Okay everyone; this is going to be a pretty darkish story. Well at least Sakura's going to be pretty darkish.

This story is about Sakura Haruno, eight years after Sasuke Uchiha left Konoha. Sakura is no longer the weak Kunoichi she once was... she has matured and her strength has grown. When the elders gain a chance to make her stronger, effectively making Konoha stronger, they cannot refuse it, and neither can Sakura. But will taking Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan eyes cause a rift between Sakura and her only teammate left, Naruto. You damn bet it will. It causes such a rift between the two, that Sakura has to be sent to Suna...

This story will be a KankuroXSakura, GaaraXHinata.

A pink haired woman kneeled before her master. Her master was a blonde haired busty woman with brilliant almond eyes. Those almond eyes, however, were currently closed as the master appeared to be deep in thought.

Her hands were rested below her chin, and a frown was set in her features. "Sakura Haruno," the blonde haired woman spoke in an authoritative manner.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama?" the pink haired woman, Sakura, asked.

"I have a mission for you, and it is of the utmost importance," Sakura nodded her head from her teacher to continue. "It must be done in secrecy... no one must know of your mission until you return."

Sakura nodded her head again, only her eyes showing a slight bit of hesitation. "Sakura you are going to kill the missing-nin known as Sasuke Uchiha. Do you accept this mission?"

Tsunade's eyes were still closed; she had not even opened them, once. For she knew Sakura would not refuse this mission based solely on the fact it was Sasuke; she was too loyal to her village, and that is what the elders were counting on.

Tsunade refused to open her eyes because she knew if she did she would see the hesitation in Sakura's eyes... the fear in going on a mission without Naruto.

Sakura's voice portrayed nothing but a smooth sense of calmness. "Of course Tsunade-sama."

Even though Sakura played the cool character well, she was already mentally having issues with her mission.

"Permission to speak freely?" Sakura's voice was quiet.

Tsunade's eyes finally opened. "Granted."

"I know you told me I was suppose to tell no one but... but what of Naruto?" Sakura's voice still held a serene sense of calmness.

"Hai," Tsunade nodded. "Naruto... you will do nothing or say nothing to him pertaining to your mission details. That is all."

"When will I be leaving?" Sakura asked.

"Tomorrow morning at five. It was said Uchiha was seen entering the fire country yesterday; that is why I have give you this mission. You will not fail me."

"Hai," Sakura said as she bowed again. Tsunade looked into her young student's emerald eyes and found nothing there. "Thank you for this opportunity Tsunade-sama."

Sakura quickly exited the room; she had a hell of a lot of thinking to do. She started on the way back to her apartment.

'I am twenty years old,' the pink haired woman spoke mentally. 'He left eight years ago.'

"Sakura," Sakura heard from her right. She had walked straight towards the ramen stand without even noticing.

"Naruto," Sakura smiled a fake smile and gave a small wave. Spending so much time with her other teammate, Sai, had helped the kunochi successfully hide her emotions.

The blonde haired boy had grown incredibly on his journey into adulthood. Sakura realized this when she was pulled into a friendly hug. Her head was a good five inches below his shoulders, and his muscles had become more pronounced; Sakura could tell even through the black jacket he always wore.

The blonde had also forgone wearing his recognizable orange jumpsuit, and now wore a black and light blue one.

"It really has been a while, Sakura," Naruto spoke as he let her out of his embrace.

Sakura nodded, it truly had been too long. Sakura couldn't help it though as she did missions all the time. And if she wasn't doing missions she was helping in the hospital saving lives. That was the only time she spent with the rookie nine, soon to be rookie eight, was when they were injured.

"So, where ya headed Sakura?" Naruto asked as she started to walk again; he followed in stride right next to her.

"Home," Sakura spoke swiftly. "I have a mission early tomorrow morning, and I need to pack for it."

"Cool, where ya headed?" Naruto asked. He secretly wished he could spend more time with his friend, but she was always too busy.

They had grown apart in the past six years... Naruto thought it was because he still hadn't fulfilled his promise to her; he hadn't been able to bright Sasuke back. It was either that, or Kakashi, he guessed the first one.

"You know, just a little recon," Sakura spoke keeping her eyes a head of her, lest he see she was lying. Her eyes always seemed to portray whatever emotion she was feeling; she couldn't allow Naruto to see them; he'd know she was lying right away.

"Sakura," Naruto abruptly halted. Sakura spun around to look at the hurt aura and expression Naruto had radiating off of him. "I'll bring him back for you; I promise."

"Some promises are meant to be broken, Naruto. We aren't children anymore," Sakura spoke calmly. "I don't expect to get everything I want like I did when I was a spoiled twelve year old."

"But... Sakura," Naruto looked incredibly hurt. "But I never go back on my word! I promise I'll be able to bring Sasuke home for you, and then we can be the regular team 7 again! It's still my nindo; my ninja way!"

Sakura just smiled sadly as she watched Naruto stalk back to the ramen stand. His shoulders were hunched over, and she could tell he was depressed after their conversation. Hopefully, Hinata could make him feel better.

"It looks like this promise was meant to be broken... I'm so sorry Naruto."