The re-written TDDN.. please do not hate me for doing this, but I desided the plot itself was meaningless and stupid so I have desided to change much of it and write (and re-write) everything! :D and I also realised.. most of the pages are just.. 2 pages long T^T and I've been writing up to 20 pages in each chapter on other stories.. that's.. sad..

So here it is.. the rewritten and one page longer.. chapter one!

"Normal talk"


"Past and future, something that happened or is to happen"


Tantei Dare Doko Naki.

Chapter 1.


The rain hammered down on the windows as another scream penetrated the house, it was filled with agony and pain, making everyone shiver and panic even more. Everyone was searching for the source, but they couldn't find it, all they knew was that the person was suffering from tremendous pain and it wasn't stopping. Heiji turned around, expecting a hidden door or something, but didn't see anything.

"Damn.. KUDOU!" he shouted as the lightning struck again, everything lit up, and that was when he saw a shadow, something he'd never forget, it would haunt him to the very day he'd die.

"Oh God, Kudou.." he whispered, placing a hand over his mouth. In the next second the shadows were gone and he couldn't see the teen anymore, just hear his painful screams and cries for help. He knew what was going on, but couldn't stop it. Neither could he stop it when Shinichi slipped from his hands, hanging off the edge of a cliff, the storm making him sway in the wind. Then he fell and Heiji screamed the teens name before he closed his eyes, he didn't want to see it, he didn't at all. When he opened them, he felt himself freeze to the core.

"KUDOU!" he screamed, the thunder covering most of it as everyone filled out of the house to see what was going on. Agony and sadness filled their eyes as they saw what had happened.

The ambulance resonated through the empty woods, Heiji stared down at the limp form that was being tended to, Mouri Kogoro was sitting beside him and looking very worried.

"Ran.." the man whispered and Heiji knew just why. But his thoughts was on his friends in the other ambulance. That form was not only limp, but bloody and in a near death state and everyone knew there was little chance of survival. Yet they tried their best to revive the teen who once so proudly could say that he'd always be alright.

"Kudou.. please be alright.. survive!" there rain was still hamering on the ambulance as it drove fast through the woods towards nearest hospital.

"Ran, do you remember me?" the voice was hopeful, yet very timid.

"No, and I don't want to either.. it's your fault I'm like this!" Ran stated with a glare, the one she spoke to froze before he looked down in grief.

"I.. realised that.. sorry.. and goodbye" his timid voice just hid the hurt feelings he was going through, the teen turned and walked away with his head low. Non of the two saw the people watching the, they hadn't heard what they had talked about, but it didn't matter anymore. Kudou Shinichi walked out of their life forever that day.

"Hm.. I wonder if he's home" the white clad thought as he peaked trough the bedroom window to a certain detective's room. Shinichi was lying there, but all the signs of being sick wasn't there. But more importantly, Shinichi was shaking. He knocked on the window with one finger and watched Shinichi jump out of his own skin, and then glare on Kaitou for a moment before he realised who it was. But Shinichi let him in, and Kaito could see that Shinichi had red eyes but didn't dare to smile. At all, worried he'd piss of the detective, or make him cry. Shinichi watched him as Kaitou sat down on the bed.

"Hey... you can sit down even if I'm here!" Kaitou said quickly. Shinichi looked puzzled on him, but sat down with a sigh. The thief eyed the detective.

"What do you want?" Shinichi asked.

"Where you crying?" he asked and looked at Shinichi, whom was changing skin-color in the matter of seconds. Then Shinichi laughed, and Kaitou stared on him with a have-you-gone-mad-look.

"I'm serious, have you?" he asked. Shinichi smiled.

"What if I did?" he asked back. Kaito didn't know what to say, Shinichi might be going mad right now, and that wasn't a chance Kaito would take. He grabbed Shinichi's left hand and almost yelled at him.

"Then why are you laughing?" he demanded. Shinichi stared on him for a moment before he bit his underlip.

"Don't know... I m-might just be..." then a tear ran down his cheek. Kaito damned himself and dragged Shinichi into a hug,

"What tha... KID... let go!" Shinichi demanded and struggled.

"Why are you crying?" Kaito asked and looked down at Shinichi, noticing the bandages underneath his shirt. Shinichi sighted and buried his face into Kaito's clothes, while he dug his fingers into Kaito's clothes he said loudly.

"I... Ran and I was hurt while we where trying to find a murderer in a case today... and...2 he cut himself off and closed his eyes for a moment.

"Is she okay?" Kaito wondered if Shinichi's childhood friend Mouri Ran was hurt badly, that would explain Shinichi's odd behaviour.

"Yes... and no!" Shinichi cried out and Kaito hugged him harder.

"What do you mean?" Kaito was worried, did Ran hurt Shinichi or the opposite?

"I-if you don't count that she is in a wheelchair and that she lost all her memory about me... she i-is fine.." Shinichi said with a bitter laugh, and Kaito bit his lip, this was bad. Something like this could make Shinichi die inside, maybe because he was in love with her so much?

"And... I hear a but!" Kaito said hopefully, and stopped himself from shaking Shinichi to bits in hope to get a good answer.

"She can't do karate from now on, and blames me, an totally unfamiliar detective, who couldn't protect a woman in need!" Shinichi said without a moment to breath.

"You can protect those you love! If she had remembered you I bet she wouldn't have blamed you!" Kaito stated harshly and watched as Shinichi sat up for a moment.

"My body will shrink soon anyway, and I've already made sure that Edogawa Conan has moved out of the house of the Mouri's!" Shinichi said with a sigh. Kaito eyed the sad detective, then he stood up, still with Shinichi in a hug.

"Are you sure she doesn't remember the Conan-part of you?ยป he asked and broke the hug and held onto Shinichi's shoulders, but Shinichi only shook his head.

"She doesn't... Oyaji asked her!" he said, Kaito sighted. Even Mouri Kogoro, Ran's own father couldn't make her remember.

"But she has forgotten before and that time she remembered?" Kaito asked, and used his right hand to brush away another tear on Shinichi's cheek.

"True... but this time it's different... the doctor says this isn't for a short time, it's most probably permanent!" Shinichi said with a sniff. Then Shinichi broke down, Kaito sat down and forced Shinichi to sit down on his lap.

"Hey KID... what are you doi-" Shinichi broke off as a pain gripped his voice and formed his sentence into a scream. Kaito jumped of fear, and let go of Shinichi, then he noticed Shinichi's sweaty face and it hit him, Shinichi was shrinking and that fast. He dragged Shinichi down on his lap and held him, he didn't bother to be formal now. He stretched down and started to undress Shinichi, mostly because he knew, someone who was sweating needed air and after this he wouldn't actually fit into these clothes. Before him, Shinichi was already shrinking, wich was weird for himself. Because normally he would shrink within one or two seconds, then he suddenly stopped, he opened his eyes and looked up on a VERY shocked Kaito. Then he looked down on himself.

"What the-" he hadn't shrunken that much, actually, if he looked in the mirror, he would see that he looked like he was fourteen or fifteen, his hair color was paler and his skin was darker, as if he had just come home from a vacation. Wich caused Shinichi to freak out.

So this is it.. hope you guys found it better than I did.. anyway.. I know that most of the last is pretty much like it used to be, but I have tried to make the plot and past a little thicker than it was..


Next chapter: "Hn.." the teen bit his lip to hold back another scream, tears had already left his eyes and was running down his cheeks as pain came and stayed. He screamed and closed his eyes.
"Make it stop.. please stop.." he cried out, but the one hurting him refused.

Chapter 2: Pillows are Thrown.