OMG... NANOWRIMO Month (National novel writing month, write 50k words in a month.) Ok Im up for it. So this is a new story which WILL be finished in a month and updated everyday or every 2 days if I am swamped. This is an Inuyasha AU. Names are same and much of characterization - but the world and the issues are totally new and unique. I dont own the characters, but I sure as hell own the world this is set in. Oh an assurance I will NOT ignore Sacred Trees.. that is too dear and demanding.. the others may suffer until DEC where I intend to update EVERYTHING cause I have LEAVE!

High levels of child abuse... other characters come in much later - first part is all about a familiar and not familiar child named Inu...

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Truth in Blood : The lost child

Opposites are the key to the world. Black and white, darkness and light, and yet there are many shades and hues in-between.. 4 spectrum rule the humans of the world. At the extremes are the Angels and Devils, in between are the Seraphs and Demons, and scattered throughout the spectrum like so much grass amongst the giant trees of the forest were the humans.

At any extreme the lines are so big, that they actually blur, and if there was a God in the world, the unknowable being kept its presence far from the 4 spectrum, watching from an incalculable distance... it was said that humans had actually more dealing with Gods and Satan, then Angels and Devils themselves. This however was conjecture and gossip, God was a safe concept and in the most part far from the minds and concerns of the people.

The 4 spectrum were of far greater interest and places of worship were created for Angels and Devils, who lived in a close sister dimension, where as the Seraph and Demons walked among the humans and were both feared and respected. Human settlements were at the edge of Seraph and Demon territory and most humans had very little to do with them unless they wanted something from the powerful beings. Both Seraph and Demons alike were feared by the average human, and they kept well away from both. Humans had many rumors, stories and myths about Seraphs and Demons but the truth is not very many knew enough to actually confirm the truth of the stories.

Other then the Spectrum beings, the world was far from a safe place, creatures of power, darkness and decay all walked the land.

Sometimes however of all the deadly strength of the creatures, the most dangerous beings on the earth were none other then human. And while it was fun to blame everything else, humans had a nasty tendency of being the ultimate architect of their own fear and failings.

This is a tale not of the great powers of the land, not yet at least, - rather it is the tale of a child. Of a babe cast off into the darkest night.

Now that tale begins.

The human child was found washed up on the beach. He was young an infant, only a few teeth in his little mouth. He was probably just more then a year old. His hair was as black as night except for two streaks of white that that ran like forelocks down his head. The child washed up on the beach in a broken basket, battered by the waves. No debris washed up with the child, no storms had been reported on the coast. No clue was available to the identity of the child. The babe was too young to speak, he knew only one word that he seemed to mumble even in the depths of sleep. It was a little unclear but to those listening it sounded like "Inu.. Inu." So that was what the child was named Inu. Other than his hair the one outstanding feature of the child was his eyes, some would swear his eyes were brown, because that is the color they expected to see. Others with a deeper sense of soul would have sworn the child had eyes of gold, but they usually held their tongue – it was too strange a thing to mention.

The guards that found the child gave it to a woman who had lost her husband and yearned for a child of her own. She washed the clothes of the guards, and was most pleased with the little one. But the guards who found the child did not realize the woman harbored a secret. In her pain over her husband's death, she had found a miraculous plant that eased her pain when she ate some of it with her food. Still for a time the lady truly loved the little boy, and looked after him to the best of her ability. True she worked so she left the child alone for most of the day, true she needed some of her special medicine before she slept, so any cries of the child went unheeded at night. Still she did her best, and the little boy was clothed and while he did go hungry in stretches- he did not starve; and though he spent a great deal of time alone, he survived the first few years of his life. All that must count for something.

Three years after he was found, the lady having slowly increased the amount of special medicine she needed over the years, discovered that the child could be an additional source of income. She 'loved' the child of course, only she loved her medicine more.

And so little Inu was sent to work with the Chimney sweepers. Chimneys came in all sizes, and small children were needed to climb the sooty depths of chimney's to knock out stuck debris and soot. It was dirty and dangerous work, with children choking to death, or falling to their deaths or being beaten to death by the bosses. The four year old was younger then most of the other children who at least had lost one of their milk teeth before being pressed to work, but the little Inu was stronger, more independent and braver than most. He never complained about the lady who raised him, and was quick to learn.

His first boss was a sweeper like any other, not particularly cruel or kind. He was paid his wage if he did his job, and beaten if he did not work fast enough. His boss was rather low ranked amongst even the chimney sweeps and so had only little Inu as a helper and he worked in the seedier areas of town. This was a good thing as the chimney's there were lower and the poor people that they offered their service to were not unkind.

Little Inu, was a hard worker, and he was soon noticed by the more prosperous sweepers. They were soon approaching his 'mother' to have him work with them, here one thing happened that made Little Inu feel a debt to the first sweeper he worked with. His boss had noticed the interest of a number of groups in the little boy, and one group in particular, while it was the richest, had the poorest record for mortality of their child workers.

The large eyed child had watched the negotiations silently, he had not liked the man that his 'mother' seemed to be in talks with the most. The mad had a fake gold teeth, and when he smiled the boy could almost see the greed in the man. But he did not dare say a word, his 'mother' never approved of him speaking out of turn, preferring the boy to do his work in silence. So little Inu stood terrified, he could see that he was going to be sold to the gold tooth man, when his boss suddenly walked in. He began shouting at the gold tooth man and somehow managed to bodily pick the man up and throw him out of the house. Inu's boss then turned to his 'mother' and told her that her child would be dead by spring if he sent him to work with that outfit. Then all her money would run out.

Inu's 'mother' then began ranting about how she needed Inu to work and he should be grateful to her because his parents had thrown him like garbage into the sea. She went on and on about how he was no use if he did not bring her the medicine she needed so badly, she finally broke down sobbing. Little Inu, came out of the corner he was in and went to the crying lady. He petted her and said it was okay, he would work and help out, he put the lady to bed soothing her and with little hands tucking her in. He then went to his boss, who watched the scene with troubled eyes, and asked him if he could recommend a better outfit for Inu to work with.

The boss sighed, he would miss the boy, but it was time they parted. His boss warned Inu that working with other boys would be hard and tough, and found his little worker a place in an outfit that was as fair as he was to their boys. It was a true act of kindness on the bosses part, and Inu learned that people were complex. He never knew the name of his first boss, but he was always grateful to him, for that one break in his life, when he needed it the most.

He was grateful to his mother as well, he loved her in a way, but was well aware that his love was not returned. That night after her rant, the woman was happy to learn that the boy would be bringing in more income, and would take care of her. It took her two weeks to realise they boy now called her "Lissa" her given name in that too serious voice of his, and no longer called her mother. No amount of beating changed what the boy called her, and soon as long as she got her medicine it did not matter to her anyway.

Self pity was not something little Inu was into, and he figured he was no worse then some of the other children in the streets. At least he strong.

His new boss, was like his first one in that he paid you or beat you according to the job you did. The work was more dangerous as the houses were taller and bigger, and the people he worked for were colder and more snobbish. Still to the boy it was no big deal, however in his first week at the new job, he found how cruel other boys could be. His boss had 5 other boys working for him and on his second day at work he got 'initiated', meaning they got together and beat the tar out of him. Inu wanted to fight back, but something told him it was better to fight a little and lose, then win. So he made sure he got in a few solid blows and hits, but allowed them to 'win' the fight. Granted if he had fought his best he may have lost anyway because the boys were bigger then him, but in this way he at first thought kept his pride and allowed them theirs. The boys bullied and badgered Inu for a week before deciding that he was rather boring and after beating him up again left him alone.

That night Inu thought long and hard, and came to one decision, next time he would not lose a fight. Sure the boys now left him alone, but the whole incident left a bitter taste in his mouth. This was not what he wanted, if he lost so what? No one really cared – except himself. He cared if he had fought his best or not. He didn't like himself now.. he had thought he was saving his pride, but instead he had trampled on it. It was a bitter lesson. So next time and any time after that, if they came after him he would fight and damn the odds, no matter how big they were, he would fight to win.