Author's note. Just a story I've been thinking of doing for quite some time, it's all about the problems of transformer reproduction and contains my own version of how it works. At the very least, I think my versions original, if it isn't well, no matter.

Not to be taken too seriously, this is more light hearted then my other current G1 story "Breaking Free". Several characters are related to one another, this will be explained in later chapters. Those of you who have read "Breaking Free", will see that in this Story Megatron is not a total bastard, I'm making him much less evil.

Just so you know, the term Sparked can refer to a Spark actually being made or a Sparkling being born. Hope this makes sense.

Anyway, enjoy and please review.

Megatron tried hard not to yell as he glared sternly at the two Seekers standing sheepishly in front of his desk. He had had a feeling that the day wasn't going to end well from the moment he had risen from his berth. Beside him, Starscream wore an expression of resignation. He had accompanied his trine mates to Megatron's office and the second Megatron saw his face, he knew it was not good.

And he had been right.

"What did you say?" he asked Skywarp, hoping that he had misheard. The purple and black Seeker grinned guiltily and repeated what he had said a moment ago.

"I'm pregnant."

Skywarp was with Sparkling, courtesy of his mate Thundercracker. Megatron briefly wondered how it had happened. Seekers had very large sexual appetites, he knew that but in all the yorns he had known them, neither had produced a Sparkling. Of course Transformers did not reproduce on the same scale as organics did, none the less it was surprising that this little problem had never arisen before. It seemed that up until now, the two Seekers had been very careful. That was why Megatron was wondering, what had changed.

He supposed it must have been an accident as they were meant to ask him or at least Starscream if they were planning one. However as it had happened, accident or not, the question was what was going to happen now?

"Sir" Thundercracker began, hesitant but determined. "We want to keep this Sparkling. We don't want a termination."

Megatron nodded, he wasn't really surprised. He didn't really consider a military place a suitable home for a Sparkling but he had no real reason apart from that to order a termination. Besides, chances were they'd Spark another one and the best humane method of preventing this was to allow them to have the first Sparkling. Having a Sparkling reduced the chances of them having another at least for a while as their systems would concentrate on caring for their child.

"I respect your wishes to keep this child, no doubt it will do moral good to have a Sparkling around" Megatron said causing the Seekers to sigh in relief. Megatron had not finished, however.

"However, as you are undoubtedly aware, there is a problem."

"There are no Femmes on this base" Starscream said quietly. This wasn't strictly true as there were the two Cassettes Ravage and Laserbeck but was obvious reason they would not be able to help. Why were Femmes needed? It was simple.

Unlike the organics that inhabited earth, transformer males are capable of producing children with other males. The same went for females and of course the two sexes could produce with each other. Creating a Sparkling involved bonding and interfacing where the two partners locked their Interface Ports together and joined Sparks and this would create a new Spark in the chest of one of the parents.

So what was the problem? The problem was that though it didn't matter which sex you produced a Spark with, Femmes were still the only ones built to house and carry a Sparkling. Mechs are completely incapable of doing so for reasons scientists were still trying to work out. The only exception to this rule were Split Sparks, Transformers given the gift of producing and housing their own Sparklings, the best example of this was Soundwave who had already produced six of his own creations. Split Sparks, however were very rare.

This meant that when a mech had a Spark in his chest, the only way for it to grow was to transfer it to a Femmes body and she would carry it. As there was a bigger percentage of Mech than Femmes, it meant that a single Femme would likely carry several Sparklings that were not her own. In fact there were, for some Femmes that was a job, to act as a carry for mech couples.

Mech's had the options of either going to a clinic or using a femme friend. In the case of a friend, the Femme would often be known affectionately as the Sparklings 'aunt' as she would still be a part of the child's life even after she had Sparked it.

It was strictly against the law to harm a carrying Femme as apart from anything else you could risk hurting the Sparkling of a friend. When war consumed their planet Optimus Prime and Megatron had actually sat down to discuss the problem of Sparklings and carrying Femmes. It was decided a clinic would be established in the heart of neutral territory where neutral or otherwise Femmes could still work as carriers. The clinic was a no go zone, neither side could attack it nor prevent couples going to have their Sparklings. Femmes were allowed to go there from both sides, to have Sparklings. So far the treaty had worked with Optimus Prime and Megatron both rigorously ensuring it continued.

In normal circumstances that would be where Skywarp and Thundercracker headed to pick a Femme who would have their child for them. But they weren't on Cybertron, they were on Earth and as everyone knew there were no suitable Decepticon Femmes who could carry. Ravage and Laserbeck could only carry their own Sparkling, they weren't built to house others.

"The Space Bridge is out of commission for the time being" Megatron stated. "And as you both know, it will not be fixed until it is too late for your Sparkling."

Thundercracker put an arm around his mate as Skywarp gave a sob of terror at the thought of losing his Sparkling. The Sparkling could not remain in his chest for long otherwise it would starve and die.

"There is only one option as I see it for you" Starscream said as his trine nodded slowly. They all knew what Starscream was going to say.

"There is one Femme with the Autobots, Prime's daughter Arcee. And though she is not considered a full Femme, she is old enough to carry."

He turned to Megatron with a very serious expression.

"We have no choice but to use her, the only question is, what shall we do with her?"

Megatron pondered the question. If they took Arcee they were then left with two options, keep her with them for her carrying period or let her go after she was impregnated. The two options had their own set of problems. Keeping her would mean they could watch her closely and ensure they received the child when it was born. However that meant looking after and feeding a Femme that was technically the enemy. There was also the issue of the Autobots who would not take kindly to this arrangement and who repeatedly try to rescue their Femme. But letting her go would mean the child could end up in the care of the enemy if for some reason the Deceptcions weren't able to take it. That was why enemy Femmes were never used, there was a great risk of the child being lost and brought up on the other side.

But as Megatron saw it, that didn't really apply on Earth, both factions knew exactly where the other were so really keeping her had no real advantage. Optimus Prime wouldn't deny the Seekers their child in any case.

Megatron gazed sternly at his Seekers as he said.

"We will assist you in acquiring your Femme, however once the Spark has taken, she will be released."

The two Seekers looked anguished at the thought of letting the Femme carrying their child out of their sights. Megatron sighed.

"It is the Autobot's duty not ours to feed her, I don't mind an extra mouth but it must be a Decepticon. The Autobots have a highly skilled Medic who will look after her and your Sparkling."

Before they could protest anymore, Megatron added.

"I am already dreading the conversation I will have with Optimus Prime regarding his daughter without the fact we are holding her prisoner."

"TC, Warp, your Sparkling will do better if its carrier is not stressed" Starscream added gently. "The Autobots will look after her until she is ready to Spark and then we will take her back and you can witness your Sparkling's birth."

The two Seekers nodded, this satisfied them. Of course Arcee would be freed once she had delivered their Sparklings, it was taboo to kill a carrier after she had just Sparked.

"We will have to come up with a good plan for spiriting her away" Starscream pointed out. "We cannot risk the Autobots finding out and chasing us, it must be too late for them to do anything about it once they discover what we're up too."

Megatron nodded, agreeing with his Second, it must be planned carefully.

"Warp's staying here" Thundercracker said firmly. "I won't have him risking the Sparkling, he needs to be ready the moment she's brought back to the base."

They all agreed with this and Megatron summoned Soundwave to come and join them in order to work out a failsafe plan. If it worked, by this time tomorrow Arcee would be carrying the next generation of Seeker.

Author's note. Just to assure everyone, there is going to be no rape or anything of that sort in my story. The Transfomers have a humane method of transferring a Spark and that's what will be used on Arcee. Next chapter, the plan is put into operation.