Tittle: Mystery Inc
Challenge: Green
Disclaimer: I only own my nightmares
A/N: And viola, le end.

Hermione was in the library. She saw two men covered in green goo appear.

Hermione peeked around the book stacks to get a better look. There was a study group of four teenagers. "Look, gang," said Fred Jones the hottest jock in school, "I think there's something haunting Hogwarts…"

The shaggy one groaned, "That was a prank."

Sam leaned over to them. "Don't go snooping around in mysteries when you don't know squat."

Dean grabbed his shoulder. "C'mon Sam, don't give them ideas…"

Sam grumbled. "I hate high school."

They left. Hermione smiled and ran to go write in her diary.

The End