Alright I thought it over with myself and The Chronicles of The Ice Princess: Book 1 is now over I am sorry to say but do not fret! Book 2 will be out sometime in late February or early March. I thank all of you for reviewing and reading my story and I thank everyone for donating there OC's and apologize to the people that I did not use commonly. In Book 2 I have found places for all the surviving OC's. Thank you for reading! And remember I am still going to write that short story while I work on Book 2 so vote now! 1

Dragons Intelligence will always beat humans- Doragon Eichi

Ps: Alright I have a bonus for you…I am going to list three names. I have part of Chapter 1 for Book 2 written if you can guess where the three names came from and then I will give you that excerpt to you. Good Luck!

Names- RuGaard, Wistala and AuRon.