Meanwhile, Hajime found that he and his companions were in quite a pickle. In a split second, the music that everyone had rocked to was shattered, and the Rhombulans had herded off the residents of the town. The young recruit backed up until he ran into Hayato, who was standing near Kai. The three stood in a small circle; the Ouendan was surrounded.

"Well…" Hayato murmured with a smile that showed he regretted nothing about his actions, "It was nice working with all of you while it lasted…"

"Do not give up now," Kai demanded of their temporary partner, "The Yuuhi Town Ouendan have gotten out of worse scrapes than this…"

"I see… I suppose I do have to agree that you destroyed that meteor…" Hayato muttered, "But that doesn't help our position in the slightest, does it?"

"Saionji-san," Hajime said with a faint smile in the Asahi Town Ouendan Leader's direction, "For what it's worth, it was wonderful working with you."

Asahi Town's Ouendan Leader flicked a stray hair from his face nonchalantly as the Rhombulans raised their flesh-to-stone guns, pointing them at their enemies. "I thank you for the compliment, Tanaka-san. Now is the time for all of us to start praying."

"Mother, Shinju, Jirou… Father…" Hajime prayed to put his soul at rest when he would lose it. "I'm sorry for leaving you… I'm sorry I wasn't the son who could do what you asked…

"I'm sorry for being worthless…"

"If you say one more word like that, Hajime-kun…!" A voice threatened. The Rhombulans whirled around, wondering where the voice came from. Ippongi Ryuuta dropped down next to the three Ouendan, his landing creating a small puff of dust on the ground. "…I'm going to grind your face into paste!"

"R…Ryuuta-san! You're alright!" Hajime cried in delight and relief, his eyes sparkling at the mere thought that his leader wasn't a statue any longer.

"The most uncouth of the bunch…" Hayato muttered to himself with an air of disgust. He turned to Ryuuta and put on an air of authority. "Well then! I suppose this is the infamous Ippongi Ryuuta, Leader of the Yuuhi Town Ouendan?"

Ryuuta blinked at Hayato, and then nudged Hajime in the side. "Hey Hajime-kun. Who's the fruitcake?" The Ouendan in blue turned as red as Ryuuta's hair both from anger and embarrassment.

"I'd hate to interrupt this reunion, but we aren't out of the woods yet, Ouendan," Kai said. Everyone snapped to attention when the Rhombulans showed them that Kai wasn't joking. They were still surrounded, and still in danger.

"Is that all?" Ryuuta said with a cocky air. Hajime stared at his leader with a look that asked if he had finally lost his mind. "We haven't lost yet! Behold, Ippongi Ryuuta's posse and harem!"

Hayato blinked in disbelief at Ryuuta's uncouth words, Hajime hid his reddened face in embarrassment, and Kai looked up. He began to smile. "So that's it…"

Standing at each corner of the prison's walls were members of the Ouendan. Ittetsu smiled. "Let's do this."

"Let's get this party started!" Aoi shouted in delight at the prospect of a new battle.

"Ryuuta-kun, we are NOT your harem!" Sayaka chastised the leader.

"Rhombulans, your time is nigh…" Atsushi cracked his knuckles. Anna simply prayed lightly and prepared for the fight before her.

"All of you!" The Rhombulan officers shouted, "Prepare to die!" The aliens were answered and met with a sound beating of their eardrums. The music of the Ouendan was harmonious, and the entire prison was filled with it. The soldiers dropped like flies, clutching their ears in pain.

Yet something was wrong, Kai noted. Despite the fact that each of the members were on key and worked together in perfect harmony, there was dissonance which destroyed some of the power of their cheer. It didn't matter much, as the combined efforts of the Ouendan was enough to defeat everyone at the detention center. The townspeople who were trapped rushed out from their hiding places in joy. "Ouendan! You saved us!" Eisaku shouted. He approached their director and bowed low to the ground. "On behalf of all of Yuuhi Town, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Kai allowed the praise to be showered on him by the mayor while Ryuuta grasped his recruit and mashed the young man's hat into his head. "Hey Hajime-kun!" the leader said, "How was that, huh? Dramatic enough rescue for you?"

"Y…Yes…" Hajime groaned, "C…Can't… breathe, Ryuuta-san…"

"So this is your leader then, Tanaka-san…?" Hayato suddenly said, attracting the others' attention. He placed his fingers on his chin in thought as Ryuuta released the recruit to look at the Ouendan in blue, who bowed so low Ryuuta wondered how he didn't fall over. "My name is Saionji Hayato. I do hope you'll regard me favorably, as it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." Ryuuta practically barfed from the stuffy, formal speech.

"Ippongi Ryuuta. Nice to meet you," Ryuuta said. He looked at Hajime, who gestured silently to Hayato, and Hajime's leader snapped his fingers in remembrance. He bowed lightly, about five seconds too late.

"I…Indeed… So you lead young Tanaka-san, then?" Ryuuta shrugged in response, and Hayato put on a tiny, nasty smirk with his demeaning look. "I wonder just how well you do your job, anyway…"

Hajime blinked at what Hayato implied, and Ryuuta nearly exploded. "What's that supposed to mean?" The Yuuhi Town's Ouendan's Leader demanded. Hajime tried to look like he wasn't embarrassed. Sometimes Ryuuta was just TOO hot blooded, shouting all the time…!

Hayato checked his nails, clearly immune to the mystical intimidation of a Cheerer (which was obvious, as any high ranking Ouendan Cheerer had to at least have some immunity, or else everyone would be cowering before the others from second hand fear). "I do seem to recall a moment when Tanaka-san mentioned my skills. Do you remember, Tanaka-san…?" Hajime's eyes shot up at Hayato as he shrugged his shoulders and laid waste to Ryuuta's insults with a smug smirk that made Ryuuta's eye twitch in annoyance. "I was just thinking… perhaps you aren't the leader everyone assumes you are…?"

"Say that again to my face, you pale faced, hook nosed, falcon turd!" Ryuuta roared. Hajime had to hold the leader back to keep him from attacking the Noble Ouendan Leader. "I'll make sure you'll never walk straight again!"

"Ryuuta-san, please don't…!" Hajime cried.

"Ohhh! So violent…! Why ever would I trust myself around you…?" Hayato said with faux fear. He flashed them his smirk and continued to push the leader's buttons. "Tanaka-san, if he must vent his rage through fisticuffs, I suppose that I'll have to remind Doumeki-san and the rest of Yuuhi Town that their leader is a barbarian of epic proportions."

"I hope you don't want kids because when I'm done with you…!"


"What's going on…?" Aoi murmured as the Cheer Girls approached. Sayaka blinked at the scene and Anna glared at Ryuuta. Yuuhi Town's Ouendan Leader shot Hayato another look, to which the rival Ouendan shrugged lightly. Finally, Hajime could release his friend and pay attention to Aoi. "Haji-kun, you're alright!"

Hajime whirled around and smiled happily at the Cheer Girl. "Aoi-san! You're alive!" He fidgeted heavily as the memories of the beginning of the invasion returned. "When you were turned to stone… I was so worried… I thought you were gone forever…!"

Aoi smiled. "Silly Haji-kun, it'll take more than that to stop me!" Hajime smiled. At least she thought of him as silly for something other than the aliens… He felt so happy that Aoi was safe. He couldn't exactly name the feeling though. It wasn't happiness… ecstatic joy? There were emotions welling in him that he recognized and knew… they were just on the tip of his tongue.

"You feel that?" Ryuuta suddenly said. Hajime looked up as his leader turned to Kai. "Hey! Kai-san! You feel it?"

"How could I not? It's welling up all over the world…" Kai said, interrupting himself from his conversation with Eisaku to rejoin his squad. Ittetsu and Atsushi watched as he nodded. "The war's not over yet. The cheer's just begun."

Hajime tried not to hit himself for being an idiot. The feeling he felt didn't have anything to do with Aoi! It was the blood in his veins, pumping faster. His heart beat to the rhythm of the people around the world. If he concentrated, he could feel something being spelled out, similar to the way lyrics could be felt through a hot blooded rhythm. However, the beat wasn't strong enough for him to be able to tell exactly what was being spelled… "What's it saying…?"

"E…" Anna murmured with a blink.

"Bee…?" Ryuuta questioned, wondering when honey collectors came into the mix.

"A!" Aoi finished, knowing English as well as Anna.

"E-B-A?" Hajime asked.

"E-B-A… Is it a code?" Ittetsu wondered.

"Who cares! It's got a catchy beat!" Ryuuta shouted, "Come on everyone, let's join in!"


"E-B-A! E-B-A! E-B-A!"


"Ii Bii Eh!" Ryuuta butchered the letters.



A burst of energy erupted that sent a ripple throughout the world. It felt like the small aftershock of an earthquake. In a moment, the entire world did an about face. The sadness and all around hopelessness of the earth's situation took a turn for the better. The coded EBA had returned. No amount of stone inducing ray could stop them now.

"Are you ready?" The energy asked as a new song began. The Ouendan didn't mind following right along with it.



"Three! Two! One! GO!"

Music returned to Mother Earth. Everyone in the world worked hard and did their best to dance, sing, and defeat the Rhombulans. The energy was so humongous that Hayato could feel Asahi Town break away from their stone prisons. He tried not to shed a tear as he felt his friends join in.

Indian cheerers continued with the assistance of French cheerers, who in turn passed their energy to African cheerers, who collected it and sent it off to South America. All of the energy of the world was converging. The Rhombulan Mothership could not understand what was going on. "WHAT-ARE-YOU-DOING? THE-MUSIC! STOP-THE-MUSIC!"

Canadian cheerers packaged the energy collected from the singing and tossed it over to the fabled EBA, who caught it along with all of the energy from South America. The combined energy was giving Ryuuta a headache from Japan. He could only imagine how immense the pressure was in America.

"Music lives!" The song shouted. There was no language barrier any longer. Music united everyone from around the world. "Music lives!" It shouted. Russians shouted "Music lives!" Ethiopians assured themselves that "Music lives!" Even in Japan, Ryuuta and the Ouendan worked together. "Music lives!" they screamed.

They could see a small beacon of energy from across the ocean. It rose up, higher and higher into the sky. "NO! NO, STOP, THE-MUSIC! STOP! WHAT-ARE-YOU…? STOP-THE-MUSIC! NO! PLEASE! STOOOOOOP!!!"

All of the converged energy united and slammed full force into the Rhombulan Mothership. Hajime stared in awe as it exploded, sending sparks and debris every which way. It was like a huge firework had been set off, one that created hundreds of thousands of tiny meteors falling to earth.

The Ouendan stood in silent awe for a moment, before they celebrated all at once. Ittetsu cheered, Atsushi sobbed, Anna hugged Ryuuta, Aoi kissed Hajime on the cheek, and Kai and Sayaka stood still, smiling brightly (and almost dumbly) at the fact that it was over. Everything was finished.

"Saionji-san!" Hajime said, turning to speak with Asahi Town's Ouendan to keep from showing his deep blush to Aoi. Hayato was nowhere to be seen. The recruit was confused, and Aoi stood alongside the recruit, placing her hands on her hips in mild annoyance.

"The nerve of him…!" she said with a slight whine, "He couldn't even hang around to have a party with all of us?"

"I suppose not…" Hajime murmured, a knowing smile on his face, "You know, I bet he missed all of his friends…"

"With friends like him, who needs enemies?" Ryuuta growled. Hajime shook his head good-naturedly. He could hardly believe it was all over.

"Hajime…" The recruit looked up and he sucked in a deep breath. Tanaka Susumu, his father, stared him straight in the face. "Hajime… you did a fine job, My Son."

"Father…" Hajime whispered, awestruck by his father's compliment, "Do you mean that…?"

"Since when has your father lied to you, Haji-kun?" Aoi asked. She pushed her friend forward lightly, and Hajime stared dumbfoundedly at his father. "Now go bond with your father!"

"Easy for you to say…!" Hajime thought to himself. He composed himself and took a step forward. "Thank you for your kind words, Father… I mean… I didn't do much… nothing more than you or the others did…"

Susumu glared at his son, and Hajime gulped. "That can't be possible," Susumu said, "My son did a wonderful job."

Hajime stared in disbelief at his father. "I…is that so…?" he asked quietly, hiding the blush on his face.

"Although you certainly don't look healthy enough…" Susumu glared at him, poking the thin man in the ribs. "Why aren't you gaining weight? Are you sick? Get a wife, you bum. Someone needs to care for you or you'll keel over."

"Thank you for your advice, Father," Hajime said, taking that as his father's way of saying that he was proud of Hajime. Susumu straightened himself up and sauntered off, muttering about how the house better be clean by the time he returned.

The young man turned back around and smiled at the Ouendan before him. Ryuuta winked at Hajime and the recruit brushed his Gakuran off. "Well, everyone, I do believe we can classify this mission as complete." Hajime said as he adjusted his glasses.

"Huh…" Ryuuta muttered, "You sure it's not that our cheer's a 'big success'?"

Hajime frowned. "Well… I suppose, but I just thought 'complete' seemed a little more relevant. Not sure why though…"

"You're one weird kid, Hajime," Ryuuta said. Hajime blushed lightly. "But that's what I like about you!"

"Thank you, Ryuuta-san!" Hajime replied with a bow.

"Now then, party time!" The leader shouted, walking off and making sure the rest of the squad was on his tail. "Juice! Let's get some juice!"

"Juice again?" Sayaka whined.

"Let's smash melons!"

"Only if you buy them, Hajime-kun."

"No fair…"

The Ouendan left the prison, which soon turned into a memorial, honoring those who fought that day against the Rhombulans. From that day on, the prison was known as the "E B A Memorial Prison".

It would be many a year before those of Yuuhi Town ever found out who "EBA" referred to…

The End~!



Hope you guys enjoyed it. Also no, I'm probably not going to do an Ouendan/EBA Crossover.

The creators were hoping that the franchise would get big enough to attempt it on their own, so I would rather not try to do something that they'd be better off doing. It doesn't mean I can't foreshadow it though! How amazing it would be...

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