Okay that was an awful lie last chapter. I have no excuse and I am sorry for having you guys wait so long. But we're the -Man fandom! We're used to waiting for things! Either way, i've grown a lot in the five something years its been since i updated, im now a second year in college, and while i dont want to abandon this story. I need to know how many people are still actually following this and want to see it updated after so long. I might possibly completely redo the fic, improve the writing, the length, the characters, the grammar and so on. So if those who are still wanting an update would please leave a comment i'll get to work on both writing the new chapter and completely revamping everything!

I really want to get back to writing and the only true reason i havent updated ANY of my fics is because i was disgusted by the writing and i didnt want to touch it with a ten foot pole. Now though i want to try and make it better in between classes and work. So just let me know guys! I dont want to do anything until i know there are still people wanting this!