Oh boy, I'm hyper. Hyperactivity makes for garbage fanfic. Sort of goes with 'Wash Before Wear' but I'm publishing it as a separate fic.

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"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain!" Hoagie cried, scrambling up the macaroni-yellow tube slide. Abby rolled her eyes and rubbed at her temples. Despite his promise, he'd been sneaking candy the whole night, and now she was paying for it. As much as she loved Halloween, the insanity the free candy wreaked with Hoagie nearly killed her every year. Figuratively, of course.

From her perch atop the railing of the double slide, she hollered loudly, "It's not raining, ya nutcase! Knock it off!" Her irritated and slightly amused tones echoed deafeningly inside the tunnel he had taken shelter in. If he was even slightly taken aback, he didn't show it as he clambered out, screaming, "Paratroops, over the side!" as he jumped off the playground and rolled in military fashion.

Abby watched him, exasperated. Part of her disapproved, but another desperately wanted to join him in his sugar-induced immaturity. She couldn't take him home like this; Tommy would film it and put it on the internet. Her only solution was to let him wear himself out. And perhaps eat some of her own candy while she waited. I don't know why I get myself into these messes, Abby thought, sighing at her boyfriend.

Suddenly, Hoagie appeared from behind her, having crawled silently up the slide. An amazing feat, considering he hadn't been quiet for the last hour. Startled, the normally graceful teenager fell off the railing and into his surprised arms. They blinked at each other a few times before his face split into a grin and he laughed madly.

"Heya Abby! I think I've finally figured out what you are!" he said triumphantly, skidding down the plastic and onto the woodchips, his girlfriend holding onto his shirt for dear life. His recklessness shouldn't have shocked her. But Abby should have known that even in a candy-coated hyper haze, he wouldn't let her get hurt. She placed her hands on her hips as her sneakers touched the ground.

"What on earth ya talkin' bout, boy?!"

Hoagie spun around in circles with his arms out as he answered. "You're magic! Did you know that? Huh, did ya, did ya, did ya?"

Abby chuckled. "And how do ya figure that?" she called out to him, as he had twirled himself across the playground.

Hoagie stopped spinning and ran back to her, still brimming with energy as he bounced from foot to foot, eager to run or jump or fly. "'Cause you're magic." He said simply. Abby didn't know how it would be possible to argue with that. She wasn't going to get a better answer out of him, might as well roll with it. She shrugged and grabbed his shoulders, crushing her lips against his. She grinned cheekily at him when she pulled back.

"Alright, Abby's magic. What's that make Hoagie?"

Hoagie rolled his eyes at her, like a child explaining technology to a parent who just didn't get it. "A refrigerator magnet. Duh, Abs."

That...was dumb. But I liked writing it. I dumped a Pixie Stick in my Coke and this was born. Review?

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