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Jack raced up to the main Hub, desperate to find Ianto, to try and explain to him.

His mind flashed back to the image of Ianto looking at him, eyes full of Fear, hatred and mistrust.

It broke his heart.

He pushed back the tears from his eyes as he scanned the workstations, trying to find the man who meant more to him than anything in the world.

He couldn't see him anywhere, so he crossed the Hub to the small kitchen where Ianto made the coffee.

Before he reached the door however, he knew that Ianto was in there.

He could hear juddering breaths and suppressed sobs, and could see through the slight crack in the open door that Ianto was stood by the worktop, elbows on the surface, and his face in his hands.

His shoulders were rapidly rising and falling, and Jack could hear him snuffling and swallowing.

'Yan...' Jack started, walking slowly into the room.

Ianto span around, revealing puffy, red –rimmed and bloodshot eyes. He made to walk out the room, but Jack stood in front of him and held his shoulders.

'Ianto please let me explain!' he begged, stomach plunging as Ianto started to struggle in his grasp.

'DON'T TOUCH ME!' yelled Ianto, wrenching himself backwards anger and fear shining in his blue eyes.

'You don't have that right anymore!' he spat, knocking Jack in the shoulder to move past him.

As Jack turned to allow Ianto to pass through, the tears finally came full throttle.

He felt devastated, but he had to explain to Ianto.

He turned and saw Ianto walk quickly through the Hub, to make his way to the exit.

'It wasn't me Ianto!' he yelled from across the room, feeling a slight glimmer of hope as Ianto stopped in his tracks.

'It was someone who looked like me- a clone! Please Ianto, let me explain properly. You know I would never ever do anything to hurt you! I love you Ianto, I want to spend the rest of your life with you! I wouldn't jeopardise our love!' he begged, crossing over to stand next to Ianto.

As he moved in line with him, Ianto stiffened, but didn't move backwards. He was right, he thought. Jack would never do anything to hurt me like that.

'I know you wouldn't' he said quietly.

Jack nodded and took Ianto by the shoulders again. Ianto flinched slightly, but didn't move away.

'It was designed by my enemies from another planet, years ago- thousands of years ago. They threatened to send it to earth, but I always thought they were bluffing. But one day a couple of years back, they did. It nearly killed my entire team, but we managed to subdue it and freeze him in the vaults. I don't know how it got out.' Jack realised that he was gabbling, but Ianto was listening intently.

'I would have told you about it, but I thought that it was over, that I didn't need to...I am so sorry' he said, voice breaking with emotion as he swept Ianto in a protective hug.

Ianto rested his chin on Jack's shoulder and closed his eyes.

'I believe you' he said quietly.

Jack relaxed and hugged Ianto tighter.

'Thank you Ianto, I'm just so sorry...'

Ianto silenced him with a kiss, although it was very short and not much contact was made.

'It wasn't your fault Jack, just...please tell me you found it?' he asked, voice full of fear as he remembered his attacker.

Jack shook his head, and he saw Ianto immediately freeze and look around himself.

'Listen- you and Gwen leave now, and I'll find him and deal with him, and I'll call you both when I've finished.

Ianto nodded and pressed the button on the lift whilst Jack shouted for Gwen.

When he explained his plan to her she too nodded, and gave Jack a quick hug.

'Be careful' she whispered in his ear before she let go. He nodded and hugged Ianto tightly.

'Gwen, stay with Ianto tonight...make sure he's ok?' he said. Gwen smiled and nodded.

'Course I will-we'll rent a film!' she smiled, and Ianto gave a small smile back.

'See you later then' he said quietly.

'Very soon' Jack promised, and he smiled as he shut the lift door behind them.

As he heard the lift begin it ascent to the topside world, Jack turned to the now silent Hub.

He took his Webely out of his pocket, and clicked the safety off.

It was shoot to kill now. No ifs. No butt's. No shades of grey.

No way was this imposter going to get away with this.

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