Tittle: What's in a name?
Challenge: Green
Disclaimer: I only own my nightmares
A/N: Most terrifying nightmare ever. ... I wrote a drabble (in my dream) and it was 114 words. Also, I could see Jensen Ackles and Daniel Radcliff act out the scene. Thus making the choice of which words to cut even worse. Here is what had me scared in it's entirety...

Dean looked down at the tattered green journal he held. Making sure Sam was asleep, he began scribbling.

Dear Diary, My name is Dean Winchester. I am awesome.

What else does one write? As he thought, words appeared on the yellow paper.

Hello Dean. My name is Tom.

Who the hell are you? This is my diary!

But it was mine first, until I got kicked out of school.

But you're just a book!

Do you know who I AM? I'M TOM MARVLO RID---

Dean slammed it shut. Talking books should be burned. And Diaries were for girls. Or Sam.

.:To Be Continued:.
(now that I'm awake)