'Jack, what are you doing' said Gwen as Jack bustled her into his office.

'Where's Ianto?' he said sharply. 'Uh, down in the archives I think.' Said Gwen. Jack took a deep breath. He had to remain calm. He grabbed Gwen by the shoulders.

'Okay Gwen, somewhere in the hub is a version of me. It's a version that was created by my enemies; it was used to stop people from trusting me, so it did what ever bad things it could. Steal, kill, rape- whatever. But it's got loose. I locked it up.

I'll explain - It looks like me, so people will originally trust it, then it does what it does, and makes them terrified of me, then it disappears, leaving me in the frame. Do you understand?' Gwen nodded, ashen faced. Then she gasped. 'What about Ianto!'

Ianto was down in the archives, re- arranging all the letters to make them more readable; he was just finishing the 'f' shelf, which consisted of- flat Holm files, Fire extinguisher instructions, and freezing gel, which had its quirkier uses when he heard a noise.

It was like a door closing, but there weren't any doors this far down in the hub base. Ianto looked around, shrugged, and continued with his filing.

He suddenly became acutely aware that he wasn't alone, and as he reached up to his ear to activate his comms, he was pushed face first into the wall, and a voice came. A very familiar voice. 'Pray for mercy Mr. Jones, cos that's all I'm giving ya!' Ianto immediately stopped worrying.

'Jack! You scared me for a moment.' He turned round, but was then punched in the face; he slid down the wall, dazed.

Suddenly he was pulled by his hair into a standing position, and he looked fearfully at jack, his eyes full of hatred and darkness. 'jack- what's the matter?' asked Ianto, but jack just grinned, and kissed him. His teeth bit into Ianto's tongue and lips, drawing blood as he forced Ianto's lips apart, and he nearly choked him by ramming his tongue down his throat.

Then with a jolt of panic, Ianto felt hands undoing the button's of his waistcoat, and trying to unbuckle his belt. 'Jack, no....don't!' Ianto said loudly, but he was ignored, this couldn't be Jack, he wouldn't do this. He was pushed to the floor, and Ianto tried to scramble away, but Jack pushed his down by his shoulders and straddled him, kissing him harder and harder. Ianto began to panic.

'HELP! Help please someone!' he yelled over and over again, as Jack started to hurt him. Ianto shut his eyes and tried to ignore the pain, but each wave was worse then the one before, and Ianto heard himself scream like a madmen, trying to get someone's attention. Suddenly, he stopped, and got off of him. Ianto just lay there, shaking hard. He heard the man pulling his trousers back up and doing his fly. Then he bent down and whispered in Ianto's ear. 'Thanks sunshine!'

Ianto let out a strangled cry, but stayed where he was. Jack laughed manically, and then it was cut off short. Like he had disappeared. Ianto lay there crying, trying to understand everything that had just happened. He couldn't.

Suddenly he heard heavy footsteps come his way, and he quickly made himself look more presentable on the floor. He knew that it was jack who had come. He had come back to finish his work. Jack reached down to pull Ianto from the floor, but Ianto yelled and stood up, backing away from him as fast as he could. He bumped into the wall behind him, and actually yelled when jack took a step closer.

'DON'T COME NEAR ME!' he screamed, terrified. His eyes were wide and darting, trying to find the best mean's of escape. Jack couldn't bear this. He just wanted to hold Ianto and explain, but he wasn't letting him come near him. 'Ianto, it's me, jack, let me explain-'


'Ianto please....'said jack, trying not to cry.

'WHY? WHY DID YOU-'he was cut short as Ianto vomited over the floor, shaking like his body was a giant vibration machine. Jack darted forwards to help, but Ianto held him back. 'NO! NOT YOU!' he yelled, then he was sick again, and he sank to the floor, gasping. He was still trying to make sense of what happened, how Jack could be so cruel. He didn't have any answer at all. He dared a look at jack, who's eyes where full of sorrow, hurt and....anger? Ianto turned away, frightened.

Jack took a small step forwards, but Ianto moved back, 'Ianto, please let me explain, you know it wasn't me! I would never –never- do that to you! Why would I? I love you Ianto, you've got to understand that! Let me explain, lets go for a walk or something.....'

'No! I don't want you anywhere near me!' came Ianto's reply, and with that, he bolted from the room, and after a few seconds, jack could hear the cog door rolling shut. Ianto was gone.