Elli could hear the whispers in the hallway. Even if she was playing dumb and acting like it didn't affect her, it obviously did. At least she always had the support of her fellow cheerleaders. And seeing as they were the most popular click in the school, no one was willing to speak out against one of them blatantly. At least that was on her side.

As she was putting the books from second period back into her locker and picking up her math text book, she heard people shuffle behind her. Without looking she had a feeling it wasn't going to be good.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" The cutting voice of Camden spoke out against the chaotic sounds of the hallway. It got quiet way too quickly considering there was still a good 5 minutes left of passing time, but everyone wanted to hear this apparently. "If it isn't the Cullen skank. Tell everyone Elli, do your brothers know how you truly are."

Even though she should be embarrassed she wasn't, she was mad. She rolled her eyes at what he was saying and turned back to her locker ignoring him.

It wasn't long before one of Camden's posse brushed a hand down her arm and then she felt another brush her hair off her shoulder. They had gotten way too close to her. She shivered as the nerves of all these guys being inappropriately close to her took effect. "Guys stop."

She tried to get them to leave her alone but she couldn't ward off the offenses of five at once. "So Elli, can I be next?" One of them jeered at her and she was really creeped out.

"Guys seriously get away from me" one of them stepped right in front of her and got into her face. "GET AWAY!" She screeched loudly.

Within seconds she noticed the crowd part and the guy that was in front of her was yanked away from her and thrown across the hall. Now she was face to face with Tyler. "Are you OK Elli?" She nodded and that was when she noticed the tears running down her face. She hadn't even realized how scared she really was. Then Tyler turned back around.

"What the hell do you think you were doing Camden!? That's really how you treat a woman?"

Camden stood across the hall looking smug with his arms crossed over his chest it was clear that he had his minions do his dirty work for him. "She's not a woman she's a slut. She doesn't deserve to be treated any better."

Tyler had clearly heard enough and crossed the hall quickly and had Camden pinned against the lockers in no time.

"Hey! Mr. Cohen put him down. Now. What in the world do you think you are doing?" Mr. Jefferson, the head hockey coach had been passing through the hall at the moment. Tyler reluctantly obeyed. "Both of you down to the principal, now. Damn I can't deal with this crap. Anyone else who saw this, needs to talk to me now. Got it? And everyone else, get to class."

Elli was still stuck to the lockers. She looked like she was in shock. It wasn't long once everyone started moving that Mr. Jefferson noticed her stuck in place with tears running down her face.

"Miss Cullen, are you alright?"

She tried speaking but nothing came out.

"Hey coach!" One of the freshmen on the team called out to him. He had been waiting outside the coach's office which was right across the hall from where the incident happened. "Tyler was protecting her. Camden and his gang had her up against the lockers and were touching her and shit. Tyler grabbed Camden in her defense."

Mr. Jefferson blew a breath out and he turned to the young boy. "You saw this?" He nodded. "OK well then it looks like the both of you are coming with me too. Jack you take Elli to the nurse and then meet me in the office got it?" He asked the kid and he nodded again.

They all walked towards the office and Jack lightly touched her shoulder. "I don't mean to touch you because I am sure it's last thing you want right now but I will take you to the nurse."

And with that she let the freshman direct her through the halls to the nurse.

Edward was at home. Both him and Bella had the morning off. They were sitting on the couch watching some TV. The phone rang and he quickly picked it up.


"Hello, is this Mr. Cullen ?"


"This is Mr. Owens from the high school. I am calling in regards to a Mr. Tyler Cohen. His parents are not in town I am afraid and you were listed as the next contact. I am afraid to say that he has been in a fight and I need you to come down here to speak with all of us."

Edward was confused this sounds nothing like Tyler but he knew they needed to go anyways.

"OK I can be there in a moment."

"Oh and Mr. Cullen, your daughter Elli needs to be picked up as well. She is in the nurse's office. "

"Is she OK?"

"Well that's part of what I wish to discuss with you. She is not harmed but was involved in the fight I guess you could say."

Now he was completely baffled. Sure, Tyler and Elli butted heads it they would never come to blows. What the hell was going on today?

"My wife and I will be there soon"

Bella looked at him confused once he hung up. "It seems Tyler and Elli got into a fight and now we have to go down there and sort it out"


"I don't know let's just go."

"Hello Mr. Cullen. Mr. Owens will have you in in just a moment. He is in with Tyler right now."

Bella and Edward looked at each other and took a seat in the office chairs. It wasn't long before they were both sitting in the office with Tyler and the whole situation had been explained.

Bella quickly excused herself to go check on Elli and it was clear to see that Edward was beyond mad. Tyler was still sitting in the chair with his arms crossed.

"I mean no disrespect Mr. Owens but I am not going to apologize to that ass."

Edward quickly interrupted, "and you most definitely shouldn't. I don't care what you say Mr. Owens but he freaking saved my daughter and he should be getting a freaking medal for standing up for her."

"Now it is not my position to make you apologize so on that respect I can't make you do anything son. That is not what I wanted to talk to you about. I need to discuss the disciplinary actions that will take place now. As much as I hate to do this I have no other choice. However because he was involved in a fight I have to suspend for a minimum of two days."

"Excuse me sir but what is this Camden kid going to get if I might ask." Edward popped in. "Because quite frankly I feel that was Tyler being suspended is bullshit. He didn't do anything wrong."

"The school has a no tolerance policy for violence and I have no choice. Camden will be punished as the policy suggests as well. Now I am willing to give the smallest punishment because I don't feel he was in the wrong here."

"You want to talk about policies. How about your policy on sexual assault and harassment? How about that policy, because I can tell you right now, if you want to make this a fight we can have a fight. I will call my lawyer the moment we get out of here and discuss legal action not only against that boy but against this school. It is absolutely unacceptable for my daughter to be jeopardized like this and I won't stand for it."

"Please Mr. Cullen let's not get ahead of ourselves here. We were merely discussing Tyler's actions in regards to..."

"Exactly his more than relevant actions in the situation that was presented. I am not over-embellishing this because it was my daughter even though you don't even know how pissed off I am about this but any woman. No young woman should ever have to deal with this kind of shit. So you are going to drop anything in regards to Tyler's actions or I will see your ass in court."

Mr. Owens took a deep breath and rubbed a hand across his face. "OK Mr. Cullen I hear what you are saying. Now in matters of violence they have to be approved by the school board. I will do my best to relay your wishes but I am afraid that for the rest of today I have to send Tyler home. So Tyler, I need to get on the phone with your parents."

"Sir they 're in Mexico. Their flight left this morning at 7 am."

"He will be coming home with me." Edward piped in. "We have his parent's permission for when they are out of town."

"Very well then Mr. Cullen. I believe the nurse was going to send Elli home for the rest of the day as well."

"Good." They all stood up to leave and as they were exiting Edward turned around. "And I expect that action will be taken in terms of Camden."

The principle nodded and they left.

"Thank you Mr. Cullen" Tyler said as he closed the office door.

"Not a problem Tyler. Thank you for helping with Elli."

"I wouldn't have done anything differently."

They went to the nurse and Elli immediately jumped into Tyler's arms. Tyler after the initial shock wrapped his arms around her and held her tight as she cried.

"I don't even know how to thank you Tyler. You saved me."

"You're safe Elli. Are You OK? I got to you in time?"

"Yeah I am fine. One of them just brushed my arm. I am totally fine. Thanks to you."

She kissed his cheek and Tyler pulled her back into his arms and hugged her tightly. For the first time he realized how mad it made him that someone else was even close enough to her to touch her. It had finally clicked. He wanted her for himself, in every sense of the word.


That's right! He admitted it… now can he only convince Elli of her feelings too. We will have to see. Thanks for reading and for your support, reviews mean a lot to me.