She felt it rush through her like everything she felt happy about in her life has appeared at once! He was gone! Malefor was finally gone! Glacier jumped up and down with joy then accidentally froze a tree. "Ooops…" She said as it shattered before her sprinkling her with tiny icicles. But now she stopped. "Where do I go now?" She had spent her entire life training and killing apes. But now that he was gone what now? She did remember seeing a city while she was flying a while go maybe she would be able to live there with that in mind she took off where she remembered to go to find the ancient city.

A few days later after flying past her usual grounds she found a small cave to rest in and a pool in it. She lapped up some water and prepared to fall asleep when she suddenly heard voices. She moved to the mouth of the cave and heard. "Cynder I swear I saw something fly into this cave!" then a more female voice who was properly Cynder said "Fine Spryo we shall check it out but if nothing is in there..." Glacier was scared what if these were agents of Malefor? She prepared to attack the intruders.

A couple minutes later spryo and cinder reached the mouth of the cave. "See Spryo Nothing here at all" Just when Cynder was done talking a wave of ice came at them seemingly from no where. Spryo melted it quickly with his fire and became alert. Suddenly from the back of the cave a ice dragon popped up and tried again to freeze him. He dodged it and Cynder hit the ice dragon with her tail. She was flung back to the cave.

"Oh God" Said Glacier as she tried to recover from the tail swipe. Suddenly the two dragons came to her. "Foul Agents of Malefor you will never get me!" She tried to freeze them but she was too tired from the fight and her head was still spinning. "Malefor's agents?" said Cynder "We are the ones who defeated him!" Suddenly Glacier's head stop spinning. "You are the ones who defeated the dark one?" "Yes" Said Spryo "and would you like us to take you to the Dragon Temple and get you fixed up" "Yes I think I would like that" Glacier said as she fainted.

Spryo and Cynder took turns caring here until they reached the Dragon Temple. "Sparx HEY SPARKS!" Yelled Spryo as they saw him going down a corridor. " Ack I think you busted my ears…" Said Sparx as he went up to Spryo "Sparx I need you to heal this dragon I think she is hurt." "Oh no problem" Sparx put his hands on her and started to glow. Then she suddenly came awake screaming "NOOOO" Then she looked around and said "Where am I?" Spryo said "This is the dragon temple I said before you passed out that we were coming here. "Wow this place is just amazing!" she said as she looked all around. Suddenly heavy thudding was heard and the 3 guardians came up to them. Terrador looked at them and said "What is this is that new dragon for the temple and who screamed?" "Oh sorry sir I did not know I was that loud." She said embarrassed. In the back Cyril was shocked! He thought he would never hear that voice again. He pushed Terrador out of the way and said "Daughter?"