A/N: My first try at an iCarly fanfiction, so be nice please. It will be Seddie, cause I've grown to be obsessed with the pairing. Of course I like Creddie too, but Seddie is the bestest. A tribute for halloween, even though it's a day late. Enjoy for now, sorry for my rambling. The first chapter, the prologue, is written in Freddie's point of view, that's all I have to say about it.

Summary: Freddie is late for an episode of iCarly one night, and not even his mother knows where he is. When he returns, he's strangely different, avoiding the sun at all costs and avoiding Sam as well.

Warnings: Character death [sorta], cursing, mild sexual situations, oocness.

Disclaimer: iCarly does not belong to me. Why would I be writing fanfiction if it was?

iHave Been Bitten

Prologue: Bitten

Freddie's P.O.V

I know someone is watching me. I just walked out of the Groovie Smoothie, alone, and slurping on a slurpie of course. But I swear I was being watched. It's not a feeling I usually get, so it kind of creeped me out. Why would someone be watching me?

I made my way home anyway, knowing my mother would probably be frantic with worry by now. I had told her I'd be back in half-an-hour over an hour ago, but I needed to get out of the house. She gets awfully frustrating sometimes.

A few minutes later, in some bushes nearby, something moved and I froze. Not able to see what was hiding in them, although I did see a shadow on the ground, I took off running a few seconds later. My heart was pounding, and I didn't know why, but I felt like I was in some serious danger.

I didn't hear anything behind me, so did that mean whatever it was wasn't following me? Shaking my head I kept running, pushing all other thoughts out of my mind.

And suddenly, I felt trapped. I felt scared. I stopped running. There was definitely someone behind me. Right behin me, but I didn't really want to turn around. My feet weren't working. My mind was telling them to run but they weren't listening to it. Stupid feet.

When I slowly and hesitantly started to turn to look around and see who was behind me, there was no one there.

I blinked.

I wasn't just hallucinating. There was someone following me! I just knew it!

When I turned to look back around and continue on my way home, I felt the pain then. Unbearable pain in my neck, it felt like it was burning, like it was on fire. I wanted to collapse to the ground, but something was holding me up.

My eyes moved towards my neck, and widened. There was a pair of glowing red eyes staring right at me, fangs digging into my neck. I started to feel weak, but I already knew what they were taking.

My blood.

They must have removed their fangs, because suddenly, just like that, the burning stopped. I felt relaxed, despite the fact that a vampire had just bitten me!

I started to collapse, but felt a pair of arms catch me and lift me up. I looked into a pair of now dark, black eyes, my own starting to close.

I couldn't really see more than that, my vision was starting to get blurry, the world around me fuzzy until my eyes closed. I did hear whoever it was, the voice sounded female, say one thing to me.

"You shouldn't have been out alone tonight."


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