I was sitting on a stool at the island in the kitchen while Edward was standing against the stove. He had just gotten off the phone with the lawyer letting them know what was going on in case there ended up being a problem in the schools when the kids went back tomorrow. Neither of us had spoken since he hung up the phone.

Edward finally rubbed his hands on his jeans taking a deep breath and pushed off the stove walking over to stand in front of me. I pushed my glass of ice water over towards him where he took a drink.

"I think I'm going to need something much stronger than water babe." He stated.

I couldn't help but smile at his statement. "Well there's a beer in the fridge, but remember that the kids are going to be back any moment now. Thank god that Cooper was on the carpool for pre-school today. The rest should be heading back on the bus within the next fifteen minutes or so and Aiden told me he could get a ride home from someone after practice."

He just nodded and sighed again. "the lawyer said that he would start pulling paperwork just in case but he also said that because we are dealing with a public school they probably won't do anything to brash. It would be more convenient to just go with it, not to mention that if we did go to court they wouldn't have a foot to stand on. The only problem is the no tolerance policy. Even in self-defense they aren't allowed to result to physical violence. However, considering the circumstances he still didn't think it would pose a problem. No one is going to be okay with what Camden did to Elli especially with all of the witnesses since it occurred in the middle of the hallway."

"Was Elli okay when you gave the phone to Tyler?"

"Yeah she seemed alright. She seems to be handling it all okay but it might not hit her until later."

"Yeah I know her brain is probably still trying to figure out exactly what actually happened." I jumped off my chair and went into Edward's embrace. He kissed the top of my head and I smiled before looking up into his eyes and he pecked my lips with a sweet kiss. Then the phone rang. Edwards groaned before pulling away from my embrace to grab the portable phone off the counter.

"Hello?...Oh hey Em…. Yeah so far everything is okay Elli is holding up. Are you kidding me? Yeah great thanks we'll see you later… kay bye." Before he could actually tell me what that was about he switched on the tv on the kitchen counter and the front door swung open and Cooper came flying through it with his backpack on.

He ran straight over to me at a full sprint. "Momma, momma, momma."

He collided with my legs and I couldn't help but smile. I ran a hand through his hair and patted his cheek. "What baby?"

"We gots chicks and bunnies in school today!" His excitement was clear in the vibrant tone of his voice.

"You did? That's so cool. Did you get to hold them?"

He nodded enthusiastically. "I holded a bunny. They was soo little. One of dem fitted in my hands and it was so soft and then it wiped it's nosey on my arm and it was really cold." He giggled and the sound warmed my heart. How innocent he was. I just wished that everything in life could be as simple as it was when you were 3.

"That must have been so much fun. How about you go take off your shoes now, then you can help me start dinner." He grinned and ran back towards the door. Then the rest of our brood made their way through the door. The bus must have just gotten here.

They were all talking and laughing. I was so glad that they weren't really aware about what had happened at the high school today. They didn't need to worry about it. Everybody was fine and that was the most important thing.

"Hey guys how was school today?"

There was a chorus of goods and fines as they all hung up their jackets and took off their shoes by the door.

"Alright guys I need you to go straight into the dining room and start your homework at the table okay."

"Is everything okay mom?" Carter asked coming over and pressing a kiss to my cheek.

"Yes everything is fine, Elli just had a rough day at school today and I want us all to give her some space if she needs it."

"Okay…" They all looked confused and I didn't blame them.

"Mom, do we have granola bars. I tested my levels before I got on the bus and they were a little low." Zoey said.

"Yeah they are in the cupboard." Zoey had gone back in for further testing and it was certain that she had diabetes. She had handled the diagnosis with great maturity and had quickly picked up on testing her levels regularly. Both Edward and I were really proud of her for how she was handling herself. For a while Edward had to administer the needle because Zoey preferred it to be a surprise poke, but now she was fully capable of doing it by herself.

It was then that I noticed Edward turned up the tv volume and I realized he had turned it to the news.

"A local high school student was assaulted today at Coon Rapids High school by a fellow classmate. Sources say that the young woman had previously been in a relationship with the young man and they had recently broken up. Local officials as well as the school board are currently working on appropriate action. Another young man was rumored to have come to her aid sufficiently removing her attacker from her vicinity. All of our hearts go out to those involved and their families. In other news…"

I was completely startled. I had no idea that the press was allowed such privileged information. Especially when it occurred during the school day on school property. I knew I was mad but the shock still hadn't worn off. I turned to Edward.

"What the hell was that?"

He huffed and shrugged his shoulders. "I was just as shocked. Emmett called when he saw it on the previews for the news. Apparently Aiden had let something slip to him after school. He called both him and Jasper before football practice because he wanted to make sure that Elli was okay. He heard a lot of different things being at school today and wanted to check in on her and I guess me. He was afraid I might do something stupid and thought that Emmett and Jasper could calm me down." He chuckled at the thought. "I swear I am not going to do anything. But damn. I can't believe that the press got a hold of it so fast. Do we tell Elli?"

It was then that I noticed that all of the kids still hadn't moved from the kitchen. I realized this was not a conversation we were supposed to have in front of all of them. "Get a move on it kiddos. Homework, in the dining room please." They just stared at me and I sighed. "We will all talk over dinner but for now get your work done." I finally snapped my fingers and they all began to move. I grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him out of the room. We passed Elli Tyler Paige and Mason in the living room and I quickly checked on them.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah. And you don't have to worry mom. I know that they ran the story on the news." Elli responded. She looked sad. A little bit of her usual light was missing from her eyes.

"Oh honey. Are you sure you are okay? How did you find out?"

"One of the girls on cheer texted me. It's okay. Really mom, I'm fine. "

"Okay. Well I love you baby." She smiled at me and a little bit of the light in her eyes came back.

"love you too mom."

Edward and I continued into his office and I shut the door.

"So that's one issue solved. Now how much do we tell the kids at dinner?" I explained

"Well honestly I think that we should just tell them everything. Or maybe we should let Elli tell them so that she can share the amount of details that she feels comfortable with everyone knowing."

"I think that's a good idea. Do you think we should cancel our trip?"

"Why?" Edward honestly looked confused.

"Because honey. Elli might need us."

"I personally think that she is okay. She said she was fine and she actually looked like she might mean that. I know today was hard on everyone but the sooner we get back to a normal routine the better. It will give Elli a sense of normalcy."

"I guess you're right. But I think we should keep an eye on her just in case I don't want to leave if she actually does need us."

"That's fine. We can talk to Emmett and Rose later tonight and let them know that if we don't feel comfortable leaving they can take our tickets and hotel. We already have it booked and it's not exactly refundable since it was won in a giveaway. I would consider Ally and J but we both know that with the two foster kids staying with them right now it's not exactly possible for them to go either. So therefore, Em and Rose it is."

"Ok sounds good. Now I think I am going to make spaghetti since it's Elli's favorite. Oh and cheesy garlic bread."

"Yumm." Edward hummed clearly satisfied with my choice for dinner. "Oh but you are going to have to make a lot extra. Emmett and Rose are going to come over too."

"Sounds good." With that I walked back towards the kitchen. As soon as I walked in I noticed Cooper had moved a bar stool from the island over to the cabinets and was currently standing on the counter. "What do you think you are doing?" I stated in my 'mom' voice.

Cooper turned around and grinned at me sheepishly. "Sowwy momma. I was tryin ta gets the noodles down." I had walked over to the counter and picked him up placing him on the floor.

"Well that was very nice of you but I've told you before that we don't stand on the counters." I raised an eyebrow at him and he nodded. I ruffled his hair. "Okay well how about you go put the stool back at the island and then you can ask daddy to help you bring a dining room chair into here so you can help me make spaghetti. How does that sound?"

"Okay momma." He grabbed onto my pants leg and puckered his little lips standing on his tippy toes. I obviously couldn't refuse the blatant ask for a kiss so I bent down and kissed his lips before he ran off into the dining room. I grabbed the noodles out of the cabinet along with all of the other ingredients I needed and started defrosting hamburger for the meatballs.

My cell phone rang and I quickly picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey Bella it's Alice. I was calling to make sure everything was okay. I heard about Elli from Jasper. How is she holding up?"

"She's doing fine now. Tyler is going to be staying with us for the next week and a half as well. She actually seems like she will be over it pretty quickly. Camden didn't really do anything other than scare her. Tyler got there pretty fast."

"Good. That's really good. I was so nervous when I heard about it all. I can't believe that boy was that vile. Ugh it makes me sick."

"Yeah I know. Don't even get me started. However, Rose and Emmett are coming over for dinner if you guys would like to join us."

"Sorry, usually I would say yes but Kyle has been throwing up all day and Sophie is currently cutting a few teeth. Needless to say it's just not a good time for us to leave the house."

"Gotcha. How are you doing with the little ones?"

"Great. They are so sweet. I can already see myself semi falling in love with them. Obviously I know I have to give them back but they truly are sweethearts. I can't wait for the family to meet them."

"Aw. I want to meet them too. Actually come to think of it. I am not doing anything tomorrow and I packed up a few bags of old baby clothes. I could bring them over for you. That way we could maybe catch up and hang out a little bit. And you would have an extra set of hands if the two kiddos are still not feeling well."

"That sounds wonderful. I haven't seen you since the football game. Could you come over around 11?"

"Yeah sounds good."

"Okay well I will let you go. I just heard Kyle run for the bathroom again."

"Okay good luck."

"Thanks" And with that she quickly hung up the phone. I turned back to find Edward carrying a dining room chair and Cooper following behind him closely. They set it up and it wasn't long before I was handing Cooper things to add to the spaghetti sauce. He always was a good helper. Soon Dinner was served, the whole family had eaten and left and I had tucked the kids into bed after bath time.

Today had been a seriously trying day and as I snuggled into Edwards embrace and fell asleep I thought about how thankful I was that everyone in my family was safe.