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This is, for the most part, canon, but disregards the epilogue and several obvious facts as it veers of the stone path. Sirius is still dead and so is Dumbledore, Sev and Remus however miraculously survived.


It had been almost six months since he had defeated Him in the forest.

Harry sighed and signalled the barkeep for another refill, and after filling the order of two flirty tourists, he brought the bottle of ice vodka over and Harry watched as frost hitched up the side before disappearing.

'Leave it,' Harry requested and when he dropped more galleons onto the table the barkeep smiled and left the bottle.

Harry downed the shot before shivering violently at the sensation. It burned as it went down and it tasted horrible, Harry loved it.

He poured himself another drink as he tried to block out the flirty giggles from the tourists and the drunken argument from the two men that were sitting at one of the booths.

He thought back as he stared into the glass watched as the ice would form along the edge where the liquid met the glass as he twirled the tumbler he was using as a shot glass.

He wondered what the hell was going on.

Hermione and Ron had had a brief affair and now Hermione was sleeping with George and Ron was living with Daphne Greengrass, a Slytherin from their year who had been part of a neutral war.

Draco Malfoy was engaged to her younger sister Astoria, so the former enemies that were soon to be brother in laws, were actually becoming friendly.

Neville was with Luna, a not entirely unexpected pairing but still not wholly expected either.

Bill and Fleur had moved back to Egypt and where expecting their first child.

Remus, who had almost died was living in a small cottage with his son Teddy. He was writing textbooks and was currently working on a history textbook that was slightly more accurate than, and not as dry, as previous ones had been. Teddy was working on how to hold his head up; it was Remus working on the textbooks.

The second biggest surprise was Severus Snape who had, somehow, managed to survive. No one, not even Severus himself, knew how that had happened. He had reconciled with himself and was prepared to die. He had prepared his will, of which, shockingly, both Draco and Harry were beneficiaries. He had, after his initial recovery gone to live at a newly built and refurbished Malfoy Manor that was free of any dark artefacts.

The biggest surprise was Ginny.

He gulped down more ice vodka. There was no amount in the world that could settle his irritated nerves after what Ginny had done.

After his last stint in the infirmary under Madam Pomfrey, she had come to him in tears, begging for him to rekindle the romance they had started a year ago.

He had agreed because he did in fact love her, like the naive fool he was.

Harry had come home early from auror training and had found Ginny in bed with three of her female teammates. She had scrambled up and started spewing excuses but the fact that she had still had a toy inside of her and her bed mates had merely continued on until Harry had tossed their clothes at them wandlessly as he snarled for them to get out.

They had scrambled out as Ginny alternated between yelling and crying at Harry. He had sighed and asked her quite nicely to leave. She had started yelling again as he left her standing in the bedroom naked.

That was how he had ended up here, at O'Grady's a wizarding pub disguised as a muggle tavern.

He dropped his head down and lightly thumped it against the bar.

'You okay sugar?' one of the tourists had come over at seeing his abuse of his forehead.

Harry looked up and was surprised to find an attractive male a few years older than himself, looking at him in concern.

Harry tried to smile, 'Not particularly, it's just been a bad day.'

'Anything you want to talk about, Beautiful?' his new friend asked.

Harry was about to answer when Hermione grabbed him around the neck, 'where have you been Harry, we've been looking everywhere for you?' she squealed into his ear causing him to wince.

'Harry?' the tourists mouthed when Harry gave him an apologetic smile, and gently brushed his fringed away from his forehead to reveal the scar.

'Derek and Spencer,' he replied with a grin.

Hermione turned to the foreigner's and looked sceptical, 'new friends Harry?' she asked almost disapprovingly.

'Yeah,' he replied, and Hermione began to pulling him out, 'look guys there's a giant party at Hogwarts tonight, costumes mandatory.' He invited the pair, both grinned and thanked him. 'Famous couples!' he yelled.

'Harry!' Hermione started lecturing him about strange wizards as she dragged him from the pub.


'Why aren't you with Ginny?' Neville asked as Harry dropped into the seat beside him.

'We, uh, had a, uh,' Harry stuttered trying to find a reasonable excuse.

'What he means, Neville,' Luna began as she kissed both Harry and Neville chastely, 'is that he walked in on Ginny with three of her team mates and then kicked her out,' she told her fiancé before sitting in Harry's lap, 'Are you okay, Harry? I know you love her.'

Harry gave her a lame smile, 'I don't know yet, I had a lot of vodka this afternoon before Hermione decided to liberate me from my new friends,' Harry suddenly stood dumping Luna onto Neville with an oomph from both.

He greeted them as they arrived with Ron and Draco, 'we found these two outside, claiming to have been invited by Harry himself,' Ron grinned.

'Glad you could make it,' Harry offered, 'Seregil and Alec,' he grinned at their costumes.

Derek grinned and draped an arm over Spencer's shoulders, 'See I told you someone one would know who we are.'

Spencer laughed, 'fine, but you're prize will have to wait until later.'

'What are you guys?' Derek asked, before anyone could ask what his prize was.

'Rowena Ravenclaw and Godric Gryffindor,' Luna replied with a curtsey as Neville gave a bow.

'Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff,' Draco offered as he wrapped his arm around Astoria who joined the group with her sister.

Ron let Daphne sit in his lap, 'Arthur and Guinevere,' she said letting Ron gently rub her stomach.

Just then Remus joined the group with Teddy, they were both dressed as lions, well Remus was Teddy looked like a cub.

Harry and Hermione started laughing as did Derek and Spencer. 'Who are you supposed to be?' Ron asked for the others, who were just as confused.

'Simba and Mufasa,' Remus replied with a grin, as Severus arrived dressed as a wolf in what looked like old constable gear.

He glared at Remus who chuckled as he handed Teddy to Harry, 'Apparently I'm the Sherriff of Nottingham,' he replied before anyone could ask.

'And you, who are you supposed to be?' Remus asked eying Harry in his ratty bathrobe and ugly blonde wig.

Harry gave a cheeky grin, 'Norman Bates and his Mother.'

Spencer, Remus and Derek thought it was pretty funny, everyone else however, didn't get it.

'Just read the book, Psycho by Robert Bloch,' Harry offered, with a shrug.

As the party wore on everyone danced and drank far too much. Several people tried to ask him why he wasn't with Ginny but he would avoid answering it.

He had no idea when it was but he managed to sneak away from Derek and Spencer, who were having a blast on the dance floor, to find the punch bowl. There he ran into Charlie who was dressed in a bathrobe that was as ratty as Harry's. There was also a wide brimmed black hat sitting on the table next to the bowl.

'Ah, it's Norman Bates and his Mother,' Charlie greeted handing Harry a cup of punch.

'Mort Rainey and John Shooter?' Harry asked with a nod of thanks.

'You're the first one that's gotten it,' Charlie admitted, not hiding his mild shock.

'The hat gave it away,' Harry replied pointing the object, 'I enjoy a good Stephen King novel.'

Charlie and Harry stood in silence for a few minutes before a shrill voice cut through it.

'What, couldn't wait to get me out of your bed so you could get to my brother?' Ginny snarled.

Harry could only stare at Ginny stupidly for a moment. 'You're the one that had three of her team mates in our bed.'

Ginny growled and moved to slap Harry. 'Go home Ginny,' Charlie said tightening his hold on her wrist.

Ginny glared at Charlie as she tried to pull her wrist away, 'fine!' she snarled as she pulled harder only to have Charlie let her go causing her to stumble. She stormed from the room.

'Thank you,' Harry replied as tried to hide from those trying to stare at him.

'You're welcome,' Charlie replied, guiding Harry out of the hall while the others tried to distract the gawkers.

Harry hadn't thought they had had caught anyone's attention but apparently they had. Great. Now it'll be all over the papers.

'Let's get you home,' Charlie offered.

'No, not where she was,' Harry mumbled, he didn't think he could live there anymore. He had liked the place but it had been Ginny's choice. He let Charlie guide him out of Hogwarts.

In the privacy of Charlie's house in Portugal, a convenient port key away, Harry and Charlie got totally smashed on ice vodka as Harry told Charlie what had happened with Ginny.

They both passed out on Charlie's bed.


Harry woke the next morning to a killer headache and the dire need to empty his stomach of everything he had ever eaten.

He was soon retching over the toilet. Suddenly there was someone by his side, gently rubbing his back and keeping his shaggy hair back.

When Harry seemed to relax slightly he offered Harry a light purple potion, 'Drink this, it'll make you feel better,' he explained.

Harry, not really thinking about taking a strange potion, downed it in one go and instantly began to feel better. Charlie offered him a glass of water and Harry leaned into Charlie. He had never actually had someone to take care of him like this, it was nice.

They sat on the bathroom floor for a few minutes, before Harry's stomach growled loudly.

'Hungry?' Charlie chuckled as Harry blushed.

'Yeah a little,' he replied with an embarrassed laugh.

'Come on,' Charlie helped Harry stand and they made it to the kitchen. Charlie made pancakes for the two of them while Harry cut up fruit for a salad. They worked in silence before Harry turned on the wireless and the pair began to sing, badly. Charlie started laughing and started singing along.

It was the most fun Harry had had in a while.

They set the table and sat down to eat. 'Harry is something bothering you?'

'Last night, did we...?' Harry asked, slightly embarrassed and almost hopeful.

Charlie studied Harry for a moment, 'No, I prefer my partners conscious,' the redhead smirked.

Harry glared at him but Charlie didn't miss the hurt that flashed in Harry's eyes, 'while I wouldn't be opposed to a relationship with you, I think it is too soon for you to start a new one right now.'

Harry studied Charlie for a long moment before he nodded in understanding. Ginny's hurt was still too fresh and he didn't want to hurt Charlie.

'Work everything out with Ginny, and know that I am on your side and then come back and talk to me,' Charlie offered.

Nodding Harry stood and gave Charlie a gentle kiss. 'Thank you.'


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