Bridget Hennessey was asleep god knew how she had done it but all of the crying over the death of her father had tired her out so much that she had passed out on the couch in the living room. Bridget had been in pieces all day at her father's funeral as people he had worked with, his friends, his colleagues and her own family told her that they where sorry for her loss but she couldn't shake the truth the fact that the last time she had spoken to her father they had argued the last thing she had said to him was that she hated him even though she didn't she had been angry with him and had said it in the spur of the moment. In her dream she was in a white room alone when she heard a voice behind her.

"Bridge" the voice said and she turned round to see her dad

"Daddy" she said with tears in her eyes and hugged him

"Hey" he said softly "enough of the tears Bridge"

"I'm sorry daddy" she sobbed

"Why are you sorry Bridge?" Paul said

"Because the last time I spoke to you" Bridget said and the rest of what she said dissolved into tears and sobs

"Bridge I know you didn't mean it" Paul said "just because you say something when your mad doesn't mean that I don't know you love me Bridge"

"But dad" she tried to interrupt

"Bridge I have said things in my life I didn't mean" Paul said "but it doesn't mean I meant it Bridge"

"Why did you have to die daddy" she whispered into his shoulder "why did you have to leave us we need you dad"

"It was my time Bridge" he said "it was my time to go"

"But I need you more dad" she said "I need you to look after me still"

"Your a big girl now Bridge" Paul said smiling at her softly "my big, smart, brave girl Bridge you don't need me anymore Bridge"

"But I do dad" she said "I have so much more I need you for, to be able to see me graduate college, to walk me down the aisle when I marry, to meet your grandchild and to look after mom there is still so much more I need you to do for me dad"

"Your not pregnant are you?" Paul said with a small smile and Bridget laughed despite herself

"No" she said and Paul kissed the top of her head

"I will always be watching over you Bridge" Paul said "you, Kerry, Rory and your mom and I know that's not enough Bridge but that is all I can do now but I will love you all of you always Bridge"

"I love you two dad" Bridget said and his kissed the top of her head.

Then the dream ended