Chapter 3:


My blood was boiling in my veins. Okay, so it isn't blood that's boiling in my veins, I don't have any blood seeing that I'm not actually human. But whatever it was, it was boiling in my veins this morning. And it was all because of my sweet, innocent charge.

Harry had certainly taken to his new skills, in fact, more than once I had to remind him that he wasn't supposed to use them to make things go his way...I couldn't believe I needed to explain about personal gain to this otherwise honorable boy, but there it was, the power had gone to his head. He's not the first that has had this problem, there's a reason that we've got a big jump in time in the story of Jesus in the Bible, if you catch my drift. Of course, he was younger and had WAY more power, but; it was a mess nonetheless.

"Patience, my friend, he's only helped people," the phoenix'es voice echoed in my head.

"I hate to break this to you, but patience has never been one of my stronger suits," I reminded him and I heard his chuckle.

"True, true. You're doing better with him than you did with your last human. You locked the poor man in a room," he reminded me.

"I did, but I locked him in there with his wife. We needed the Declaration to be written a certain way, and he wasn't doing what I wanted because he was so...preoccupied with a certain bit of his anatomy. We all got what we wanted," I reminded him. Because of my unorthodox approach, I wasn't hadn't been allowed to come to earth for about one hundred years, it wasn't much of a loss, bathing wasn't terribly popular again and the smells were atrocious. "May I also remind you, that he used his musical connection with his dear one to catch the sSnitch at the last Quidditch match? He's not supposed to be able to use her eyes as well as his."

Harry and Ginny walked in, holding hands, making eyes at each other. They'd just come from a quick jaunt back to Potter Manor and I cursed myself for teaching him to teleport. They sat down across from me, and I set the paper down on the paper, the headline facing him.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" I asked, hoping that he would confess before I had to ream him out.

"I overheard Scrimgeour's thoughts, he really didn't know what he was going to do about the Death Eaters. I figured that we needed someone who could at least come up with a viable plan. I like the way things worked out," he said with confidence, and I sighed.

"Harry, while you were right about needing a regime change in the Ministry, the way that you went about it was all wrong. I..." I paused trying to figure out what to say. The ends were fine, but the means by which he went about it were all wrong. "Harry, getting the Minster fired, and then arranging for your girlfriend's father to be made Minister of Magic is hardly keeping a low profile. I actually heard several people thinking: 'there goes Harry again, making things better for the Weasley family.' Do you have any idea the backlash that this could create?"

Harry didn't respond with words, instead shrugging and then turning back to Ginny. I could hear them singing to each other. "Tra-la, it's May, the lusty month of May. That darling month when everyone goes blissfully astray." I rolled my eyes at them, they were now repeating shows and I was getting quite sick of the music. At least they were back to using the correct lyrics. I hated when they were getting worked up, and starting changing the words to rather vulgar ones. No one should ever sing a dirty version of "Ease on Down the Road".

"Harry, look at me," I ordered him, stopping time so that he would have to pay attention to me; Ginny was frozen, he and I were not. "Why couldn't you have waited a week? It's too much, especially right after you created the cure for Lycanthropy."

"Oh come on, I just tweaked the Wolfsbane Potion to make it permanent. I was happy to do it, it means that Remus won't have to suffer so, and he can shag and marry Tonks now," he complained;, he reminded me of a petulant child.

"It was a big thing. Potions Masters from all over the world are wondering how you did it, a student who hasn't ever done well in Potions before. You heard what went through Professor Snape's head at your announcement," I reminded him.

"Yeah, he was ready to hex me over it. I never knew that so many swear words could be strung together in one sentence. How was I to know that he'd been working on the same thing for like 15 years?" Harry chuckled at me. I wasn't about to tell him that because of it, Severus had a change of heart, had me remove his Dark Mark and he'd been quite, nice to his students. He'd even complimented Harry on his defense skills. There were quite a few sniggers in heaven over that one, 'Ooh look, the Lord's left hand was able to bring another black sheep back to the fold.' I felt like reminding them that it was my job.

This was it, I was over Harry's cavalier attitude and cockiness. He needed to see what would happen to him if he didn't shape up. A moment later, we were standing on the ridge of a hill, overlooking what remained of Hogwarts.

"What did you just do?" He asked me.

"I'm showing you what will happen if you don't take things seriously, my dear boy. This isn't a game, you're not just playing with these powers. Come on," I told him, and I transported us to the field. Bodies were everywhere, a few were still alive, but they were badly cursed and wounded. He saw faces that he recognized and he tried to help, but there was nothing he could do, this Harry wasn't corporeal. I watched as the color drained from his face and his shoulders sagged, clearly the lesson was having the desired effect. We walked into the castle, and there stood Voldemort, his closest followers surrounding the heap on the floor. Harry immediately recognized his own face.

"Why are you showing me this? Am I going to fail?" Hhe yelled at me., I quickly pulled us back in time, bu wet still not part of the things going on in the great hall.

"You shouldn't, but you're not taking all of this seriously enough. Yes, these skills can be quite fun, however, you must use them responsibly. You're not some comic book villain that uses their skills for their own benefit, and then announces to the world what their evil plan with them is. You're the good guy, and you've got to see how quickly this can all go wrong for us. You're our last hope. I'm worried what will happen when I leave if you don't appreciate this. Think about what you've seen, please, for me," I begged him.

Harry's demeanor seemed to change from that point on; fortunately reverting back to his usual pleasant, respectful self. Exams were quickly approaching, and I refused to watch as the students around me got into a tither over their revisions. The worst was Hermione. She had lost the ability to form a coherent sentence, and I couldn't take it any more. She was the one student that I could stand conversing with, so after a while I finally just surrounded her in heavenly peace, making it so that she wouldn't stress solike that. She looked a little like she was walking around intoxicated, but it made her demeanor so much more pleasant. The boy, Ron, finally began to take notice, and on my last day there, I saw him holding her hand as they walked on the grounds. I would have to check back up on them, they're were going to be an entertaining couple., I would however refrain from watching their mealtimes.

Harry came up to stand next to me while I was looking out the window.

"You're leaving today?" He asked, already knowing the answer. I slipped us from Hogwarts and to his home in France; I so preferred the decor there. I also changed from my Hogwarts uniform, I couldn't stand the black, boxy garment a moment longer.

"Yes. I have one more gift for you," I told him, and laid my hand on his shoulder. A green glow covered him and then abated. "You now have the ability to travel in time, but only in the case of extreme emergency." The boy's face softened and became hopeful.

"Can I go back and save my parents?" he begged. I shook my head at him.

"I'm so sorry Harry, but you can't. Too much time has passed, and if you were to change what was done, the effects could be...we can't change time that greatly. I am very sorry," I told him, reaching down to hold his hand. I wished that he could see his parents, but this was a gift that I couldn't bestow.

"What about Sirius? Can I go and stop him from falling through the veil? I miss him," the boy tried again, and I could hear the irritating human begging from the beyond as well.

"Don't. We've discussed this," the Almighty's voice echoed in my head and I sighed aloud.

"I cannot let him stay, but I can let you see him, and say goodbye to him," I compromised, and I heard the Lord grumble at me, but I would deal with the wrath when I got home. Believe me, I wouldn't be upset if I spent another century away from this place.

I closed my eyes and two things happened simultaneously:, Ginny came and joined us and the irritating human was brought to my side.

"You're only staying here for a few minutes, so don't get any stupid ideas. Oh, wait, let me rephrase that, since the only ideas you have are stupid. Don't act on any of them," I told him and he scrunched up his face and shook it at me. The dead human got more solid, although not completely human, and Harry rushed over to hug him.

I watched as they embraced, and I could hear how happy this was making Harry. I still wasn't sure what he saw in his godfather, but there was an obvious love and devotion between the two. I pulled Ginny aside, leaving the two men, their heads pressed together, deep in conversation.

"I believe that I promised you something," I told her with a sly smile. A moment later, Ginny had the most perfect breasts. "I think that Harry will like those, oh, and they'll never sag, my little gift to you."

Ginny reached down and pulled her shirt away to look down the neck. "Oh my God..." she started and then she looked at me red faced. "I am so sorry." I couldn't help but laugh at her.

"Child, God had nothing to do with those. We're reminded by him that they're there to feed the youngsters. My response is 'yeah right'. Enjoy them, or actually, enjoy Harry enjoying them."

We walked back over to the men, and they both looked at us, rather surprised. Harry was staring at Ginny, who was singing him the lyrics from "Dance: Ten, Looks: Three", from "A Chorus Line". I couldn't help but mentally chuckle at her.

"What did you do?" the irritating human asked me, and I gently smiled at him.

"I made good on a promise," I told him. "We should be leaving, and you two should get yourselves back to Hogwarts soon, so you can pretend to board the train with your friends and then come back here and...oh come on, can't you stop with the obscene lyrics until I leave and I can't hear you anymore?"

"Whose singing what?" the dead one asked me.

"Harry has come up with some, new, lyrics to "There is Nothin' Like a Dame'. Oh," I suddenly got very flustered. "Please, let's leave them. Goodbye, Harry. I will be watching, and I have faith that you will succeed." Harry let go of Ginny and he walked over to me.

"I can't thank you enough, for everything," he said, and then he hugged me. I had forgotten just how wonderful a human embrace could be. He let go of me and again embraced his godfather. A quiet message passed between them, and then Harry went and wrapped his arms around Ginny again, who wiped a tear from his cheek.

I released my wings and let my appearance return to my angelic state and soon the dead one and I were back in my home. Then I felt his hand touch me.

"Don't touch my wings," I said curtly. I didn't like anyone messing with my wings.

"I didn't," he said. A moment later I felt it again.

"I said, don't touch my wings."

"But they're so soft. I like them."

"Please do not put your dirty hands on my wings. Do you have any idea how hard it is to clean them?"

"I don't know, I'd help. I'm pretty handy in a shower," I groaned at his insinuation.

"Get away from me. You know, the Methodists all brought their covered dishes with them, maybe you could go over and eat your way through their buffet," I suggested, hoping that he would leave me alone. Instead he just touched my wings again.

"Please don't touch them. God, get him away from me," I begged and all I heard was a booming laugh in response. This was going to be a very, very long eternity.