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Chapter 1 – Orion Basil Thatcher

Lily wasn't sure what made her act so rashly. Usually she thought things out carefully and took such a long time deciding things, that she usually over thought things rather than acting on impulse. Oh how she wished that were the case now. But when Severus had said those things… oh it had just made her so, so mad!

Mudblood. Her childhood friend, the one person she had trusted and relied in all these years had referred to her as dirty blood, something on a lesser level than house elves, more like a mindless animal or cattle. She had only been trying to help him, defending him like he had helped her when Petunia got in one of her spiteful moods. But he had rejected her help. Practically spat in her face for it.

She had known that Severus and her had been growing apart when he had begun hanging out with Dolohov and Malfoy, but she hadn't realized it had gotten this bad. It wasn't her fault; really, he had shrugged off her attempts to speak with him this last summer. But she was to blame for not pursuing and insisting to tend to his bruises.

But while they may be both at fault for their friendship's current state, or rather, lack thereof, it was her own fault for her current situation. Damn it, she couldn't ignore the thing in front of her anymore… both the muggle contraption and magical potion revealed the same thing, she, Lily Evans at age sixteen, was pregnant.

Okay, Lily thought. Let's think this through. She had been mad at Severus for what he said, so in order to spite him, she had finally given into Potter's advances and proceeded to get pregnant? It certainly wasn't the wisest of situations, but that was her current predicament. Lily was actually quite lucky that it was summer still, because she was able to do research on how to handle her… problem.

Abortion was not the solution. Lily, while not necessarily a devout Christian, still believed that killing a life was not going to be the magic wand to clear all her problems away – figuratively or literally. But she still wasn't ready to deal with a child… she was still in school, apprenticeships, and had her whole life ahead of her. Not to mention that she wasn't sure how the wizarding world dealt with a "scarlet woman". From her experience thus far, the wizarding world was actually quite traditional and her action would be detrimental to both Potter and herself.

Seeing that the solution wasn't just going to land in front of her, and not really desiring to sit on the toilet seat for any longer, Lily disposed of both articles into a plastic garbage bag and knotted it shut before cracking open the bathroom door. Seeing that neither her parents nor Tuny were nearby, she quietly went down the stairs before opening the front door into the evening twilight. Inhaling deeply, before finally allowing her shoulders to slump, Lily trudged over to the trash can and lifted the lid before chucking the vile bag into its depths.

Lily then reentered the house and climbed the stairs before gently opening the door to her room and plopping face first onto her bed. What would she do? Lily thought in despair. She indisputably had a bun cooking in the oven, so to speak, and about eight months or so before another witch or wizard was added to the population. Lily was not one to stick about and mope, and thus, after an hour of staring blankly at the ceiling, she stood and went to rummage about in her trunk for one of her spell books. Then, with the mantra of, "I am a Gryffindor. I will be brave," continuing in her head, Lily began to read.

The next month passed slowly as Lily continued to mull over various possible solutions. She had managed to get a job in Diagon Alley which served its purpose twofold in one, getting money to support her child no matter what she decided to do with it… no, him – or her. It also gave Lily access to a plethora of reading material, because her place of employment was at Flourish and Blotts. While not on the same level as Hogwarts' own library, here Lily was able to browse and look at books without Madam Pince hovering over her shoulder or the cataloging system able to track the books being handled.

Another dead end, she thought with some dissatisfaction as she snapped the book shut and shelved it in its proper place. She had finally decided to cast some sort of disillusionment charm or potion; it would solve the problem of other people knowing of her actions, and it would also keep the child out of sight until they were born. Charms and potions were her strongest subjects, and thus the obvious choice, but the problem was that so much magic could not be performed on the growing embryo without causing damage.

Lily reached for another book on the cart behind her. Normally this job could be done easily by magic, but since it was a slow day, the owner of the shop didn't mind if she did it manually. Even the spell that sent the books whizzing to their proper places made mistakes sometimes, or so Graham Chapman claimed. However, the man was very forgetful, and thus this didn't surprise Lily in the slightest as the charm was only as good as its caster.

Glumly she reeled her mind back toward the task at hand. The book she had grabbed was thin, black, and leather bound, but without title. Upon opening it to the table of contents, the expression of boredom and stress melted off of Lily's face as a victorious smirk replaced it. Patience paid off, as it usually did.

The remaining months of summer passed quickly, and Lily realized with growing horror that a medium sized bump was beginning to form on her lower abdomen. Nothing really noticeable if someone didn't know what to look for, and easily hidden by robes or explained away as a few too many chocolate frogs. Lily and Potter had done the deed in April, already nearly five months ago. Lily still couldn't wrap her mind around what had controlled her actions – sure hormones may have played a small role, but Lily still thought of the fellow Gryffindor as Potter, the immature boy chasing after the one thing he could not have. It had been after spring break, and her poor, poor Severus had been pranked… No, he was not hers, never would be, Lily realized. Severus and Lily had chosen separate paths, and it would be best if she would just think of him as Snape from now on. He had spoken irreversible words, and the damage was done. That couldn't be fixed now.

Lily was returning to Hogwarts tomorrow, which was both a terrifying thought and a relief. How would she continue to practice her magic and potions without accidentally causing herself or her baby harm? What would happen should someone figure out about her baby? In the muggle world, she may be looked down upon, but with a traditionalist wizarding world, would she be kicked out of school? The one thing Lily was really looking forward to was being able to finally cast the illusion spell. The black book she had nicked from Flourish and Blotts had a bunch of useful spells, but since she wasn't seventeen yet, they had been of little use so far. It was a shame she hadn't been able to use any of them for her first trimester – morning sickness had absolutely sucked, and hiding it from her parents hadn't been easy. Tuny had found her spewing her guts into the toilet bowl, but had merely assumed it was alcohol after a late night out. Thankfully she hadn't said anything, and Lily could only wish that that was the only problem she had.

Either way, it was time to face her sixth year of Hogwarts.

The months had passed slowly, oh so slowly. The first kick during defense against the dark arts had been shocking, and when Lily had dropped her wand in shock and clutched her stomach, she had nearly given herself away. Her baby was moving! But she easily waved it off as stomach cramps to her professor, hinting at a feminine monthly problem, which this most certainly was – just not what the blushing man assumed it to be.

Halloween passed and the leaves dropped as the temperature began to fall. Swollen feet were accompanied by odd cravings for coffee flavored ice cream and broiled fish, the first of which was satisfied by propping her feet up on an ottoman while she studied and the second was fulfilled down in the house elf kitchens late on Wednesday evenings or early on Saturday mornings, or whenever the mood struck her. If the strong charm had not been in place, billowing robes would not have solved her predicament. As it was, when James had asked her to the school dance, she had been hard pressed to find a good excuse as to why she had to refuse. Charms could only hide so much.

So instead she had suggested Hogsmede. Why she had done it, Lily wasn't quite sure. The past summer had caused a change in James. Just as abruptly as she had cut Sev-no, Snape from her life, James was suddenly there. And what she saw surprised her and caused a growing amount of fear – Lily Evans was falling for James Potter. He continued to trip over himself in order to hold open doors, and by golly, his cocky swagger would never cease; but he had matured. When she had asked (or rather given an ultimatum), he had stopped pranking Snape, something she never thought would – could – happen. Maybe their… act had caused James to rethink things – Lily certainly had.

Lily stood in front of the mirror in the sixth year girl dorms while straightening her robes. In some ways, Lily wished that sixth year students were eligible for head boy and girl. It truly would have been ideal for dealing with the baby, but life just didn't always cooperate.

Now, Christmas break was here, and frankly, Lily thought it had not come soon enough. She was going home for the holidays as staying at Hogwarts to be scrutinized by professors for her every action was not something she really desired. Going down the stairs, Lily met James standing by the bottom, and together they continued out to the Hogwarts express to grab a compartment together with Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

Lily's water broke. No, she thought desperately, it was too early. A month too early. Just one more month and she would be able to legally practice magic – she had made a not-quite-so-legal potion that would temporarily stall the ministry's detection spells, now she would be forced to use it. The date was December thirty-first, New Year's Eve, and she had been planning to spend it with friends in Hogsmede. In fact, she had been just ready to hold out her wand and summon the Nightbus. Now, she thought with dry humor, she needed to summon a taxi to the hospital instead. Any other night, any other day would have been preferable, but Lily supposed she should just count her blessings that Tuny was off with that Vernon Darnley – no, Dusty, Duey? Anyway, Tuny was out, and her parents were off enjoying a Shakespeare, if Lily recalled correctly.

She stumbled into the house as another tremor shook her body and she grasped for the phonebook and called the first number she saw. Her vision was cut off as she clenched her eyes closed… she was being torn in two by these friggin contractions! She had read that the pain was immense, but words simply could not describe. Why was the bloody taxi service not answering? Surely the phone had rung several times by now…

" 'Ello, this is Union Jack's Pub and Pizzeria, today's special is-"

"Do you do delivery?" Lily gasped as pain wracked her body again.

"Yes ma'am, it is an additional –"

"I need you to get to this address right now to take me to a bloody hospital," Lily barked as she cut the man off again and quickly rattled off the address before slamming the receiver down and scrambling to collect her savings she had collected over the past summer. Five minutes later the doorbell rang and a nervous teen of about eighteen stood shifting from foot to foot on her front step.

"Ma'am, you said you needed to get to a hospital…?" he started before trailing off. This boy had the nerve to ogle her!

"Shove off, I'm in friggin labor and I called the first number I saw in the phonebook. Now please, can we go?" Lily said as she brushed past the teen and sat in the passenger seat.

The next hours passed in a hazy blur of pain and calm voices murmuring that everything would be alright. Lily only recalled the final push and the minutes passing before a quiet cry rang through the room as she succumbed to sleep.

When Lily woke again, she felt as though her eyelids were made of lead, that she had lost about twenty pounds, and that James was going to kill her for – Lily sat up abruptly as her memories of the previous night flooded back. She frantically searched around the room for her child. With a start, she realized she still did not know the gender of her baby, and that she was still so disoriented that if You-Know-Who were to barge into the room, she would probably offer him tea and biscuits.

A nurse entered the ward and gently placed a hand upon Lily's forehead while checking all of her vitals. Only when she was assured the Lily was indeed alright, just peachy in fact, did she answer her questions. A beautiful baby boy – tiny from being born a month early, but already with a black fuzz coating the top of his head. Born at 11:59 as the year ended. Striking green eyes. "Actually miss, they're just like yours. Stunning emerald shade, although it is quite unusual for a baby's eyes to be a color other than blue…" Seeing Lily's anxious look, the nurse smiled softly while giving a light cluck. She returned with a small body wrapped in a blue blanket.

He was beautiful… A wrinkly and red, but utterly gorgeous baby, and all hers. Reality hit her as sleepy eyes cracked open and she stared into a face equally Lily Evans and James Potter. Sadness unlike anything she had felt previously overwhelmed her as she realized that this could not last. He had to go to the orphanage, like she had planned months and months ago. It had been so easy then, when the boy she had been thinking about was still a shapeless thing without a face. Not part of her and man she was just growing to (dare she think it) love. He still needed a name though…

Harry, Lily immediately thought. It was the name that came up when she and James had tentatively spoken of the future, after Hogwarts. James Potter, if she interpreted the signals correctly, intended to marry her somewhere in her future. While their night of passion had resulted in the little infant in her arms, James was typically more like his traditional pureblood background. Not a blood purist, but still – things were done in a certain order in his mind. Their actions seemed to cause James to look deep within himself – something Lily doubted he would have done anytime soon if that had been avoided.

But not now, and this child in her arms would never be officially acknowledged as their child. Damn the wizarding world for the Victorian method of thinking. They were so advanced – marriage could transcend sexes and species, even age wasn't a terribly big issue because witches and wizards could live to be two hundred. Dumbledore when compared with this upper age limit was still a spring chicken! But, Lily thought grimly, something somewhat common in the muggle world, a baby before marriage, was severely shunned.

This child couldn't be her Harry. He could have nothing directly connecting him to either the Potters or the Evans, and that included the name Harry. As Lily pondered the name of the infant in her arms, the pizza delivery boy that had driven her in the previous night nervously stepped into her room. "Ahh, ma'am, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay…" his voice trailed as he saw the black tuft of hair poking out from the bundle in Lily's arms.

"This gentleman stayed the entire night… You're both quite young to be a couple, but the best of luck to you. Quite the devotion between the two of you..." the nurse said before mumbling the last bit to herself as she left the room to the "happy couple".

The boy's face blushed a bright red as he realized the implications that the nurse had just uttered. Lily merely laughed at his embarrassment, and said, "Thank you for bringing me here last night – I'm not sure what other numbers I would have attempted dialing in my desperation to get to a hospital. I'm Lily Evans, by the way. About time we had proper introductions."

"Terry Thatcher, ma'am. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I've never seen a, well…"

"Woman in labor? I'm afraid we can be rather ferocious and unreasonable. Again, I can't thank you enough for what you've done. Take this, you certainly deserve it after staying with some crazy woman and risking your job by skipping the rest of the night," Lily said while handing over a portion of her summer's earnings to Terry Thatcher. He grinned before giving a strange half-bow, half-head bob as he backed out of the room and bumped into some object in his path as he continued down the hall to the elevator.

Now what to name her green-eyed beauty… Nothing directly related to either her or James' families, but the closest thing she could think to do was honor both by connecting the boy in her arms to their friends. James' best friend was Sirius, and certainly would have been the infant's godfather had he waited to be born in another three years. Sirius was one of the hemisphere's constellations and was more of a traditional pureblood name. Perhaps Orion? He was a great hunter in Greek mythology. Her little hunter, her beautiful Orion, Lily decided. For a second name she would tie it back to one of her best friends. Immediately Lily's mind was drawn to Sev - no, Snape. Although his memory brought pain and betrayal, it also brought warmth and fondness for lazy summer afternoons. It was through him that Lily had discovered her affinity with potions. Not nearly on the same level as him, but all the same…

Basil, Lily decided. The Evans had a certain fondness for plant names (flowers usually, but since her little Orion was a boy, that would be just cruel), and this spice was sometimes used as a potion ingredient – something to tie her childhood friend to her son. And now for a surname – Thatcher, Lily decided with a grin. Named for two best friends and a pizza delivery boy, that was her precious Orion Basil Thatcher. And with that final thought, Lily left the muggle hospital with a few well placed confundous charms – she was just so glad she had followed the boy scouts' motto of "always be prepared". Being able to use magic for the next twenty-four hours undetected was going to be a life send…

Several hours later, Lily stood in front of an orphanage in the White chapel district. Orion was sleeping contentedly in her arms and she placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before lowering his tightly bundled form onto the orphanage step. The blanket had several warming charms on it and several security spells that would hopefully provide her little boy with comfort as he grew older. She had written on a spare piece of parchment the name, "Orion Basil Thatcher," and then safety pinned it to the blanket so that the matrons would know his name.

Her job was done, but before leaving, Lily looked back and attempted to engrain the scene eternally into her mind. Then, she turned and walked a few blocks before summoning the Nightbus. Two hours and many explanations to her boyfriend, friends, and family later, Lily raised her wand to her temple and tearfully muttered, "Obliviate."

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