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Soul's Fantasy


Firion awoke in a place that he never thought he would see again: The Order's Sanctuary. "This place," Firion whispered. "Is there a reason for-"

"Firion!" The weapons speacialist turned to see a blonde in a yellow shirt and black overalls come rushing toward him with a man in black armor.

"Tidus. Cecil. What are you guys doing here?" Firion asked.

The star Blitzball player shrugged. "Beats me, I just woke up to see that I'm here," Tidus answered.

"Same with the rest of us," Cecil added. "Everyone else has returned as well."

The unanswered explanation bothered Firion, which Tidus was quick to fix. "Hey, don't worry! Look at the bright side, at least we're together again...By the way, Rosebud, have you made that world full of roses yet?" he asked with a smile.

Firion couldn't help but smile back. "Heh, it's not come true yet."

"Well, keep tryin' till it does!"

"What about you Cecil?" Firion asked. "Have you finished your issues with your brother?"

The tone in the dark knigt's voice indicated a sense of happiness. "Yes, I have. My world is at peace. What of you, Tidus?"

"Eheh...Well, I got my happy ending," Tidus answered, scratching his head with a big grin.

"That's good," Firion said. He looked out and saw a flash of light. "It must be...Cosmos! Come on, let's get some answers as to why we're here." With that the trio rushed to the goddess that everyone was gathering around.

Cloud, in a new black outfit and equipped sword(s), was greeted by Firion and the other three. They were followed by Bartz and Zidane, Terra and the Onion Knight, then Squall and the Warrior of Light. Tidus also noticed two other people there...one in particular. A scruffy man with long black hair and a red headband, wearing no shirt but had a huge tattoo on his torso.

"What are you doing here, old man?!" Tidus yelled automatically.

"Is that anyway to greet your father, runt?!" the Brutal Blitzer responded angrly. "I have no idea why I'm here, nor do these two." He pointed his thumb behind him to a man in heavy black armor.

Cecil knew the armored man instantly. "Brother! What are you doing here?"

"I do not know brother," Golbez answered calmly. "But perhaps, we should let Cosmos explain."

Cecil and Tidus blushed in embarrassment when they realized that they had forgotten about the goddess.

"Forgive us, Cosmos," Cecil bowed low.

"Yeah, sorry," Tidus said scratching the back of his head.

The goddess of harmony just waved it off before she began to speak. "Warriors of light, I have brought you here because there is disturbance in another world that could cause the destruction of all others....Chaos is being reborn through this."

The heros all gawked in disbelief. "But, we destroyed Chaos!" the Onion Knight yelled out.

"How is it that he came back?" Squall questioned.

"This disturbance is disrupting the balance of all the worlds, thus reawakening Chaos," the goddess answered. "He is not strong enough to maintain a physical form yet, but he has summoned the warriors of darkness once again."

"Then what about these two?" Bartz asked, pointing over to Jecht and Golbez.

"We have been accepted by the light," Golbez answered.

The goddess nodded. "Chaos has also summoned several new warriors to his side," she added. "One is named Seymour," Tidus flinched in anger at the mention of the half-Guado's name while Jecht just frowned, "another is named Genesis."

Cloud looked like he was just reminded of something. 'Where have I heard that name before?' he wondered.

"There are others but, I have not yet found out their identities," Cosmos finished.

"Not to mention the likely fact that the ones that are causing the disturbance will be friendly," Cloud added.

"So, we could be outnumbered, huh?" Jecht asked.

"You must have more than just these two to help," Zidane said.

The goddess nodded. "Yes, but I have already sent them to one of the worlds."

The Warrior of Light noticed the plural word. "Cosmos, what do you mean by 'worlds'?"

"Where you are going is a junction of three worlds connected to one another," the goddess explained. "I can send a group of three of you to one of two of the worlds, but I cannot assure your safety nor if the locals will be friendly."

Tidus smiled. "Aw, don't worry us, Cosmos," he assured. "We can handle anything that comes our way!"

Everyone nodded or smiled in agreement. "As long as we follow the light together," Light spoke, "we shall triumph over any obstacle."

Cosmos smiled back. "Very well," she opened a shining portal. "I don't know which world you will be sent to, but as long as you stick to your comrades, you shall be safe."

"Alright! A new adventure!" Bartz yelled in excitement. "Hey, Squall, Zidane, lets go!" He ran straight into the portal.

"Right behind you!" Zidane said as he chased after Bartz.

"Hmph. They haven't changed a bit," Squall said before he rushed into the portal.

Onion and Terra were next. The young knight looked over to the girl and saw something different about her. "You seem less nervous than before," he commented.

The half-esper smiled to the child. "I am nervous, but I'm not scared," she told him.

"You won't ever have to be," Onion told her, "because I will protect you." Terra smiled at the young child's claim before they walked through the portal together.

Tidus looked over at his father. "Hope you're not getting rusty, old man," Tidus mocked, smirking.

"Even if I am, I can still beat a crybaby like you!" Jecht countered, giving his own smirk.

"Don't call me that!" Tidus warned his father. They looked over at the portal. Then Tidus spoke in a more serious tone. "Let's go, Dad."

"Right," Jecht said. Both father and son went into the portal together.

"Let us go, Cecil," Golbez said to his younger brother.

"Yes brother," Cecil responded as he switched to his paladin form.

"I will join you," Light told them as he walk toward the portal.

"I am proud to fight beside you this time brother," Golbez mentioned as they walked after the Warrior of Light.

Cecil smiled. "Thank you, brother, I am honored by your words." With that, the three stepped into the light.

"Guess it's just you and me, Cloud," Firion said.

Cloud nodded, lifting the First Tsurugi onto his back. "Lets go," he said as he and Firion walked through the portal.

Cosmos watched as the portal closed behind Cloud and Firion. The goddess heaved a heavy sigh. "Be safe warriors. For I shall not be able to help you any further in this new world."


Hueco Mundo

Ulquiorra looked from a window of Las Noches out into the desert of white. "This spiritual pressure...is it a shinigami?" he wondered.

Out in the distance he saw the guardian of the Hueco Mundo desert (can't remember his name) rise out of the sand, only to shortly be covered in a thick layer of ice. Ulquirroa was surprised that it happened so quickly. Even more so when a vortex appeared and sucked the sand hollow up like a vacuum.

Ulquiorra felt a strong, familiar, presence approach him from behind. The arrancar turned around to face Aizen. "It seems we have visitors, Ulquiorra," the ex-shinigami captain said in his usual calm tone.

The arrancar bowed low. "Do you wish for me to send our forces to rid you of them Lord Aizen?" Ulquiorra asked.

"No," Aizen replied, grinning as he gazed out the window. "I want to see if they can reach us like the one that is already here."

Ulquiorra looked up in surprise. "There is someone already here?"

Aizen didn't answer him, instead, he addressed the one that was here. "You can come out now, if you wish."

"Impressive sensing abilities," a woman's voice echoed in the small room they were in. Ulquiorra stood up as a silver-haired woman with black wings in a red dress decorated with black feathers appeared out of nowhere. The arrancar never even sensed her presence.

Aizen turned away from the window to gaze into the woman's yellow eyes that showed arrogance. "And you are?" he asked.

"You may call me Ultimecia," the witch told him, crossing her arms.

"Is there any reason why you have come uninvited?" Aizen questioned.

The woman named Ultimecia only smiled. "Perhaps we should wait to speak until my allies arrive, shall we?"

Aizen seemed to consider the suggestion. "Very well, I will wait, but," he reached for his zanpaktou, "I want you to-" He found himself surrounded by many purple colored spears, preventing him from drawing his sword. Ulquiorra drew his sword but soon found himself surrounded by the purple spears as well.

"Is there a reason for this?" Aizen inquired, unfazed by the spears that he could easily escape from.

Ultimecia looked down, closing her eyes. "I know the abilities of your zanpaktou Sosuke Aizen," she looked back at the shinigami. "You should know that your illusions cannot surpass time."

Ultimecia uncrossed her arms and snapped her fingers, making the spears vanish. She turned toward the door. "I expect you to tell your guard to back off from attacking me and my allies." With that, she vanished in a way that was neither flash step nor sonido.

Ulquiorra placed his hands into his pockets as he looked over to Aizen, who was now gazing back out into the desert through the window.

"What are your orders, Lord Aizen?" the loyal arrancar obediently asked.

Aizen pondered for a minute before he answered. "Tell our guards to let them through."

"It shall be done my lord." Ulquiorra walked out of the room to follow Aizen's orders.

As soon as the fourth Espada was gone, Aizen smirked. "This should be interesting...but I wonder if the others will be strong enough for me to ally with them."


Soul Society

Rukia Kuchiki, arrived back to the soul society for training for the upcoming battle with Aizen. She knew that Ichigo would be able to handle things in the world of the living before the special team of shinigami arrive. Currently, Rukia was heading back to the 13th squad barracks for a good night's sleep after some intensive training with Orihime.

She looked up into the starry sky and noticed several streaks of light falling around the Soul Society. It was kinda like when Ichigo first arrived in the Soul Society....

"Intruders?" Rukia wondered. "At a time like this?" She ran to inform Captain Ukitake.


World of the Living, Ichigo's room

Ichigo looked out his window while Kon complained about Rukia being gone...same old, same old. He noticed several lights streak down from the sky and felt strong spirit energy emitting from them.

'Hollows?' the orange-haired teen thought to himself but quickly brushed off the thought. 'No, they don't feel like hollows...I should check it out.' He opened his desk door and took out his substitute shinigami badge.

"Hey, Ichigo!" Kon yelled when he saw that Ichigo left his body. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Shut up, Kon," Ichigo told the lion plush. "I'm going to check something out, I'll be back soon so don't get into trouble while I'm gone." With that Ichigo flashed stepped away.

'I wonder if any of the others felt the presence?' he thought.

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