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Chapter 24.

At Long Last.

He should have seen it coming, of course. Seeing he was targeted by assassin's at the moment, he should have seen ahead and realized that it wouldn't just be Gin and Bourbon, there would be more, not counting Chianti and Vodka of course. It took Shinichi one second to realize something was wrong before he acted.

"GET DOWN!" he yelled and pushed Kaito down to the floor. The surprised magician seemed to realize just as fast as he closed his eyes, but realized to late Shinichi was still standing there, watching something intensely.

"Shinichi!" Kaito grabbed Shinichi's hand and the teen turned his eyes slowly, before he looked down at him. Then everything went white. A deafening sound made him turned away, closing his eyes and trying to hold his ears from the sound. He could feel and sense something falling beside him, something large. Shinichi. As the light disappeared, Kaito's eyes flew open as he reached out his hand, trying to find something, someone. Shinichi was laying beside him, with his back to him. Kaito was quick to get up, his ears ringing loudly from the explosion and he felt lightheaded. Kaito gently put his hands on Shinichi's should and rolled him over because it would be bad if Shinichi laid anymore on his injured shoulder. Kaito stopped a moment later.

"S-Shinichi?" he asked. Shinichi's hands was covering his face, but the blood was all to obvious. His teeth was clenched and Kaito could make out the slight furrows over his eyebrows telling him of pain. Kaito gently took Shinichi's hands and got a grunt of disapproval. One of the armed officers that had gotten away in time came over, crouching.

"What happened?" he asked. Kaito shook his head.

"I don't know, but I think.. he was facing the way of the bomb that went of... Shinichi, let me look, please.." he said, trying even more to move his hands away, but Shinichi refused.

"Don't.." Shinichi groaned. Kaito scowled.

"Stubborn much, let me look!" he with that, he pulled Shinichi's hands away from his face, proving once and for all that, with bare hands, that he was stronger. Shinichi's eyes were closed, but the blood coming from both was alarming, at least with the speed. The officer stood up.

"Ambulance is standing by, we'll get him, and you out of here the fastest we can." he said. Kaito nodded, hoping that Shinichi wasn't going to loose his sight, because that would ruin his career as a detective, and in the end, his life. Shinichi himself didn't seem to frantic about it, in fact, he seemed too calm about it. Kaito frowned.

"It.. looks bad.." he said, lowering his head. Shinichi could hear the distressed sound in his voice, he knew that.

"Kaito, it'll be fine.. right? Will you leave.. if I.. go blind?" Kaito's head jerked up.

"NO WAY!" he just about yelled immediately. Shinichi's voice had been full of anxiety and nervousness. He was hoping, not believing in Kaito's love for him, and Kaito had realized this. Shinichi's face slowly broke into a happy smile before he titled his head to the side. It was just like the times before this all happened when Shinichi would close his eyes and smile happily at him. Sincere and warm. Kaito grabbed Shinichi's shoulder, noticing the slightly pained expression that appeared on his boyfriend's face.

"I'm your boyfriend and lover, Shinichi, I swore to protect you, and I couldn't care less if you had some sort of disability, I love you for you!" he stated. Shinichi's smile seemed to disappear slowly before his smile came back at full force, his eyebrows twitching as if he was about to cry.

"You stupid magician, I hate getting emotional." he said, pouting slightly.

"Well, I love it when you get emotional." Kaito stated, grinning. A couple of paramedic's came over, looking both worried and sweaty. Shinichi moved about, trying to get up, but Kaito's hands stopped him.

"Don't move, you're hurt Shinichi." Shinichi just scoffed.

"I know that, I just need to know if Gin's still here, and Bourbon!" he said. Kaito turned his head, then he stopped.

"Gin's here alright.. and.. he doesn't seem to be moving much, I think the bomb went off close to him.. who knows how much shrapnel his body got." Kaito explained. Shinichi sighed.

"I didn't expect anything less, it's probably Vermouth who placed the bomb here, or else Gin wouldn't be here, or Bourbon for that matter.." Shinichi fell silent as Kaito realized he was probably already deducing how, why and who did it, all unconsciously. The two paramedic's placed the stretcher on the ground and lifted Shinichi onto it. The detective grunted as his shoulder protested on being moved. Kaito got up, watching as a couple of armed officers grabbed Bourbon. The magician and the assassin's eyes met for a single second before Kaito closed his eyes, turning his head away. What mattered the most was to get away, and most certainly they did now. Of course, he couldn't predict that they were safe, even Shinichi couldn't seeing that the organization was still out there, and even with a few of it's best assassin's out of play, there was still lots in the ranks behind and just waiting to get out and take them down. There was no saying what laid ahead of them from now on, but for as long as Kaito remained alive, he'd always make sure Shinichi was safe.

"Kaito?" Shinichi's voice broke through to Kaito and the magician turned around to see Shinichi's hand stretched out, but not towards him, so he realized the detective had no idea where he was. Kaito gently took his hand and held it tightly.

"It's okay." he murmured. Shinichi's face fell into a relaxing expression.

"I.. see.. thank you.." Kaito smiled, walking with the detective as he was carried out. From now on, Kaito would have a tough time, juggling between his heists, protecting Shinichi and staying alive.

"I'll always protect him, no matter what, even if I die, I'll come back!" he decided mentally before he got a mental picture of him haunting Shinichi to make sure he was alright, oh, the faces Hakuba and Heiji would make, not to speak of the girls. Kaito was chuckling just at the thought.

"What's so funny?" Shinichi asked.

"Oh nothing, just me doing a bit of imaginary haunting.."


Snow was slowly falling, drifting from the sky to the earth, sometimes caught up in other man made objects. A snowflake slowly drifted to a stop on a warm nose, then melted from the heat. Kaito looked up at the dark sky, only the falling snow making it magically and different from the usual December night. In front of him was a grave, one imprinted with the name of his father, and next to it, his mother.

"Wet.. is it snow? It's really falling isn't it?" a voice asked. Kaito looked down, then he smiled.

"Yes, it's going to be a white Christmas this year, too bad you can't see it.." he replied. He pushed some of his brown locks out of his face, then he took a breath, chuckling.

"I'm not angry for being unable to see snow, I'm sad I'm unable to see you smile.." Kaito smiled sadly at this, and he agreed silently. It was too painful to talk about it, even if they could share a smile or sometimes laugh about it.

"It's going to busy this year too." he said.

"It seems so, too bad I can' help out.. I'm sorry." Kaito smiled, then he came to a stop, stopping the wheelchair he had been pushing.

"It's okay, I don't mind working for us both, I promised I'd take care of you." he stated, crouching beside the wheelchair. A hand came to find his hair before gently stroking it. Kaito smiled, looking at the one in the chair.

"It's soft.." the one murmured. Kaito snickered.

"Is it? I find yours softer." he stated, and received a pout.

"No, it definitely isn't."

"You sure?" he teased.

"Kaito!" was the protests, and a blush accompanying it. Kaito grinned.

"W-well, we should get going.. shouldn't we?" was the question. Kaito nodded.

"Yep, I'll just place the flowers.." he said and was handed two large bundles of white flowers, in which Kaito placed at each other his parents graves, then he pulled a gem out of his pocket.

"Happy now dad?" he muttered to the gem, that gleamed in it's usual red when he spoke to it. There was a chuckle.

"Talking to the gem again? Geez, I doubt Touichi-ojisan ever will get a peaceful moment because of you.." Kaito pouted.

"He better get used to it." he stated, before he put the gem in his pocket. The other just laughed.

"I see, you spoiled, childish man." was the answer. Kaito grinned.

"What'd you expect?" Kaito asked.

"Nothing really, I know how you are."

"True, you've known me much longer than anyone at this point." Kaito stated.

"Well, not many of our friends would still be alive in these years.. except Vermouth of course.." the magician huffed.

"Why're you brining her up? She's weird.." he pouted.

"Hah? And when weren't you weird?"

"Still, she creeps me out.. for some reason." he said.

"I can understand that, right Vermouth? I know you're there even though I can't see anymore." Kaito just about yelped when a woman appeared beside them.

"As good as ever aren't you Cool Guy?" she asked, hiding a smirk behind a gloved hand. Kaito's eyes narrowed. The woman just giggled. It had been well over five years since they had last talked, but that was tiny compared to the decades that had passed since that day when Gin had been killed and Shinichi's worst nightmare had been taken down. As for the rest of the organization, well, they eventually fell as more and more of their group got revealed. It took them well over ten years to completely rid the world of the organization. Vermouth had returned to her own business, somewhere in the UK. Yet, there was one man, Anakoda, which was the boss, he had never been found, but Kaito and Shinichi knew Vermouth had dealt with him as soon as the rest of the organization fell. It was her way of breaking free from the organization's clutches.

"Oh stop glaring KID, be glad I'm here on my own free will to offer up some gifts." she said. Kaito frowned.

"Gifts?" he asked. Vermouth laid a single white rose on top of Kaito's father's grave, then she dumped two small boxes in the lap of Kaito's boyfriend.

"Well, use these well, I'm sure you'll find good use of them." then she waved, walking off in the snow. Kaito stared after her with an open mouth.

"Close your mouth Kaito.." and Kaito's mouth clacked shut.

"What was that about?" he then asked.

"She probably came with gifts for us, anything else?" Kaito nodded.

"She placed a rose on dad's grave."

"I see, well, she was his apprentice after all." Kaito hummed.

"True.. hey, what was in the boxes anyway?" he asked.

"I haven't opened them, and we aren't going to yet, it isn't Christmas yet." a pout.

"Buuuut.. Shinichi!" and his boyfriend lifted his head, smiling brightly.

"And has that ever stopped you before?" he asked. Kaito raised an eyebrow before he snatched one of the boxes. It was one white and one black, the white dressed in blue with a red knot white the black had only blue. Both had a name tag, addressed to each of them.

"This one's mine.." and he opened it before he stopped.

"Wow.." he murmured before he looked over Shinichi's shoulder to see that he was unpacking his own, soon showing a small box, which he opened, revealing a beautiful silver ring with tiny blue stones, probably some sort of diamond and lined with gold. Kaito's was similar, only a bit bigger, which meant only one thing.

"Ah, Vermouth thinks of you as the wife in our relationship.."

"WHAT?" Shinichi's voice rose in pitch as his face colored red.

"Well, your ring is more slender than mine.." Shinichi frowned as his hands fumbled around, but couldn't seem to quite get the ring, so Kaito picked up the ring and grabbed Shinichi's left hand.

"And it's a great opportunity as well." Kaito commented.

"Why?" Shinichi asked. Kaito crouched in front of Shinichi, who seemed confused. The magician chuckled.

"It's a great time to ask you to marry me isn't it?" he asked.

"W-what?" Shinichi seemed to be at loss of words after wards. Kaito put the ring on Shinichi's ring finger, then looked at his face, awaiting the next.

"Kaito.. I.. really?" Shinichi's eyes, however clouded, was filled with nervousness and yet, excitement and happiness.

"Yeah, I figured that with this, I'd be able to um.. propose in a good manner.." Kaito's face was heating up.

"That's.. Kaito.. I'm.. finally.." Kaito was a bit surprised at the last part before he smiled.

"Sorry to have made you wait." he spoke softly and stood up, then leaned down, kissing the other male. Shinichi kissed back right away, his hands winding around his neck.

"Kaito.. this place.. we need to move.. now." Kaito chuckled.

"Fine, we could drop by Hakuba's place." Shinichi pouted.

"Of all people, why Hakuba? And isn't he a little to old to be joked around with? And Aoko would kill you." Shinichi asked. Kaito knew that he was right, at least on the part about Aoko, she would kill him if he did something to Hakuba.

"Okay, then what about Hattori?" Kaito asked and Shinichi started coughing violently.

"No way, I mean, it would be fine, but he is still mourning over Kazuha-san, remember, she just passed away." Shinichi stated. Sixty years, and Heiji wasn't the man they always knew, the hair loss and everything was proof enough and the detective was all out jealous of Shinichi and Kaito's seemingly non existent aging. Well, they had aged, their appearance was two men in the start of their twenties. Ran and Kazuha, as well as Aoko had fuzzed about this and called them some lucky bastards, but had agreed it was for the best. Everyone had been told the entire truth at one point, even Hakuba. They had been so shocked when Shinichi first told his part of the story up to the fall of the black organization, then Kaito's story about his father, the organization that chased him, and his secret adventure as KID up to the point were he found Pandora. Oh, the look of everyone's faces when they told them that they simply couldn't die of aging or blood loss as proven by Shinichi who went several hours in a mall with a bleeding wound that would have killed him after maximum two hours.

"I see, well, I am at a loss.. I mean, there's no way I'd ever sleep over at that crazy neighbor's house of yours." Shinichi laughed.

"Haibara isn't that bad, haven't you known her long enough to know that?" he asked. Haibara, who was still young enough to give them enough trouble was married, had kids and all that shit, but she still acted way to wise and old for her age. She seemed to have a secret hobby were she'd kidnap Kaito and do tests on him. She couldn't use Shinichi because of the poison that still lingered in his system.

"Well, she still scares the shit out of me.. I think she want's to use me as her guinea pig." Kaito stated, huffing.

"Well, she can't use me, so of course she'd go for you.."

"Why not just go home? As in, home." Shinichi opened his mouth before he smiled.

"Only if you give me enough to be satisfied for a few days, Haibara is always nagging me after wards so I need to have enough pain to tune her out." Shinichi said.

"Likes pain much?" Kaito asked. Shinichi chuckled.

"No, just madly in love." Kaito blushed, then he laughed.

"Well, that makes it two of us."

"Yes, that it does."

Actually, the story doesn't end here. Shinichi and Kaito are after all under the help of Pandora, but for us, this story has ended. These two live on for another century, or maybe more, but that, is for them to decide on themselves.

The End.

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