He was a part of her and everyone else's horribly warped and dellusioned imagionation.

Those who were emotionally trapped and stressed beyond all releif or reality saw him. They had no hope or truly rational thought left within them, so they were delt with via the golden bat-weilding juvinile on inline skates. Lil' Slugger. Though violent, the assaults more often than not led to small improvment in the victims lives. Some belived him to be a supernatual force, rather than an actual being, driven to rescue to desperate souls in times of great crises from their tragedies through violence.

He'd begun to take the shape of what those who beleived in him imagined him to be. Everyone of their twisted, terrified thoughts helped to build and feed the fire that was Lil' Slugger.

She was silent; even more silent than the air around her, as was he. Tsukiko's lips hovered near his breifly, longing for and fearful of him. His bat had remained at his side, clutched tightly in his left hand.

She was a young girl once more, Lil' Slugger was but a year older than her. He was half an inch taller, as well; the settings around them? Nothing. They stood on some form of ground yes, but it held no grass no any type of flooring. It was just simply there. The color was best described as black, though it appeared to take on a blueish tone. Around them was just the same; nothing. There appeared to be a form of color, however, it wasn't simply black or white; it was a dark, pale blue sort of color. It was all very confusing.

Slugger leaned downward more, inching closer to her face.

Their lips met.

Her eyes remained open at first, wide and startled, but closed just as soon when she accepted it.

When she closed her eyes, she felt him, his lips, his body pressing against hers. She didn't see anything, or course. As much as she wanted to open her eyes again to see, she didn't, for she knew it'd be like any other time. He's disappear, and she'd be in the real world again. That's what always happened.

Minutes passed, and she became desperate. Maybe this time, he'd stay. Maybe this time would be different.

Alas, when she opened her eyes, the boy did vanish. She was an adult again, laying in her bed.

Truly, all Lil' Slugger ever was, was a paranormal figment of Tsukiko's imagination, created souly from her fear and guilt. He had been brought to life by her, in an attempt to escape reality and her own responsibilities, and, as mentioned previously, nurtured and fed like a fire by the foolish and fearful populace.

She was in love with her own creation. Strange as it was, it was the only thing she was sure of that actually was reality.

Reality really was stranger than fiction.