x. An Eevee Tale.x

Once, there were many kinds of Eevee. Dark Eevee, Light Eevee, Fire Eevee, Grass Eevee, Ghost Eevee, and far,far more. But where our story starts, is within an Eevee Kingdom named Orubea(Oh-ru-bee-a).......

"But Mom, I don't wanna start school! They'll all laugh at me 'cause I can't use any good moves!", a small white Eevee with big amber eyes sobbed hysterically in front of her larger golden-brown mother.

"Nonsense, darling. You'll pick some moves up soon enough, it's one of the best schools in the Kingdom, d'you know!", the golden-brown Eevee said busily to her daughter.

"But Mom--" the white Eevee, Star, was cut off dramatically as her mother put a purple and blue bag over her neck and deposited her outside, on the doorstep, and shut the door with a muffled 'Bye, you have your lunch in there, and your schoolbooks!'.

Star grumbled and set off for a large metal building in the near distance. When she reached the building 15 minutes later, Star stared up at the building that was her school. It was all shiny metal, with wide glass windows and a gigantic clearing all around it. The trees around the clearing were tall and had obviously been used as targets sometime in the past, because of charred black marks,thin slits or dents. Star took a deep breath and knocked at the door.....

"CLANGGG!", the sound rang through the clearing, rattling through the trees and sending Pidgey and Starly zooming up,up and up until they decided they had gone far enough, and dropped like stones. A tall black Eevee with a lithe body opened the door and stared at the white Eevee in front of him.

I know it's short, that an underestimation, it's REALLY short. But, I couldn't think of anything to make it longer, anyway submit your OCs, heres the form:







BTW I forgot to mention that Star is 6 months old, when you're 6 months you start school. And if you have a name like Sun, but you want it to be called Sunshine or something, then put it like this: Sun(Sunshine). Okay? Okay. Ummm...did I forget anything.....O.O! Teh disclaimer!I forgot teh disclaimer!

Disclaimer: I does not own Pokemon......I only owns, Star's family and the plot and Orubea...and future locations and people that I create.....

Good. done the disclaimer. Happy waiting for the next chap.