Chapter 26 : A family complete

Inuyasha wrenched himself from Sesshoumaru's grasp, his breathe wheezed. As he gaped at his new found father and his potential mate (?). Inuyasha was doing a pretty good imitation of a fish. His eyes were dazed.. "What? Why? Mate? But I'm not a girl!"

Miroku smiled "You are a Demon and of Seraph Blood, only humans males are limited that way, all demons and Seraph can produce and sire young."

"But, but.. what if I don't want to be claimed?" Inuyasha stammered.

Sesshoumaru growled, he yanked the Hanyou to him and ran his hands over Inuyasha's body to his cock. Sesshoumaru was rewarded when Inuyasha gasped his body arched back unconsciously giving Sesshoumaru more access, and his body hardened. "How dare you even question your need to be claimed when your body reacts so eagerly to my touch? You are mine Inuyasha, and already a great part of you knows it."

Miroku still smiling gently, came up behind Inuyasha and gently stroked his hair, trying to calm the scared Hanyou. "Hush my son, it really is alright. By blood and right, you belong to Sesshoumaru, if you had not been lost to us, for so long, you would have been raised knowing that. You have been through so much, let Sesshoumaru give you pleasure." Miroku nodded in approval as Sesshoumaru gently stroked the claim mark, making the Hanyou's breathe shorten.

"You are with your family now, you belong to Sesshoumaru, to us. Allow your potential mate to protect you my son, allow him to take your body to the peaks of pleasure. You are his, and he has waited a very, very long time for you. I am so proud of you Inuyasha."Miroku fairly beamed with pride.

Inuyasha stared at his father incredulously, " you are both perverts!" Inuyasha burst out trying to fight the drugging pleasure that was encasing him.

Sesshoumaru frowned in displeasure, "We are not perverts, my precious one. We are Demons, sex is a healthy thing amongst us."

"My son, I need you here, more then anything I want you living here happy and whole, and if being mated to Sesshoumaru is the best way to keep you here, then so be it. If I believed in the slightest he would hurt you, I would have never given him First Claim right. If I did not believe whole heartedly that you respond to him, that you could learn to love him, then I would fight him to the ends of the earth." Miroku gently ran his claws though Inuyasha's hair as Sesshoumaru stroked his intimately. Only the clothes kept the scene semi- decent.

Inuyasha impotently clutched at Sesshoumaru's arms, trying and failing to stem the heat. "No, please" he whispered. "I am supposed to love him and in return he owns me! No!"

Miroku chuckled, and petted his son's back comfortingly, "Sesshoumaru you had better answer that, he will not believe it from any other."

"Foolish Hanyou!" Sesshoumaru, stopped the sensual stroking and pulled the youth into his embrace. He buried his head into the cottony soft hair and then pulled back a little to meet Inuyasha's eyes. "First Claim Right means that at the moment of your birth, I should have been introduced to you. The introduction would have been "Sesshoumaru, meet the one you are to Love above all others, if you cannot Love this one then the Right is passed over." It is I who has no choice Precious one, either I fell in love at first sight or the First Claim Right is void. That is the way of First Claim. Precious one, the minute I set eyes on you in the Forest by blood, my heart and love was yours. It is up to me to earn you Love, to convince your parents that I am worthy. That is why I had to confirm the claim with your father before returning for you. If I fail to be accepted by your parents, fail to earn your love, then the Seraph or another of equal status can take you from me, on the night of the new moon. And I will be condemned to live without my heart. It is you who has the power to reject me, to condemn me. To balance the power the being claimed has on the Claimer, I have every right to entice your body and teach you to love me."

Inuyasha, his father forgotten stared, at the demon Lord. His preconceptions and misinterpretations of the situation crumbling. He stared into the Demon Lord's eyes and finally saw beneath the veneer of ice, to the depth of emotion and love burning there. As he stared in the eyes Inuyasha forgot to breathe so deep, so powerful was the emotion in the eyes that it was actually terrifying in its beauty.

Sesshoumaru cupped the beloved, troubled face. "Breathe my Precious one, I Love you, Inuyasha more then I love any other on this earth, I love you." Sesshoumaru lowered his head, and kissed Inuyasha with an aching sweetness, a tender love that swept the last remnants of Inuyasha's resistance away.

Miroku quietly left the two lovers to their own devices, his son did not love his nephew, not yet. But Miroku had absolute confidence in Sesshoumaru's ability to convince his son.

He was not expecting things to be smooth sailing, he was damn sure there would be a great many challenges, his son was too strong to not expect hiccups. Still for now his family would be complete, and he was content.

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