D. Gray-Man FF

The Black Order is recovering from the previous Level 4 attack, everybody seems to be in the infirmary, the worst off is Allen Walker. Allen has been passed out ever since Howard Link brought him in, having the worst injuries has left Allen in a comatose state for a week and a half now, everyone is visiting. Lenalee and Lavi finally snapped and ordered Komui to try any means to bring him back to consciousness. Komui listened and gave Allen a new type of medicine, he gave it to Allen, no results happened until a week later when Allen woke up screaming in agony, the doctors rushed him off to try and fix whatever Komui had done. All during that time, a single samurai with long hair stood in the background, his face masking the concern he felt for the young exorcist.

"Nii-San!"Lenalee said when she saw her brother after he had finished running tests on Allen. "Nii-San what's wrong with Allen! I heard he woke up, but why are you running tests on him!?"Lenalee asked in desperation.

"Lenalee…."Komui said. "Please got get Lavi, Bookman, and everyone else that Allen knows, even Kanda….and then report back to my office."He said looking and sounding grim, he walked off to his office. Lenalee turned around and ran right into Kanda.

"Kanda!"She said in shock.

"What happened to Moyashi?"Kanda asked.

"I don't know Kanda….just help me find everyone…."Lenalee said, it took only about half an hour for everyone to end up in Komui's office. "Nii-San what's going on? Why can't we see Allen? I went to the infirmary and they refused to let me in!"

"Lenalee calm down….please listen, something went wrong with the new medicine…."Komui said.

"How bad is he!?"She asked, everyone behind Lenalee, everyone thinking of all the awful things that could have gone wrong to Allen.

"Actually….he is fine physically….his wounds all healed perfectly, but…."Komui said.

"Dammit Komui just tell us what happened already!"Kanda said curtly. Everyone looked at Kanda in surprise, but then focused back on Komui.

"First, Allen has gone missing…."Komui said grimly. "And second….somehow that new medicine converted his body and mind back to five year olds body and mind…."Everyone gasped, Lenalee fell to her knees. "There might be other side effects as well….but we won't know until we get him back here….so can you guys go look for him?"Komui asked, at that moment everyone left except for Kanda. "Kanda wh-"Komui started but was interrupted by his phone ringing, he picked up.

"WHAT!! Akuma's are attacking the city? Yes I understand I'll send an exorcist!"Komui said before hanging up, he looked at Kanda. "There are only a few can you handle it Kanda?"He asked. Kanda nodded and left, he arrived in the city below the Dark Order quickly, he could see the flashes from where the Akuma's where attacking and ran towards it. As he got closer the sounds and smells got stronger, he arrived in the square and saw several people dead from either buildings collapsing on them or from the Akuma's bullets. He looked up at the roof of a church and saw a Noah holding something small; the Noah jumped down from the roof and landed in front of Kanda, the Noah none other than Lulubell. Kanda che-ed and attacked the Akuma's before confronting the Noah, the Akuma's only being level one's were defeated quickly and easily.

"Noah…."Kanda said grimly and ran at Lulubell with Mugen pointed at her chest, she jumped up and over him and landed behind him, she pulled out a dagger and pulled off the rags that were covering what she was holding, the rags fell off and revealed a five year old Allen Walker, she put the Dagger to his throat, Allen whimpered in fear.

"Moyashi!"Kanda gasped audibly.

"If you want him back alive….you won't attack me again Exorcist!"Lulubell said, as if to further show her point she pressed the dagger to Allen's neck until blood started pouring out, Allen wailed in fright and pain, the sound shaking Lulubell. "Stupid child! Don't know why the Earl wants you; I could always come back for you!"She said she dropped Allen but grabbed his wrist before he fell to the ground and dragged the dagger along his back, causing blood to pour out; she smirked at his scream of agony and threw him against a wall, disappearing afterwards. Allen hit the wall hard; blood rolling down his face, Kanda sheathed Mugen and ran over to Allen who was fighting to stay conscious.

"Baka Moyashi…."Kanda said sadly before picking him up bridal style and running back to Headquarters. He arrived at the infirmary where just his luck Komui was there.

"KOMUI!!"Kanda yelled, Komui turned around and saw Allen, he took Allen from Kanda and laid him on a bed and let the doctors take care of him. Kanda sat in a chair outside of the room, Lenalee came running up.

"Kanda is it true you found Allen?!"She asked him, everyone who had been in Komui's office running to catch up to her. "Someone said that you came in running with a small boy with white hair! Is it true Kanda?!"Lenalee asked again. The door to Allen's room opened and Komui stepped out.

"Lenalee…."He said gravely.

"Nii-San!! Is it true? Is Allen really here!?"She asked.

"Yes its true Lenalee…."Komui said quietly, everyone but Komui and Kanda sighed a breath of relief. "But he's in a critical state right now….apparently he ran into town, some Akuma appeared, as well as the Noah of Lust Lulubell….and well….it didn't turn into Allen's favor, he ran right into Lulubell who injured him and threw him against a wall…."He said, everyone looked grave.

"Let me see him Nii-San….please let me see him…."Lenalee said, her head down.

"Lenalee….now isn't the best time…."Komui said.

"NII-SAN PLEASE LET ME SEE HIM!"Lenalee yelled at him, Komui stepped to the side, Lenalee ran into Allen's room but didn't get past the door frame, she stopped short her eyes on the small figure in the bed that has an IV attached to him and an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, his eyes shut, everything about him seems delicate and fragile like he could break if anyone so much as breathed on him.

"Allen….Kun…."Lenalee said quietly, everyone but Komui and Kanda standing behind her and looking at Allen. Lenalee fainted, Lavi catching her and carried her off to her room.

"Poor Allen….after going through all that….and the Noah clan is still targeting him…."Krory said grimly. Miranda walked over to Allen, her hand softly stroked his face.

"Allen-Kun….please wake up…."She said quietly.

"Miranda Krory….come on, let's leave the doctors to do their job."Komui said, he placed his hands on Miranda's shoulders and led her out of the room, Krory right behind them. Kanda slipped into the room before the door shut softly, he walked over to Allen and gently placed his hand on Allen's cheek, the door gave an audible click when it shut. Allen's eyes opened quickly, his gray eyes filled with fear, he jumped away from Kanda's touch, the IV and the mask separated from Allen when he jumped away, he slowly backed into a corner.

"S-s-stay away!"Allen said quietly, fear shaking his voice. His back hit the wall, Allen slid down the wall until he was sitting down, he pulled his knees up and tears flowed down his face. "Who are you!?"Allen said even quieter than his earlier statement. Kanda slowly approached the scared child; he knelt down in front of Allen.

"You don't remember Allen?"Kanda asked quietly so not to scare him, Allen shook his head.

"No….all I know is my name is Allen Walker….and what has happened since I ran away from here…."Allen whispered. Kanda slowly brought his hand up to Allen's cheek, but stopped when he cringed away, he put his hands over his face. "Don't hurt me!"He said.

"Baka Moyashi….I'm not gonna hurt you….calm down….no one is going to hurt you."Kanda said quietly and calmly.

"Promise?!"Allen said quietly.

"Yes I promise….now come here you need to rest."Kanda said before picking up Allen and carrying him back to his bed, he gently set Allen on the bed, but Allen grabbed his wrist and refused to let go.

"What's your name?"He asked.

"It's Kanda….now please let go…."Kanda said, Allen let go. "Now get some rest Moyashi…."He murmured before leaving the room, Allen shut his eyes as Kanda left and fell asleep quickly. Kanda was walking back to his room when he heard a familiar annoying voice.

"Hey Yu-Chan! Did you talk to Allen?!"Lavi said running towards Kanda, but stopped short as Mugen came out and was touching his neck.

"Baka Usagi! I told you to call me Kanda!"Kanda said sounding mad. "And no I didn't, now go away…."Kanda said before sheathing Mugen and walking into his room and falling asleep on his bed quickly.