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I ran out of the house and down the driveway, tripping the whole time. I prayed that I wouldn't fall again just as my toe caught on a crack in the pavement. My books flew out of my arms, scattering around the icy driveway, and I caught myself on the side of my truck before I hit the ground. It seemed to be a daily occurrence lately. I heard the footsteps behind me before I felt his hand on my upper arm. The familiar electricity shot through my coat and burned my arm. I looked up into the green eyes that I dreamed about every night and tried to hide my obvious excitement. His messy bronze hair fell over his forehead and into his eyes, and my hand itched to push it away. His perfect red lips called to me. I loved the thin muscular build that graced his tall frame. He was perfect.

"Hey Bella, are you okay?" Edward asked me quietly. He held onto my arm for a moment then bent down to retrieve my books. Thankfully, the flush from my fall hid my blush from his view.

"You know me - clumsy Bella. I'm just nervous about this calculus test today," I sighed as I walked to the driver side of my truck and climbed in. "What brings you over this morning?" I asked nervously. Edward Cullen and I had been neighbors since I was six when his family moved in at the end of our kindergarten school year. We got along well and became fast friends, but as the years passed, I found myself thinking of Edward in ways that were far beyond friendship.

"The Volvo is in the shop and I was wondering if you would mind giving me a ride today," Edward stated as he leaned into the open passenger door and placing my books on the seat.

"What a stupid question. You know you can ride with me," I said rolling my eyes and cranking my truck to life. Edward grimaced at the roar and climbed cautiously into the cab. I laughed at him and backed out of the driveway.

"Come on, you can't blame me. This thing is a beast, especially compared to my Volvo," he complained.

"My truck is not a beast; it just has character. Can you say that about the Volvo?" I questioned as we crawled through the snow and ice covered streets. Forks, Washington was either wet or cold and the snow always came early.

"Depends on your definition of character, I guess. Are you coming to the game tonight? I'm starting this year and it's my first game of the season," Edward asked me casually. I smiled at him and nodded my head.

"Of course I'll be there. You are my best friend after all," I mumbled and cleared my throat. I needed to clear my head to think straight. Edward never looked twice at me as anything more than a friend. I wasn't his type. He was into cheerleaders or prissy girls and that was never me.

"I'm not your best friend; Alice is. I don't mind though. I'm just glad you'll be there to watch me kick ass on the court," he laughed as we pulled into the school parking lot and found a space. Once the car stopped, he flung the passenger door open and hopped out. "Bye Bella, thanks!" Edward called as he jogged towards the group of cheerleaders and basketball players all dressed up to support the game.

"Bella, are we sporting spirit wear tonight or are we just going in regular clothes? I think we should make senior shirts to show support for the team. This is like one of the most important games of the year and we should… Bella are you listening?" Alice chirped from behind me as I pulled my books out of the cab of the truck.

"Yes Alice, I'm listening to you. We'll run up to the craft store and grab some supplies to make senior shirts. That's fine," I sighed back at her. As I turned around, I saw Edward's arms wrapped around Lauren and felt my stomach knot.

"Oh, Bella…he'll come around. You shouldn't wait for him like this, though," Alice patted my back and gave me a sad smile. I shook my head violently and smacked her shoulder.

"Shut up! You have no idea what you're talking about, and I don't want the whole world to hear you!" I hissed at her as I stomped towards our first class. Alice followed behind me silently, which was rare for her.

The first two classes of the day flew by like they did everyday, but when I walked into my third class I knew it was going to take forever. The first issue was the subject - history. It was boring and very repetitive. The second issue was that Edward sat next to me and Lauren sat in front of him. I hated watching him with her because it made me feel sick.

I slumped into my seat and watched as Lauren and Edward walked into the room holding hands. Edward gave Lauren a chaste kiss before taking his seat and I groaned internally. The first ten minutes of class were the same as always. Edward playfully pulled on Lauren's hair and she giggled quietly. Lauren dropped her pencil, then leaned to pick it up and dropped a note on Edward's desk. He read the note and quickly replied, slipping it over her shoulder, as he would pull her hair again.

"God, that's disgusting," I groaned quietly to myself. Angela laughed from behind me and I slapped my hand over my mouth. I took a sideways glance at Edward to make sure he hadn't heard my comment, but he was too busy writing another note for Lauren. I sighed and let out a deep breath. I turned back to Mr. Dennis and attempted to focus on the lecture he was currently giving.

After about two minutes, I heard someone clear their throat and felt something land on my notebook. I looked down and saw a folded up note lying in front of me and looked back up to see where it had come from. Edward was smirking at me and nodded his head. I gave him a confused look and quickly opened the note.

Bells, there is an after game party at Emmett's tonight, and he wanted me to invite you, Rosalie, and Alice. Jazz has the hots for Alice. James mentioned something about wanting you to go with him, but he's a puss, and I know he'll never ask. Come tonight? It'll be fun and I promise not to let James get handsie once he's drunk.

I stared down at the paper for too long. James? He wanted to hook me up with James? Guys really were blind. I knew that Alice had her eye on Jasper Whitlock so I couldn't deny her this opportunity to hang out with him and Rosalie claimed that Emmett McCarty was her soul-mate. Rose was always trying to determine which sounded better: Rosalie Hale-McCarty or Rosalie McCarty.

I wrote back a simple 'Definitely' and tossed the note back. Edward nodded at me and tucked the note into his pocket. He leaned back away from Lauren and stared at the ceiling for the rest of the class. My next class was my dreaded calculus test, and then I headed to lunch with Alice and Angela. We found ourselves sitting on the end of the football table and I sighed loudly at them.

"You know, you really need to lighten up. It won't kill you to try to acclimate yourself to this world. They are all your friends," Alice nudged me gently and I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Listen, Bella, Alice is right. Just because they are slightly snobby lately doesn't mean they aren't your friends. He is still your friend. Join the party!" Angela yell-whispered to me. I smacked at her and felt the heat rush to my cheeks.

"Hey ladies! Are you coming to my party tonight? The parents are out of town and I'm living it up!" Emmett called out as he slid onto the bench next to me and threw his arm over my shoulder.

"Yeah, we'll be there, Em. Just try not to get too drunk this time. I refuse to clean puke off of my shoes again," Rosalie whined as she took her place between Angela and Alice. I laughed at her blow off attitude towards the man she claimed was her soul-mate.

"H-hi, Rose…" Emmett mumbled under his breath as a blush crept to his face. Rosalie winked at him causing him to look down at the table.

"Okay, so we'll be at your house after the game," I said as I pushed at him trying to remove myself from Emmett's heavy arm that was pressing into my shoulder. Rosalie smirked at me and mouthed, 'He's so strong and hot,' and I rolled my eyes.

"Well umm… I'll see you ladies tonight, then. Bye, Rose," Emmett said as he moved away from our small group. We kept quiet for the rest of lunch, all listening to the excitement of the upcoming game that surrounded us.

The rest of the day felt like a lifetime, but I was glad it was over. Alice decided that she wanted to wear something sexier than a made t-shirt because of the after party, but I wasn't complaining. I wanted to go home and pout about the fact that Edward was trying to set me up with some other basketball player when all I really wanted was him.

"Bella! Wait up! You drove me to school this morning, remember?" Edward called after me as I walked out to my truck. I spun around and forced a smile.

"Sorry, I figured you'd be going home with one of the guys or Lauren," I replied as Edward came closer and snatched my books from me. "I can carry my own books, Edward," I said through clenched teeth.

"Silly Bella, I'm a gentleman. You're lucky I'm letting you drive," he said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and climbed into my truck as Edward slid into the seat next to me and placed my books on the floor. We rode to our street in a comfortable silence. Edward played with my radio, and I watched him from the corner of my eye. I couldn't help the thoughts that filled my head as I looked at him and felt his body heat next to me in the car.

The fantasy filled my head. Edward pulled me across the seat to him and pressed his lips to mine passionately. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck crawling over him to straddle his lap and push him against the seat as I rubbed myself against his groin. I shook my head violently and felt myself blush a bright red. A low groan escaped my lips before I could stop it and Edward looked at me.

"What's wrong?" he asked me. His brows knitted together as he kept staring at me. I shook my head and looked out the windshield.

"Nothing's wrong. I've just got some homework that I don't feel like doing before the game," I lied. I knew I was a bad liar, but I was hoping Edward couldn't tell.

"God you're a horrible liar, but I assume since you lied about it you don't want to talk about it," Edward laughed. We pulled into my driveway a few minutes after that, and he called a goodbye as he jogged to his house. After I watched him go I collected my books and trudged into my house.

I knew my father wouldn't be home until right before I left for the game tonight. Charlie was the Chief of Police, so he worked odd hours. I took the time to make myself something to eat and then climbed up the stairs. I walked into my bathroom and changed into my newest pair of pajama pants. They were covered with smiley faces sticking out their tongues.

I trudged into my room to start on my miniscule amount of homework before I was dragged off to watch the basketball game in a smelly and hot gym.

When I walked into my room I noticed Edward sitting at his desk, and his window was open wide even though it was snowing lightly outside. When Edward and I were nine, we made up a communication system so that we could talk while we were in our rooms. Closed curtains and windows meant that we didn't want to talk or that we were angry with the other. Closed curtain and open windows meant that we needed to talk but weren't ready yet. Open curtains and closed window meant that we were available to talk if the other wanted. Open curtains and open window meant that the other person needed to talk and was ready to as soon as the other was available. Over the years, our communication system varied. It started out with marker and paper then evolved to cups attached to strings. Our parents caught onto those two methods pretty quickly and bought us white boards. Edward bought me walkie-talkies for my thirteenth birthday and those lasted until we were sixteen when we both acquired computers and cell phones.

Edward sitting at his desk meant that he wanted to talk to me online. I wasn't sure why he hadn't just called me. Our communication system had fallen almost all the way out recently. I pulled out my laptop and lay on my bed waiting for the system to boot up. I saw Edward drumming his fingers on his desk waiting for me to get online. I always left my curtains open, even if I was angry with him. As soon as the messenger loaded, his message popped up.

Edman92: Hey… Lauren has been sleeping with Mike…
BellaBell2010: I'm sorry… she was never good enough for you, though. What can I do?
Edman92: Would you kick her ass for me? I mean seriously… Newton?
BellaBell2010: Seriously gross. You should get checked, he's been around. And you know I can't fight. Remember sixth grade with Amy Tate? I got my ass kicked.
Edman92: Of course I remember that. She called me a dork and you jumped her. My savior! :-D And, I never slept with her, Bells. By the way, cute pants. LOL
BellaBell2010: Oh… sorry. I wasn't trying to insinuate anything. Thanks, though… I thought they were awesome, although I believe Alice wants to burn them. :-D
Edman92: I know James wanted to hang out with you tonight at the party but would you mind hanging out with me? I don't really want to go, but I promised Em and Jazz so I kind of have to.
BellaBell2010: No problem. I don't really like James. I was only going to support Alice and Rosalie anyway.
Edman92: Can I ride with you to the game and the party then?
BellaBell2010: Of course you can. Meet me at the truck at 5:30?
Edman92: Yeah, I have to be there by six, so that sounds good. Thanks, Bells, you're awesome.
BellaBell2010: This I know, my dear Edward. See you soon.

With that, I signed out of the messenger and couldn't hide my smile. It wasn't like Edward had asked me out or anything but spending time with him always made me a little giddy. I cranked up my radio and danced playfully to the music spilling from the speakers. I twirled around and saw Edward laughing as he watched me from his bed. My cheeks flushed and I waved at him. He waved back and kept staring at me. I pulled the curtain slightly shut and rushed to my closet trying to find something to wear for the night.


I watched through the window as Bella danced around her room. She was so beautiful and full of life. I laughed as she pranced around trying desperately not to break anything around her. I couldn't hear the music she was playing, but I knew it was something upbeat.

I had been in love with Isabella Marie Swan since I was six and moved in next to her. She was my best friend and the only person I had ever trusted, but I couldn't bring myself to ask her out. I knew she only thought of me as a friend, and I didn't want to chance losing that relationship when it was the only great thing I had going for me.

I always dated girls who were the total opposite of her and prayed that they could make things okay for a little while or make me forget my love for her, but that never worked. I tried to hide the fact that I watched her all the time and especially right now.

Bella had pulled her curtain half-way shut. In twelve years, she had never fully shut her curtains. I watched as she flitted from behind the curtain every few minutes in a different outfit. I quickly realized that she was changing her clothes, and it became painfully obvious that a very thin piece of fabric shielded me from seeing her body. I felt a familiar twitch in my groin and put my head in my hands.

The fantasy swirled in my head as my erection ached against my jeans. I groaned and let it take me for a moment. Bella opened the curtain over her window and pulled her shirt slowly over her head then ran her hands down her chest and stomach to her pants. She hooked her thumbs into the waist line and wiggled her hips as she slowly slid them down and revealed black lacey panties. Bella reached behind her and grasped her bra…

"FUCK! What is wrong with you, Edward? She's your best friend, and you're watching her like a pervert!" I cursed at myself. I smacked my own head and looked back out toward Bella's room, she was standing in front of the window with her sketch pad held up to me.


I wasn't okay; I was watching her, and I wanted her but I couldn't find the strength within me to tell her all of this. She thought I was upset about Lauren when I could care less about that bitch.

PERFECT, I wrote back to her on my own notebook. She smiled at me and tapped her wrist. I looked at the clock and realized that I needed to get dressed. I threw on my uniform and grabbed an outfit to change in after the game and threw my deodorant and cologne along with it into my gym bag. I jogged down the stairs and out to Bella's beast of a truck. She didn't need to know that my Volvo was sitting in the garage. I tossed my bag in the back of the truck and climbed into the cab.

"Sure, make yourself at home, Edward," Bella called out when she saw me sitting in her truck. She turned her back to me, locking the door behind her and I groaned quietly to myself willing my hard-on away.

She had on tight, dark wash, hip hugging jeans that made her ass the perfect apple shape. She also wore a short, thick, white, bubble winter coat with faux fur tracing the hood. When she faced me, I could just see the hint of sapphire blue; my favorite color on her because it made her milky cream skin stand out. Her beautiful long brown hair was hanging loose and straight down her back and she wore sexy black boots with a small heel. Her make-up was light and accentuated her brown eyes and full lips. The bottom lip was fuller than the top because of her nervous habit of biting it. I felt my heart pound and a flush creep onto my cheeks as I watched her walk to the truck. She was perfect.

"Of course I'm making myself at home," I retorted as she climbed behind the wheel. I collected myself quickly before the roar of her truck sliced the air.

"Whatever. So my curfew is one tonight, so… if you're going to ride home with me then you have to be ready to go by twelve-thirty. I'm sorry," Bella explained. I wanted to laugh. She was apologizing to me for having a parent who cares what time they get home. My mother and father were at work all day and up half of the night preparing for the next day's work.

"Bella, its fine, and I'm sure I'll be ready long before then," I smiled at her as she turned to back out of the driveway. I thought I saw disappointment cross her face. "We can stay the whole time if that's what you want, Bells. I didn't mean to say we'd need to leave earlier or anything," I tried to rectify my previous statement.

"You know I'm not really a party person. We'll leave when we're both ready," she laughed at me. I grinned and relaxed back into the seat. It was so nice to sit next to her and relax before a big game.

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