With the rain still lashing, and the rivulets still gushing, the girl continued on her way. Bear still clenched, thumb still sucked. Eyes still wondering, feet still meandering. She walked, the hand not grasping at the old, moth-eaten bear held close to her face trailed along the dusty walls of the back alleys, the small hand snagging every so often on a protruding nail, a brick, a weed. No desired destination, the small girl opted for the safer, easier to come by goal of going nowhere. A place no one wanted to go, a place where she found solitude. The night was dark, as were all nights watched by the small girl, but this one was wet – too. Shivering, she stopped. She paused. Looking around, she noticed she had found a place not explored before, the bricks looked old. Older than the others. Spinning around, the insubstantial fibres of her dress whipping around her, she noticed another new alleyway. An old one, again. This one had more weeds than the others, she pondered as she watched light from the moon bounce off the dying weeds, splashing into puddles that showed her her reflection: hollow eyes, taut smile.

Trailing her fingers once again along the sandy walls of the vacant houses, ignoring the small spasms of pain as her fingers brushed against tougher rock, tearing the delicate skin of her hand, she didn't stop. The rain had ceased, along with the constant black that accompanied the luminous white of the moon's dazzling glow. She paused, looking up at the thin strip of dawn that greeted her from between the old architecture. The stars had gone, too. Humming softly she skipped to the end of the narrow alleyway, eyeing the welcoming glow of which she spied. Only to be greeted with a sneer.

Bouncing off the rotund belly, apologising profusely, she sped off in another direction. The man caught her by the arm. Turning around, eyes wide in shock, in dismay, she swallowed in his profile. A blue uniform. She smiled, he returned the gesture. Wiggling free of his tight grasp, she carried on her way, the smile still stretched across her face. She was still smiling when the bullet lodged itself in her heart.


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