Everyone stepped backwards, away from the statue that was Sachiko.

Ryuuta immediately felt the tide of battle surge against him. Some of the populous scattered, abandoning the fight, and others pressed towards the middle, hoping to let someone else get in the way of the lasers. Ryuuta begged them to stop what they were doing. "People! PEOPLE! We need to fight! We can't win like this…!"

The Elite fired wildly, striking stragglers and surging members of Ryuuta's small, ragtag army. Morale dropped immediately, and everything turned against the Ouendan. The leader shouted and roared but it was useless, only a few of the people remained: Shin, Tsuyoshi, and Yasushi (Neko still holding tightly to his hat, and Kouji was the most recent man turned to stone by the aliens). Ryuuta hyperventilated, sweat pouring down his brow, as the enemies raised their Flesh-to-Stone guns. They did not fire, however. They raised their arms, and the Ouendan and their small entourage looked upwards at the mothership. "YOU-SINGERS! YOU-THOUGHT-YOU-COULD-WIN?"

"We'll never give up!" Ryuuta shouted, "Not as long as we have hope!"

"Takuya deserves a world of music to grow in! What father would I be if I could not give something like that to him?" Shin growled.

"My brother… my family… they deserve the best!" Tsuyoshi glared at his enemy, "They're not always the best people, but I will give them the best!"

"Music saved my way of life. Without it, my ramen shop will go kaput!" Yasushi said.

Neko backed up his friend with a "Nya!!"


Ryuuta pointed his finger at the giant eye in the sky. "Bring it, you big… pussy… ugly EYE thing!"

There was a bright flash of purple, and then nothing…


I always wondered what it would be like for the Ouendan to fight the Rhombulans. While I'm not all "Yay Rhombulans come back!" I kinda wanted to know how they would act and respond to a little hot blooded cheering. So far, they're handling it pretty effectively, I say.

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