'Jeez.......can't these weirdos give up already??? I'm getting a frickin' migraine! ', No duh, 'twas Star walking along, ears down, grumpy face on, to her first class.

5 minutes later.....

Star sat down in a part of the class no one seemed to sit in. All the other Eevees were stuffed on the other side of the classroom, and were looking at the classroom door in terror.

BANG! and the door swung open. A greyish sort of Eevee that floated above the ground slightly moved over to where Star was sitting and said,

'Get OUT of my WAY, noob kid! Go on, get out before you get creamed!' it said angrily, 'I'm Cryptoreon and this is for the POPULAR kids. Not creeps like you. Got that? P-O-P-U-L-A-R!'

Star moved to where the other Eevees where sitting and stared at the greyish Eevee who called herself a Cryptoreon. 'Idiot, she doesn't even know she's an Eevee...well, a ghost Eevee I guess, and she'll eventually evolve into either Cryptoreon or Friyteon....Oh...huh...recess already. The lesson passed way quicker than I thought...'

Star rushed out to the clearing next to the school and everyone was quietly giggling at how strange she looked. Star blushed and scampered over to an empty corner and sat down. As soon as Star sat down an orange ball smashed into her head.

'OWWWWW!', screeched Star in pain. 'What did you do that for you overgrown Eevee?!'

'WHAT? ME? YOU RAN INTO MY BALL!!', an Eevee with Leafeon colorings, but with all the green parts edged with purple ran over furiously and barrelled into Star. 'You incompetent little wretch!'

'Teeheehee! How sweeeet! Friends with the new girl already then, Flora?', a sickly sweet voice drifted over to them as a maliciously beautiful Flazureon walked over, a Varuleon and a Skietheon beside her.

'No, I'm not Riveré,' Flora said coolly.

'Come now, dear little sister, don't lie to me, darling. Are you friends with that dumb little girl?'

'No, I told you I'm not her friend!'

'Pity, dear. You'd make an amazing team. Two little dumb girls. You'd be called Team Idiocrasy!', Riveré giggled evilly and her friends giggled too.

'We're not dumb! You are!' Star and Flora said in unison, they smiled briefly at each other and from there, they were friends.

.....A few hours later at the end of school....

By the end of the day Star and Flora had found out a lot about each other.

Flora had found out that Star loved to eat cookies and she was addicted to a book called Tough Cookies-A/N: Meh friend ToughCookie on Horseisle-. Star had found out that Flora could use a super powerful Solar Beam and that was why no one would go near her. They both found out that they had the same dream. To be in a Team at Blaziken's Guild.

'I just had an awesome idea! We could make a Team at Blaziken's Guild!', Star said excitedly.

'Yeah! That would be awesome, we could go right now and make a Team!', Flora squealed.

'Oh....we could make one tomorrow....I just remembered, I have to get my mom's old Guild bag.'

'Your mom was in the Guild?!'

'Yeah, she was with a Leafeon called Deep, they were Team Awesome. They both said 'Awesome' at the same time and Blaziken thought they wanted to be Team Awesome, coz' he's going mad!' Star grinned.

'No way!', yelled Flora, 'My mom's name is Deep and she's a Leafeon and she used to be in a Team called Team Awesome with a Floreon called Isisa!'

Star stared, fainted and hit her head on a rock; the last thing she saw was a bit of green fur........

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