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"Elli could you come help me for a second?" Bella called looking across the debris filled yard at her 16 year old daughter. Elli had long brown hair with natural blonde highlights. It hung straight down from her shoulders. She had grown into a very beautiful young woman. Elli was standing next to Aiden who even though only 14 stood nearly six foot tall and was filled out generously with muscle.

"Sure just a sec," Elli replied setting down the garbage bag she held in her hands. She ran towards Bella. "What do you need Mom?"

Bella handed Elli the dishes she had gathered from the tables across the yard. "Just could you pick up the rest of the dishes off the tables and bring them inside the house for me?"

Elli quickly took up where Bella had left off. "Where are you going?"

"I'm just going to see how your dad is doing with the food tents. Last time I left him to do that by himself it took me nearly an hour to get him untangled. Bella rolled her eyes at Elli and Elli gave a short laugh.

"Figures! Dad never was one to clean up!" Then it was Bella's turn to laugh.

As she passed Aiden she spoke to him. "Finish up here then, help your brother bring the presents inside."

"But Zoey and Carter are already helping him!" Aiden's face looked shocked that Bella would ask him to help with such a thing.

Bella looked at the presents table and sure enough her 12 year old son and 11 year old daughter were lugging gifts into the house through the patio door. Bella returned her attention to Aiden and she rose one eyebrow in a do-you-want-to-test-me glare.

"Yeah, yeah, help Mason got it." Aiden mumbled and picked up some more trash putting it into the bag. Bella picked up a napkin, crumpled it and softly threw it so it hit Aiden directly in the forehead. Bella continued toward the food tent.

Aiden turned to Elli. "Yo, Elli! How come mom never throws anything at you?"

She looked back at him. "Because I don't talk back, you might want to try it sometime. It may come in handy."

Aiden gave her a wistful smile. "Where's the fun in that?" She shook her head and moved into the house to put the dirty dishes from the party in the sink.

Bella had reached the tent outside that earlier had contained a ton of catered food. Now it had thoroughly been cleaned out. "Hey Edward, how's it going?" She moved to him and unlatched a hook. The tent began to unfold itself how it was supposed to.

"How did you do that? I've been looking for that for 10 minutes now." She just smiled and kissed him shortly on the lips.

"I'm magic." Just then a giggle came from the table near them.

They both looked over to find their 5yr old covering her mouth with her hand to smother her giggles. "Kissing is icky. Daddy says it gives you germs!" Kammi stated coming out from her post and moving to Bella.

Kammi was slightly small for her age but what she lacked in height she made up for in fight. She didn't give in easily, yet she pulled off Daddy's little girl perfectly.

Bella scooped her up into her arms and held her on one hip. "Is that so?"


Bella looked at Kammi and then at Edward. He finished pulling down the tent so that it lay flat on the ground in a heap. "What? She's five. I have enough concerns about Elli and boys, I don't need to worry about her too!" Bella just laughed and shook her head. Kammi was their youngest daughter. Edward was protective over Elli so she didn't even want to imagine how he would be with Kammi later.

She looked back to Kammi. "Are you helping Daddy?"

"Yep we were taking down the tent Mommy! Daddy said once it was on the ground I could help put it back in the box."

Bella slowly let Kammi slide back down to the ground. "Ok well you help Daddy finish, but then you need to go in the house and get ready to take a bath. It's almost bedtime."

"Okay Momma!" She stated as she ran and began gathering the various poles.

"Edward you wouldn't happen to know where Nathan and Justin are, would you?" I haven't seen those two in a while." Nathan and Justin were 8 year old twins and created more mischief than all the other siblings combined. Granted they were good kids, they just spent way too much time with their Uncle Emmett. And to top it off, Emmett had fun teaching them things that no 8 year old should know.

"No actually I don't, which probably isn't a good thing. It never is with those two." Edward answered picking up another piece.

Bella began back towards the house. "Well I'll see if I can't find them. They've got to be around some place."

"What about Cooper? Have you seen him?" Edward asked as he began to roll up the tent.

"Yeah he's in the jumper."


"Well it appears he really likes it. Since it is his birthday after all I didn't have the heart to make him get out yet." She explained. Cooper had just turned 3. He had a countless amount of energy and never quit moving. At least, being in the jumper kept him in one place.

For Cooper's big birthday bash the Cullen's had hosted a party for not only their entire family but 20 other three year olds and their families as well. The party had ended 45 minutes ago and the family was currently trying to clean up the aftermath. The jumper was one of those big, blow-up inflatable trampolines they had ordered for the day. This specific one looked like a giant castle from the outside.

"He's going to have to get out soon. The truck will be picking it up in the morning and they said it has to be completely deflated." Edward said as a reminder.

"I know I'm getting there." Bella called back in response before looked to see Mason, Elli, Aiden, Carter, and Zoey sitting in a few patio chairs. They had finished the presents and garbage. Bella walked up to them. "What's going on here?"

"We were only taking a break for a second Mom." Aiden said exasperatedly.

Bella moved behind Zoey and started playing with her hair. "Okay, geez. I'm not a Nazi. It's just the faster we clean up the faster we can get inside and do something else."

"Mom we get that, but it's a lot of work just to tear down. And Cooper over there just bounces around while the rest of us slave away." Carter complained looking at the jumper with jealousy.

Mason sitting across form Carter snorted in laughter. "Dude he's 3. We can't expect to keep his attention for more than 5 minutes much less actually get him to do something productive." Mason was tall just like Aiden only not so built. Yes he had muscle but he was more toned than body-builder. Mason was very popular with girls with his cute face and features. However, he was off the market. He had a girlfriend and they had been dating for nearly two years now.

"I know we can't but it's still not fair." Mason smiled at his younger brother.

"I know man, but you help and I'll take you to the arcade tomorrow." Mason was a very understanding brother and boy in general. He did what he could to keep everyone happy.


"Yeah but we better finish the yard before mom has a coronary over there." All the kids turned to their mother. Bella had been staring into space and stopped when she felt the eyes on her. They all laughed.

"What?" Bella was clueless to their laughter.

"Nothing mom. We are just going to finish up, so what do you need us to do?" Elli asked.

Bella looked around at what was left to do. Amazingly enough there wasn't much. "Well Zoey and Carter, you two can take down the banner and get the signs and balloons from the front yard. That should finish decorations. Elli, could you fold up all the table cloths and put them away? And then Aiden and Mason get the furniture stacked up and back into the shed." They all began their prospective jobs. Bella sighed. "And I'm going to tackle Cooper."

With that she walked to the jumper. "Cooper it's time to get out!" She yelled through the netting to get his attention. She could see him bouncing.

"NO!" He continued jumping not even flinching by her order.

"I know you don't want to bud, but it's time to go inside and get ready for bed." She tried to use her nicest voice but Cooper wasn't having it.

"NO!" He cried again now running in circles.

"Cooper it's bath time! I will even let you play before we wash your hair." Bella was trying her best.

"No thanks Mommy. I bouncing right now."

Bella sighed and leaned against the jumper. "Please Cooper just listen to me. I don't want to be mean to you on the day of your party." Cooper's birthday was actually on Thursday, today was Saturday.

"NO!" It seemed his vocabulary had lessened in the last few hours.

Bella was beginning to lose patience with her youngest child. "Cooper now! When I count to 3 you better be standing next to me mister! One….Two…..Three." She turned around and he was standing next to her, only he was on the wrong side of the net. She sighed heavily.

"What Mommy? I'm next to you." He gave her a wide toothy grin.

"Don't make me come in there and get you." She threatened.

"You can't!" Cooper's expression was smug.

"Oh really? And why can't I?"

"Because Daddy said adults aren't allowed!" He stuck out his tongue and began running and jumping around again.

Bella closed her eyes. "Oh my. He's not going to be fun when he's older." She mumbled to herself before calling out. "Elli, Mason, come here please!"

The kids had finished their jobs so all 5 of them came over to where Bella was standing. "Yeah mom?" Mason asked as they approached.

"Well I guess since you are all done, I will use all of you. Cooper won't come out and I can't go in and get him because your father told him adults weren't allowed. But since none of you are adults you're doing my dirty work. I don't care how you do it just get him out of there please." She finished.

They all took off their shoes and began climbing into it. From the beginning it was chaos. Cooper had them all played. Since he was so small he easily dodged through their legs, and he was fast. All of a sudden Cooper was frozen in the center not being followed by anyone. At the same time Mason and Aiden dodged for him. At the last second Cooper moved causing the two boys to clash into each other and fall backwards.

Elli and Zoey covered their mouths in shock with wide eyes as they gasped. Carter however, fell over as well, only his was because of laughter. "Man that was hilarious. I wish I had that on tape." He could barely speak he was laughing so hard. Both Aiden and Mason had covered their heads where they had collided and were muttering ows.

"Wait where did Cooper go?" Elli asked looking around and not seeing him. Within a second they were all running around trying to find him as well as catch him.

Outside Bella had watched the entire thing. Edward walked up beside her. "What's going on in there it looks like a circus of our children." Edward stated. He was holding Kammi's hand. She looked at the jumper and then back to her parents with a confused look.


Edward turned back to Kammi. "Yes darling?"

"Why not unplug it." Even Bella turned to stare at her now.

"What?" Edward asked confused. "Why?"

"Cause then it will not be bouncy anymore and Cooper will be stuck. He will have to come out like everyone else." They both looked at her surprised.

"That's a great idea Kam. Why didn't I think of that?" Bella thought out loud and Kammi giggled. Edward moved to where it was plugged into the generator and unhooked it. Quickly the air came out of it and the kids were trapped inside. They heard hysterical laughter from the other side and once the jumper was basically flat they could make out Cooper's form rolling on the ground.

It seemed that when no one was looking Cooper had crawled out of the jumper only on the opposite side so no one knew he was there. Quickly before he got up and ran again, Edward grabbed him off the ground and put him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"I got him!" Edward exclaimed as he moved back towards Bella.

"Well that's just great Dad. But seriously could you get us out of this thing before tomorrow." Aiden said with a lot of sarcasm.

Bella moved forward and found the door. She pulled it up so that the kids could maneuver out. One by one they climbed out and stood up. Elli pulled down her shirt and straightened her jeans and hair.

"What's wrong Barbie; got a hair out of place?" Aiden said moving around Elli.

"Shush, and no. I just don't want my hair to get icky. I just washed it this morning." She said glaring at him. They usually got along but Aiden liked to poke fun at her. "And how many times do I have to tell you to quit calling me Barbie. I have a name."

"At least once more, Barbie." Aiden replied with a huge grin. He ducked when she swatted aiming for his head.

"Mom! What time is it? I'm getting picked up to stay at Laurens at 8:00." Zoey interrupted.

Bella looked down at her watch. "It's a quarter after 7:00, you better go pack up." Zoey quickly left but Bella looked around. "Where in the world are Nathan and Justin. I haven't seen them in over an hour."

Just as she said this they came running from around the front of the house. "Mom, Mom! We didn't mean to I swear! Please don't ground us! It was an accident!" Both of them were screaming as they came in front of Bella and stopped panting for breath.

"Whoa hold on. You have to explain what you did before I can decide whether or not to ground you." She calmly explained.

Now the twins had everybody's attention. "We kind of smooshed Mrs. Bethel's roses." Nathan explained sheepishly.

Bella and Edward's eyes grew. "You did what!?" Bella's voice was no longer quite so calm. "We just fixed her hedges last week. What were you doing?"

"We were climbing the tree that overlaps her yard and ours." Justin said really fast probably hoping Bella wouldn't catch everything but she did.

"The tree your father and I told you two not to climb?"

"Well yeah but uncle Emmett said he's give us each 20 dollars if we got the Frisbee out of the top." Nathan said.

Bella sighed and shook her head. "I'm going to kill that brother of mine."

"Calm down Bella. Emmett only does that because he knows it makes you mad." Edward stated calmly putting his hands on her shoulders as he walked up behind her.

"But he's going to kill my children. That tree is nearly twenty feet tall."

"I know we will just have to talk to…"

"Mr. and Mrs. Cullen I need to speak with you!" Mrs. Bethel came around the house the same way the twins had moments before. She was a woman that was about their age however her demeanor was completely different. She was constantly crabby. No matter what they did to try to make her like them, she just didn't like a couple with 9 kids.

"Hello Mrs. Bethel it's very nice to see you today. Did you want some cake we have a ton left over from earlier." Bella tried to ease the impact of what was to come.

"Your little hoodlums ruined my rose bushes." She wasn't happy at all.

"Hold on. I understand you are upset but it's hardly fair to call them hoodlums. They are only eight years old." Bella's protective mom shield came up and she grabbed both Nathan and Justin's shoulders, bringing them closer to her.

"This is the third thing they've done in two weeks. I can call them anything I please."

"Mrs. Bethel now I understand that they haven't acted the best, but you do not have the right to disrespect me or my family. Especially not on my own property." Bella was very stubborn and wasn't about to give in.

Before Bella was able to speak again, Edward stepped forward and steeped in. "How much is it going to cost?" He pulled out his wallet from his back pocket.

"Each rose bush was 70 dollars and they killed 3 of them. Besides mine were in full bloom and I won't get any that beautiful again for a while."

"How about I give you 250 and we call it even." Edward said pulling out a few bills. He extended his hand and she took them. After counting out her sum she glared at both parents and walked away huffing.

"I swear, she comes over again and I'm really going to give her a piece of my mind." Bella was still fuming from the encounter.

"Bella calm down. We officially move out tomorrow so she really won't have a chance to." Edward tried to ease her tension. Bella and Edward still lived in the house they bought shortly after marriage. Yes it had 4 bedrooms and a master bedroom, but 5 rooms was hardly enough for 11 people. They bought some land about 10 minutes out of town. It was distanced from the city and surrounded by woods. The area was fairly secluded but very beautiful.

Bella and Edward worked with Jasper who owned a construction business, and designed their perfect home. It had been built and decorated over the last year and tomorrow they would be moving the last final things into it, along with actually starting to live there.

"I know I just don't understand how someone can be so against children." Bella relented.

"Well it doesn't help that we basically raise a herd of them."

She turned on him. "Excuse me Mr. CEO. It's not my fault that you seem to be very persistent."

"OK! Little ears! Not to mention that most of your kids are standing right here. Gross!" Elli was herding the twins over to her. Even if she didn't want to admit it she was a very motherly teen. It was probably because she had 7 younger siblings. It's kind of hard not to be.

"You will feel differently when you're married." Edward thought out loud.

"No sorry Pop but I'm pretty sure we will never want to hear about you and mom's sex life." Aiden explained very nonchalantly before grabbing Kammi and following Elli and the twins and Carter into the house.

Before they could sneak inside without any punishments Bella called out, "Nathan and Justin don't think you're getting away with this. Your father and I will be talking to you both later."

Their faces instantly paled and you could almost see them gulp before nodding and finishing in through the patio door. "Hey dad I'm heading inside too. I'll take Cooper in for you." Mason said as he reached to pull Cooper into his arms and out of Edward's.

"Thanks." Edward said but Mason just waved it off. He turned to his wife since they were the only ones left outside. "Well they did a nice job of cleaning up."

They both looked around and at least the yard seemed close to spotless. "Yeah when they work together nicely things actually get done. Imagine that!" Her voice was laced with sarcasm.

Edward moved to face her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Even after 18 years of marriage it was obvious the pair was still deeply in love with one another. She laid her head on his chest and he kissed the top of it.

"What are we going to do with Nathan and Justin. It they get into trouble here, what are they going to do when they have acres to mess around in?"

"Well we will just have to set some ground rules and punishments. Maybe consequences up front will be incentive not to get into trouble." Bella snorted and pulled far enough back to look into his eyes.

"That didn't work in school. What makes you think it will work at home?" He just shrugged. "Well I guess it couldn't hurt to try it. But what about her roses? What should we do about that?"

"They explained it as an accident. And considering they admitted to climbing the tree we told them not to, it probably was."

"I suppose. How about making them unload a bunch of boxes tomorrow and helping me with dishes tomorrow night to cover the 250 dollars you had to give Mrs. Bethel?"

"Really the 250 to get her to shut up was enough for me, but I guess we shouldn't let Nathan and Justin just get away with it."

"So she annoys you too?" Bella had a smug smile on her face.

"Well she does, but honestly I thought you were going to pummel her right there on the lawn. Not that I wouldn't like to see that, I was just afraid how much it would cost in court."

Bella laughed. "So you thought I would win?"

He closed the gap between them once again. "Oh I know you would win baby." He whispered huskily before kissing her roughly on the mouth.

Bella was smiling when they pulled apart. "We must really love each other."

"What do you mean?"

"How many people can say they have 9 kids and still find each other attractive."

"Who said I was still attracted to you?" Edward asked with a smile. Bella pulled out of his embrace and glared at him.

Edward just laughed. "That's not funny." She pouted. Edward re-gathered her in his arms and kissed the pout away from her mouth.

"I'm sorry baby. You know I didn't mean it right?" She looked up at him and smiled kissing his mouth again. "Trust me my beautiful wedding Bells. I love you completely. You are what makes the sun rise and set. My eyes are only on you and that's never going to change." During his confession his eyes had gone completely serious.

"I feel exactly the same about you." They stood in an embrace for a while longer.

Finally Edward spoke. "We should probably get inside before something happens."

Bella nodded in agreement. They held hands as they crossed the yard and onto the deck. Edward opened the sliding glass door and gestured Bella inside. "After you, our children await."

"More like my migraine awaits." Bella huffed as she stepped through the door. Edward laughed and then followed her closing the door behind himself.

"No one ever said that 9 kids would be easy love."

She looked back at him with a bewildered expression. "Easy! Ha. On a good day it's bearable. I won't press my luck and push for easy. I'd probably get struck by lightning!"

Hey once again! So that was the start of the new chapter in Bella and Edward's life. It's a little different writing in third person instead of first but I'm doing my best. Constructive criticism would be wonderful. I can't wait to see what everyone's reaction is to I've Lost My Mind. I will try to update maybe every two weeks. I may get a few in there that are faster, but my school schedule is insane so we will see how that goes. That is actually why it has taken this long for me to post it. I wanted to have a few chapters in the bank so if I'm unable to write I don't disappoint my readers.

Oh yeah and here is the current status for the new Cullen family.

Edward- 39 (almost 40!)

Bella- 38

Mason- 16


Aiden- 14

Carter- 12

Zoey- 11

Justin- 8

Nathan- 8

Kammi- 5

Cooper- 3