'You can buy some more Jack! It's not that difficult.'

'I would, but I get confused- so many names'

'It's not that hard! I'll write you a list'

'No Ianto, why can't you do it?' asked jack. Ianto stared at him dumbly, and then motioned the big white plaster cast that his leg was encased in.

'Because- SOMEONE- and I'm not mentioning any names here JACK am I? Decided that instead of politely asking me to move out of the way of the SUV as he reversed it into the garage- he instead drove it over my foot!' said Ianto loudly.

'I said I was sorry I......' said jack, who looked very sorry indeed, looking like butter wouldn't melt.

'No! I'm not finished yet!' said Ianto, who was secretly enjoying torturing jack.

'So I think, in punishment, I mean, it's not even hard jack... if I can do it, so can you!'

'I don't know how Ianto!' yelled jack in desperation. 'I don't know how to do it! There's loads of names- I know! I'll collect up the packets that you've already used, and do it that way! I am officially a genius!

'Jack, it's not that hard buying speciality coffee.' Muttered Ianto, smiling slightly as jack went bounding into the kitchen.