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Molly hummed to herself even as the wireless played a completely different song. She stirred the batch of stew as the other dishes in the sink cleaned themselves.

She set the lid on the pot and went back to her knitting, but not before looking through the photos that were cluttered on both the mantel and a table that Ron had made specifically for photos.

The first photo was of Bill and Fleur. Fleur had her arms around Bill as much as her swollen belly would allow and there was a small pink bundle in Bill's arms. They were standing in front of the Sphinx and there were several of Bill's co-workers, goblin and wizard, in the back all waving.

There was also a photo of Fleur looking tired but happy as she held her daughter, Victoire, for the first time. There was also a black and white blurry blob that was their second child's first photo. They weren't telling anyone what it was, but Molly guessed that they didn't know either, wanting it to be a surprise.

The next batch of photos were of Percy and Audrey and their children , while still not totally on speaking terms with the family he still kept them updated with his family.

Then came Fred, he had moved to Bulgaria after a whirl wind romance with Viktor Krum and had opened a branch of WWW that was doing better than anyone had expected. Fred and Viktor had adopted a set of twins, Ivan and Sergei that had been orphaned during the war. The pair even looked like a cross between the two men.

Next in line came George and Hermione and their batch of children, the twins, Mira and Rose and the newborn, Antonio, that one had only been added a day ago. Molly gave a smile, she couldn't wait to meet her newest grandson.

Then there was a photo of Ron, Daphne, Draco and Astoria, the sister's stood between the two men who seemed to be bickering about something. She smile fondly at the photo, it had been the two sisters that had helped to build the bridge between her son and the Malfoy heir. While the two were constantly bickering, because they didn't fight anymore, they had come a long way from their school days. Astoria was expecting her first and Draco was as bad as Ron had been when he had fussed over Daphne, who had given birth to a baby girl who would be turning one in three months.

Then there was Ginny, she had come so far in the last year. She was still on her medication but the healer's figure that'll be a life time commitment and she was still seeing a therapist but she was doing much better now. Just last month, Alan, the nurse, had proposed to Ginny, she had asked Harry and Luna to stand for her, they still hadn't set a date for the wedding.

There were also photos of Draco and his family, since they were, thanks to Daphne and Astoria, family no as well, and of Severus, Lucius and Remus, though in most of those Severus was scowling at the other two, who were trying to get him to either commit lewd acts of some sort or show some sort of affection.

Finally came the pair that had surprised her the most, Charlie and Harry.

Harry was due to give birth any day now and Molly couldn't wait. As it turned out Harry was pregnant with twins, identical twin boys. She remembered when they had told her.

'Mum,' Harry greeted the matriarch as Charlie greeted Arthur.

'How are you dear?' she asked, beaming, Harry had finally started calling she and Arthur, Mum and Dad and it warmed both of them to their core.

'Wanting to get this over with already,' Harry replied as he rubbed his stomach letting Charlie guide him to a soft chair. Harry sighed as he sat, Charlie perched on a foot stool and began to massage Harry's feet. Molly simply beamed as Arthur brought in the tea.

Harry closed his eyes and relished in the simple fact that he was sitting and his husband was massaging his aching feet.

'We haven't told anyone because we want to keep it a surprise but we wanted to ask you something first.' Charlie explained cryptically as his hands travelled to Harry's calves.

'Ask away,' Arthur stated as he prepared a cup to Harry's liking, a dash of honey, a splash of vanilla and too much sugar.

'Well it's more for mum, really,' Charlie offered.

'Oh for,' Harry gave Charlie a weak glare before turning to Arthur and Molly, 'we were wondering if we could name our twin sons Fabien and Gideon?' he blurted.

Charlie glared at Harry who looked at Arthur and Molly hopefully.

Molly stared blankly at the pair for a moment before launching herself at the unsuspecting pair.

'Molly!' Arthur cried out, worried his wife was about to commit infanticide, though he wasn't sure it really counted if they were grown men.

Molly pulled away grinning, though her eyes were shinier than normal. 'Of course you can,' she hugged them again and when she pulled away this time she rubbed Harry's belly. 'I'll have to fetch Charlie's baby things from the attic, and start knitting in blues and greens and...' she continued on as began to pace around the room. Harry watching her with a mix of awe, worry and thankfulness. Charlie blushed, causing Harry and Arthur to chuckle.

'Congratulations boys,' Arthur offered with a grin, 'this means the world to Molly, you do realize?' he asked, clearly amused.

'I hadn't noticed,' Harry offered dryly causing Arthur to laugh as Molly dragged her second oldest son up to the attic.

Molly was pulled from her thoughts as someone closed the door.

'Charlie?' she asked in surprise at seeing him in the kitchen. 'What are you doing here?' she greeted him with a motherly hug.

'I wanted to bring you something,' he replied as he rummaged around his pockets. He gave a triumphant cry as he pulled something from his pocket.

He proudly handed it to Molly, who took it more to sooth her confusion than anything. It took her a moment to process the photo and when it did Charlie's grin made sense.

The photo was of an exhausted Harry holding a blue and a green bundle. There was another photo of a beaming Charlie holding the twins another of the twins together and one of each twin and the final one was of all four of them.

'Harry and the boys are asleep, I just wanted to bring you those.' He offered before kissing his mother's cheek.

'I love you,' he grinned before he turned to leave. He almost collided with, Arthur who was just coming up the walk. He gave his father a tight hug. 'Love you dad,' he said before he vanished with a pop.

'What was that about?' Arthur asked pulling his wife into the house.

She blinked herself back to her kitchen, 'it seems that our twins weren't the only ones that were early,' she replied handing the photos to Arthur.

'So which one is which?' Arthur asked, as he took in the sight of his grandsons.

Molly gave a grin then, 'you know, I haven't the foggiest,' she replied with a laugh.

Arthur pulled out a simple cherry wood frame for Molly. When she had the photo in place she set it on the mantel where it was sandwiched between one of Harry, Ron and Hermione from their first year at Hogwarts and one of Charlie catching the snitch in his first game.

She stepped back into Arthur's arms as the pair studied the photos.

'You know we might need another bookcase just for all the pictures,' Arthur commented with a grin.

'We'll get Draco to make us one,' Molly replied, she gave her husband a gentle but affectionate kiss before going to the ice box. 'I think we should celebrate,' she offered, now if only she could find the ice vodka.

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