Chapter 1: Give Me Grandchildren

''Nahh'' Jason moaned out as his best friend Adam nibbled his earlobe. '' hurts'' Jason said as Adam went for Jason's neck. As Jason and Adam was busy in Jason's bedroom. Charlie and S.T.A.N came home from another exciting Aaron Stone adventure. ''Phew man Helix is full of suprises right S.T.A.N'' Charlie said as he took a coke. The android nodded as he heard Jason. ''My sensors are picking up a high level of pleasure coming from your brothers room'' S.T.A.N said as he went to Jason's room with Charlie right behind him. Charlie pressed his ear against the door. His eyes went wide as he heard his brother moan.

''Adam what if Charlie comes home and finds out'' Jason said. ''What, that his baby bro is gay for the rich boy in school'' Adam said as Charlie heard some kissing. And with that Charlie had enough. ''JASON WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING'' Charlie yelled as he slammed the door to Jason's room. Jason pulled away from Adam in a flash. ''Charlie it's not what it seems'' Jason said. Charlie eyed the bite marks on his neck. ''Then explain the bitemarks on your neck '' Charlie said. Jason covered the bitemarks with his hand. ''Charlie pleas whatever you do don't tell mom'' Jason said. ''Sorry Jase I have too mom doesn't like when we keep secrets from eachother'' Charlie said. Jason's eyes widened. ''Don't tell mom or else I will tell everyone in school that you are Aaron Stone'' Jason threated.

''You wouldn't even dare Jason'' Charlie said as he raised a fist, ready to punch Jason any minute. Adam went between the fighting Landers brothers. ''Jase he is not worth it'' Adam said. Jason smiled. But that smile died as his mom came in his room. ''Jason what in the world is this supposed to mean ?'' Mrs. Landers asked her son. Jason felt the tears burning under his eyelids. ''I am terribly sorry mom'' Jason whispered out.

Adam's POV

I only stood there, watching Jason cry because his mom found out about us. I wrapped my arms around him, comforting him and whispering comforting words into his ear. But then Mrs. Landers smiled. ''Aww baby don't worry I approve your relationship but only in one condition'' Mrs. Landers said as she looked at her son. ''And what would it be?'' Jason carefully asked his mom. ''You give me grandchildren'' Mrs. Landers said as she. Charlies jaw dropped to the ground. I pictured me and Jason sitting on a bench in the park and our future son playing in the playground and Jason laying his hand on his pregnant stomach, smiling as we shared a kiss. (A/N: Yes people this story contains Mpreg. I like it so sue me.) I smiled as I nodded and catched Jason in a kiss.

I could hear Charlie make fake gag noises and Mrs. Landers aww-ing in the background.