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Conflict Eternal

Captain's Meeting Chamber

The Warriors of Cosmos, Byakuya, Yamamoto, and Komamura stood within the chamber, waiting for the rest of the 13 Court Guard Captains. Komamura was able to recover some from his and Golbez's fight thanks to Cecil using Cure. Jecht and Zaraki were just knocked out to recover from their beating of each other. Ichigo went with Renji, Rangiku and Toshiro back to the world of the living while Rukia went back to training with Orihime, whom none of the Warriors had yet to meet.

Tidus moaned. "C'mon when's all the other guys going to show up?" he complained.

"Tidus," Yuna whispered, "just be patient, okay? They'll be here when they get here."

Tidus sighed. "Yeah, yeah, okay Yuna," he said holding his hands up in defeat. Tidus wasn't the only one that was restless, Zidane, Onion Knight, and Bartz were barely able to contain themselves. They wanted to explore the new worlds, Soul Society and the world of the living. Most of the other Warriors of Cosmos were just standing around, waiting for the other Captains. The exception was the Warrior of Light and Golbez, who were conversing with the head Captain.

Eventually the Captains, minus Zaraki, arrived. They saw the strangers and instantly looked to the Captain-Commander who instinctively answered the unasked question.

"These ryoka call themselves the Warriors of Cosmos," Yamamoto told them in a commanding voice.

"Warriors of Cosmos?" Shunsui questioned.

Yamamoto nodded. "They have very disturbing news for us that changes our situation with Aizen."

"The situation has changed?" Ukitake wondered aloud.

"This information is crucial for the 13 Court Squads to hear," Yamamoto said. He motioned for the Warriors of Cosmos to step forth.

The ten original warriors held out their hands and various crystals appeared floating above their palms. The crystals radiated and formed a circle around the Captains and Warriors before creating a holographic-like image. Mayuri was deeply intrigued by these crystals.

"This is the Eternal Conflict," the Warrior of Light began. The image changed to that of a battlefield between a white landscape and a hellish volcano. "Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. Chaos, the god of discord. Reigning from distant realms, the two gods gathered warriors from all lands to lead them in savage war." He paused as the image continued to change. "Cosmos and Chaos were of equal strength. It was believed the conflict would last forever... But..." Light paused again as, in the image, warriors on both sides began to face off. The Captains were amazed at the Warriors of Cosmos' skill in the holographic-imager, despite not using techniques like flash step. They were also observed intently on the Warriors of Chaos' great prowess, that of which they've never seen. Soi Fon's eyes shifted to Golbez, who was standing in the corner with Zack and Yuna.

"...The balance of the conflict shifted in favor of Chaos," Light continued. "But in the end, my comrades and I were able to defeat him."

"Then why are you here?" Byakuya asked.

"Because Chaos is being resurrected," answered an echoing voice of a woman. The crystals resonated and shot beams of light into the center of the room. With a flash of white light, a woman with blonde hair and a long white dress appeared.

"Cosmos!" the Warrior of Light said, surprised. The other warriors were just as shocked to see the goddess to be standing before them.

"So this is the goddess of harmony," Ukitake said, observing with curiosity.

"My, my," Shusui commented, "isn't she a beaut?"

"Forgive me," the goddess told the Captain-Commander. Yamamoto was surprised, he never expected to be asked forgiveness from a real goddess. Cosmos saw the look of "Why?" in his eyes. "The conflict has begun again after ending and now, your worlds are doomed to be apart of it."

"There is no reason to ask of our forgiveness," Yamamoto told her. "Instead, tell us exactly how his Chaos is being resurrected."

Cosmos nodded. "A disturbance has occurred in the world of Hueco Mundo," she explained. "One that disrupts the balance between many worlds. That disturbance is causing disorder that will soon summon the god of discord, Chaos."

"It must be Aizen with the Hogyoku," Ukitake said.

"Yes," Cosmos agreed. "But now the Warriors of Chaos have returned and are now working with Aizen to resurrect Chaos."

"How are they able to do that?" Light asked.

"The more energy the Hogyoku uses," Cosmos explains. "The closer Chaos is to returning with more power than before. Unfortunately, that may be soon." She looked around at all of the Captains and her warriors. "It pains me to ask you to fight, but Chaos must be stopped at all costs," she pleaded. "If he doesn't this world and all others, will fall into utter darkness and despair."

"There's no reason to ask for our help," Zidane said with a grin.

Tidus nodded. "Yeah, no worries! We beat Chaos once and we can do it again," he said, pumping his arm.

Cosmos looked at Yamamoto with pleading eyes. "And the Shinigami?"

Yamamoto considered it. Though most of the Captains would have said yes in a heartbeat, it was the old man's call. After awhile, Yamamoto answered.

"Very well, but these youngsters of yours will be facing the Arrancar and must prepare to fight in high speed battle with flash step."

Cosmos agreed. "Indeed, they must learn to fight in a world different than their own. As must you prepare for the powerful magic and power wielded by the Warriors of Chaos. Golbez and Terra will teach our magic to any Shinigami willing to learn. The Warrior of Light will give you as much information of the known Warriors of Chaos as well."

Yamamoto nodded in agreement. "Very well. Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos, we the Shinigami will help to end this Eternal Conflict!"

"Thank you," Cosmos told the Captain-Commander before she began to vanish. "I am sorry for involving you in this war..." Cosmos, in a flash of light, disappeared as quickly as she first appeared. The crystals vanished with her.

Yamamoto returned his gaze to the Warriors of Cosmos, then to Soi Fon. "Captain Ukitake!"

"Yes, Head Captain?"

"Take these warriors to your Squad barracks. They will stay there for their time here."

"Yes sir."

"Actually," Zidane raised his hand.

Yamamoto narrowed his eyes on the tailed thief. "What?"

"I'd rather go back and stay in the world of the living," Zidane said.

"It would be best if some of us do go there," Light suggested. Yamamoto seemed to be considering. "Your Shinigami are not prepared to face the powers of the Warriors of Chaos as we are, right? So it would benefit for you to send some of us back."

"Very well," Yamamoto said in a booming voice. "Who will go?"

"I'm going!" Zidane exclaimed happily in an instant.

"Where my buddy Zidane goes, I go," Bartz jumped in.

"Great," Squall complained. "I guess I'll have to go to make sure you don't cause trouble."

"No offense," Tidus began, "but I don't want to waste my time here. I'd be way better off there."

"Count me in," Yuna chirped in.

"You can count in me and Cloud too," Zack volunteered with a grin, wrapping his arm around Cloud's neck.

"Hey let go!" Cloud told the black haired SOLDIER. "And why did you invite me?"

"Just to mess with ya," Zack answered with a smile.

"My what youthful spirits," Shunsui commented. Ukitake agreed with a nod.

"I wonder why that one has a tail though?" Ukitake wondered.

"I could figure that out in no time," Mayuri told them with an evil grin.

"Sounds good," Light said. "The rest of us will stay in the Soul Society to train."

Yamamoto nodded. "Captain Byakuya will provide you all passage into the world of the living then."

Light nodded and motioned for the volunteers to follow the 6th Squad Captain. 'This will be a tough war on all of us,' the Warrior of Light thought. 'But the light will guide us to victory as it had before.'

Las Noches

Genesis sat on the ledge of a balcony, reading his book. "How did the apple taste?" he asked the person walking up behind him.

"I'm surprised you sensed me," Halibel told him.

"We may not be spiritually aware," he told her, "but we are well aware of our surroundings."

Halibel did not comment on what he said, but instead asked another question. "Why did you call it a dumbapple?"

Genesis didn't take his eyes away from the book. "It's actually called a Banora White, named after my home town. We call them dumbapples because they grow randomly each year."

"I see." Halibel walked over beside him, turned and leaned her back on the ledge. "Why are you so nice?"


"You seem different from the other Warrior of Chaos."

"Hmph. Maybe because my darkness stems from my pride more than anything," Genesis answered. "I do not want world domination, nor destruction, what I seek is something else."

"What is that?" Halibel asked. Genesis chuckled as he closed the LOVELESS book and looked up to the artificial sun of the dome.

"Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess

We seek it thus, and take it to the sky

Ripples form on the water's surface

The wandering soul knows no rest."

Halibel said nothing, for the moment she only stared at him. "I have not read your book yet," she admitted.

"LOVELESS, Act I," came calm smooth voice. Halibel turned and saw Sephiroth's smirking face come toward them with Ulquiorra following close behind. Sephiroth stopped on the behind Genesis.

"You remembered," Genesis smiled turning to his head to see his old companion.

Sephiroth scoffed. "How could I not," he asked poking at his head multiple times, "when you've beaten it into my head?"

Halibel saw something between the two and noticed that Ulquiorra saw it too. It was something close to friendship in a way...

'What sort of history do these two have?' the Arrancar both wondered.

"Is there anything you are here for?" Genesis asked, continuing to read his book.

Sephiroth shrugged. "Not really... maybe you should know that Aizen is now officially part of the Warriors of Chaos." Halibel was somewhat surprised by the news, Ulquiorra was just indifferent.

"I hardly care," Genesis told him. "Now what are you and Ulquiorra really here for?"

"I'm merely here, because Lord Aizen ordered me to make sure Sephiroth doesn't try anything," Ulquiorra informed.

"And if I do?" Sephiroth asked, amusement in his voice. Ulquiorra didn't answer. Sephiroth turned his attention up to the artificial sky. "Do you seek the light?" he asked, but got no answer. "Hmph. Get too close to it, and you are going to get burned." He turned to leave. "Farewell, Genesis, Halibel..." With that he left with Ulquiorra following behind.

Halibel released a deep breath that she didn't even know she was holding. "It's alright to be nervous around Sephiroth," Genesis told her. Halibel didn't respond. Genesis quoted his book.

"There are no dreams, no honor remains."


Kuja sighed as he gazed up at the moon of Hueco Mundo in his room. He was thinking about the events after Zidane had defeated him the first time. Kuja wondered if he could free himself from the darkness like Golbez.

"What'cha thinkin' about?" asked a voice from behind him. Kuja merely turned his head to see Gin standing behind him, that trademark grin plastered on his face.

Kuja turned back to gaze at the moon. "It is none of your business," he answered rudely.

"Well no need to be all defensive about it," Gin said. "Just wonderin' what is goin' through your head is all."

"I have no intention of telling the likes of you that."

"Tell me about yourself," Gin requested.

"Why should I?" Kuja inquired.

"Well we can be friends, can't we?"

"I don't want to be associated with someone I don't like, Gin. Besides, your grin creeps me out, like Kefka's."

Gin pondered over the last statement. "Ya got a point there," Gin finally said before turning to leave. "Another friendship making attempt failed," he muttered to himself.

Kuja continued to gaze at the crescent moon and smirked, an idea forming in his head. "Well... it's not like I enjoy anyone's company here," he commented.


Gabranth walked down the halls of Las Noches. It was something to do while he waited for his next order. Lord Vanye was with the Emperor and Dr. Cid was working on a Nethicite project with Szayel. There was no need for this stray dog yet. For now, Gabranth was alone.

As he continued down the hall, Gabranth saw a light coming from an open room. He wandered inside the room to see Tosen working on something with Wonderwiess in a corner watching the ex-Shinigami.

"Is there something you need?" Tosen asked without facing Gabranth.

"No," the Judge answered sternly. He began to leave when Tosen called out to him.

"You seem like one who fights for justice," he said.

Gabranth stopped in his tracks, but did not turn to face the blind man. "Justice?" he questioned. "Is that why you betrayed the Shinigami?"

Tosen was silent for a moment before he answered. "For justice, yes, that is why I turned my back on them."

Gabranth huffed. "That doesn't sound like justice to me."

Tosen turned to the Judge Magister. "What exactly do you mean by that?"

Gabranth turned to face the blind man, peering at him under the helm. "To me, you sound more like you want revenge for something and are just using the name of Justice to sugarcoat it." Tosen just 'glared' at Gabranth as he continued. "Do you know why there is a such thing as a judge?"

"Why?" Tosen asked, intrigued to know what Gabranth's view of Justice was.

"There is hardly anything that is truly just," Gabaranth told him. "For example, betraying the Shinigami in the name of Justice was not just. Judges are there to decide what they themselves believe is just. You are judging the Shinigami for a crime that you believe is unjust. Judges exist to enact the proper punishment for the crimes committed, even if what they believe unjust is, in truth, just in all ways. Do you know why that is?"

"Why is that?" Tosen asked.

"Because Justice is blind," Gabranth answered. "It may way the scales, but it does not pass judgment. That is why it is up to others to decide what is right..." He paused and waited for Tosen to respond. When he knew that Tosen wouldn't say anything, Gabranth continued. "I follow the path of Justice but, I know mine is also one of hatred... Like you, my justice is vengeance. Tosen, the way you view what you are doing makes you only a hypocrite in my eyes."

Tosen huffed. "If that is all you have to say," he said in a low, threatening tone, "then I suggest you leave."

"Fine by me," the Judge said, beginning to leave. "He truly is blind," Gabranth said to himself when he was out of earshot from Tosen.

Urahara Shop, underground

"Welcome back!" Urahara greeted as Cloud, Zack, Squall, Zidane, Bartz, Yuna, and Tidus appeared. "Seems like you brought some friends back huh?"

"Urahara," Squall spoke for the group. "We need you to train us."

Urahara hid his expression behind his fan. "Straight to the point I see... Well, I have my hands full with another guy who came here for training and Renji's now helping him." A far off explosion confirmed what Urahara said.

"All we need is to learn shunpo," Cloud spoke up.

Urahara chuckled, closing his fan. "If that's the case, then I'm the wrong person to ask."

"Then who-," Tidus was interrupted by Squall firing a Blizzard spell at a nearby boulder. The boulder was destroyed, revealing a black cat behind it. The cat was strangely calm after a large chunk of ice suddenly smashed the rock it was hiding behind.

Everyone but Urahara and Cloud turned to look at Squall. "What do you think you're doing Squall?!" Bartz yelled.

"Yeah," Zack agreed, you could've killed that cat.

"It's no ordinary cat," Cloud told them.

"Very perceptive of you two," spoke a voice. Tidus and the rest looked over at the black cat. It seemed to be smiling now. "Seems you both guessed that I was not just some cat."

"WHOA!" Zidane, Tidus, Zack, and Bartz exclaimed.

Zidane, Yuna, and Bartz quickly rushed to the cat. "Wow, a talking animal," Bartz said joyfully examining the cat. "I've only seen a talking turtle, I never thought there could be a talking cat."

Zidane picked it up. "C'mon, say something again."

The cat frowned. "Put me down."

"Awwww," Yuna said. "What's her name? Can I pet her?" she asked, looking over to Urahara.

The shop keeper laughed. "Her name is Yoruichi and you can go ahead and pet her all you want," he said, earning him a glare from from Yoruichi.

"Don't you dare," Yoruichi warned, then she realized something. "How did you know I was female? Most people believe I'm a male due to my voice."

"You look like a girl to me," Yuna answered as she pet Yoruichi's ears.

Yoruichi began to purr, but stopped herself. "STOP THAT AND PUT ME DOWN!" she demanded. Zidane and Yuna did as they were told. "Now then..." Yoruichi began to glow.

"What's happening?" Tidus asked.

"She's reverting to her true form," Urahara answered.

An explosion of surrounded the cat, Yuna, Bartz, and Zidane. Zidane covered his eyes from the smoke, waiting for it to clear. He heard a yelp from Bartz and Yuna, making the others worried.

"What's wro-" Squall began, but stopped after seeing the dust clear. He, Zack, Cloud, and Tidus understood instantly when they saw the dark skinned woman they presumed was Yoruichi. They all blushed and looked away.

"You can open your eyes now," Yoruichi told Zidane in a seductive tone.

At the command of her voice, the genome opened his eyes and looked at the dark skinned woman that was smiling at him. Zidane got a stupid grin on his face, hearts in his eyes. He was about to jump at her if it weren't for Yuna, punching him on the head.

"Ow!" Zidane cried, putting his hand on his head. He looked over at Yuna's glaring face. "What was that for?!"

"Don't even think about it," she warned. Yuna looked behind her to see if Tidus was bold to look over at the stark naked woman with Yuna around. She was glad that he and the others knew better. She turned her gaze on Yoruichi.

"Please cover yourself," Yuna demanded.

"Jealous?" Yoruichi asked, grinning as she struck a seductive pose.

Yuna blushed at the older woman's tone and looked away from her yellow eyes. "N-no I'm not!" Yuna answered, now glaring back at Yoruichi. "It's just that nothing will get done if they spend their time ogling you."

Yoruichi crossed one arm under her well endowed breasts and tapped her chin with the other hand in mock thinking. "I guess you are right," she said, "it's just that clothes are just so constricting."

"I'm totally fine the way you are!" Zidane exclaimed, earning another hit on the head, this time from a Blizzard shot from Squall. He face-planted into the ground.

"We'll start training after I change," Yoruichi said, disappearing from sight. Zidane, face still in the dirt, moaned in disappointment. Yuna stomped on his back for it.

Everyone waited silently for Yoruichi's return so they could start training in flash step. For some reason, they all had a feeling that something big will go down soon. They only have a short amount of time to master the basics of flash step before it happens.

Las Noches, Hogyoku chamber

Aizen and Garland stood in silence after conversing with Chaos. Aizen was absorbing all the information of the Eternal Conflict he was now apart of. Now he had another reason to restore the Hogyoku to full power.... Freeing Chaos.

"What do you suggest we do?" Garland asked.

Aizen smiled. "I know of someone that could quicken the pace of restoring the Hogyoku," he answered. "We'll have to wait a little while I come up with a plan to get her away from the Shinigami..."

Chaotic Dossier

Kefka: Hiya folks!

Gin: Welcome to our first segment of Chaotic Dossier.

Kefka: Think of it as the Arrancar Encyclopedia.

Gin: But with the Warriors of Chaos instead.

Kefka: The first one that we will talk about is.... Kuja!

Gin: My my he is rather outstanding with his powers.

Kefka: I think it all comes from the outfit, or the make up.

Gin: He's more flamboyant than Luppi.

Kefka: Do you think he's gay?

Gin: Oh yeah, definitely.

Kuja: What did you two say?

Kefka: Kuja! Are you gay?

Gin: I.... think I'll take my leave now.

Kefka: Why? (Looks over at Kuja and starts to tremble)

Kuja (with a dark aura and angry grin): Yes, Gin... Why are you leaving?

Gin: Uh oh... the door's locked.


Kuja: Where are you going... pals?!

Now to Genesis and Halibel

Halibel (feeling a rumble): What was that?

Genesis: Nobody important getting blown up probably.

Halibel: …. Where's Gin's spiritual pressure?

Genesis: You care?

Halibel: Nobody here ever cares.

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