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Say It Again by Natasha Bedingfield
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History In The Making by Darius Rucker
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The car pulled into Edward's driveway, and I felt like I was punched in the stomach. I stared at the house I used to call home. Everything that had happened in the two houses made me miss the old times. The house next door now housed a new family that was building new memories.

Charlie had moved to the reservation about a year before when he married Sue Clearwater. It was a beautiful wedding, but it broke my heart that my childhood home was being sold. To top it all off, shortly after the move to UW, my ancient truck had died on me. All my most treasured memories were connected to that house and truck.

"Are you okay, baby?" Edward asked as he squeezed my hand. I smiled up at him, but I knew he saw the tears swimming in my eyes.

"Yeah, it's just so hard seeing the home of my childhood. It's got fresh paint, and they planted flowers…" I trailed off as I stared to the front door. I wondered if the home belonged to a young couple just starting out or if an older couple that was trying to live out their retirement in peace.

"The memories are still there. Come on, let's go inside." Edward pushed open his door and came around to open mine. I had learned long ago that Edward needed to be chivalrous, and it barely fazed me now.

We were six months from our college graduation, and we planned on heading out to Baltimore for Edward to attend medical school. As it was, we spent a lot of time studying for his MCATs.

Our Christmas with the Cullens was perfect, as always. Edward and I had already exchanged gifts as they weren't exactly appropriate for the parental environment. We spent a few days hanging out between La Push and Forks before we had to head home. I loved visiting Charlie, but it really wasn't the same.

"Bella, come out here with me for a minute. I need to show you something," Edward called from the foyer. I was lying on the couch watching a movie. We were pretty boring nowadays. Rose and Emmett had gone off to college in California while Jasper and Alice were in New York. We didn't get to visit much, so our New Year's plans were very tame.

"It's almost midnight, and it's freezing outside!" I whined as I pulled myself up from the couch.

"Quit your bitching and come out here. I have another present for you." Edward smiled his irresistible crooked grin so I couldn't deny him. I pulled on my coat and slid my feet into my shoes when everything suddenly when black.

"What are you doing?" I cried out as Edward tied the scarf around my eyes.

"You can't see, can you?" he questioned. I huffed out a negative and he led me through the door. I felt him lift me from the ground and a giggle left my mouth. I heard a car door open as I was sat down, and then the door shut. A few seconds later, another door opened and shut. Then we just sat there.

"Can I take this thing off yet?" I complained again. Edward sighed, and I felt him untying the scarf. I opened my eyes and a gasp left my lips.


I was so nervous my hands were shaking. I felt sick and I wanted to throw up before I finished walking to my door of the car. Even after almost five years together, she made me nervous because I couldn't read her at all.

"What do you think?" I whispered as she looked around the truck. I had taken her old, beat up truck and had it completely restored. I knew how much she loved it, and it tore her up when it broke down. It took a little while for all the parts to come in and the project to be completed, but the finished product was well worth it.

"Is this my old truck?" she whispered in awe, making me smile. I nodded, and she flung herself across the seats and attacked my mouth. We kissed for a few minutes before I gently pushed her away.

"I can see that you like it." I smiled at her as I ran my fingers through her silky hair. The time we spent together only made everything about her more special to me.

"It's unbelievable! I love it! Thank you so much, Edward!" Bella was bouncing in her seat, and it was so damn cute. I couldn't help but kiss her again.

"You've missed something, though. Look out the window," I told her as my hand gripped the box in my pocket. I wanted this so badly, and it took me an incredibly long time to work up the nerve to ask her.

"Why are we in the driveway to my old house?" she asked, and I let the smirk that I had been holding in break through.

"It's not your old house, Bella, it's your house. I, um… I bought it from your Dad when he put it up for sale." I squeezed the box tighter and watched as her face melted from confusion to shock and finally landed on excited.

"You… I mean… how did you… god, I fucking love you!" she stuttered as she began to push her car door open. I grabbed her wrist and looked into her eyes.

"Hold on, love, there's one more thing… Bella, this truck is where everything started. I first had the guts to kiss you here, and I need to ask you something before we walk in that house. Will you do me the great honor of being my wife?" I asked nervously.

"OF COURSE I'LL MARRY YOU!" she shrieked into the car as I held the open box out to her. Bella shot across the seat and pinned me back against the door. I laughed into her mouth as her lips crashed onto mine. I gripped the box tightly as Bella attacked my mouth while I tried to match her intensity.

"Baby, can I put the ring on you?" I whispered once her lips left mine and she began to nipple on my ear lobe.

"Fuck, yes… sorry… I just want to… damn, yes, put the ring on please," she breathed as a beautiful flush covered her cheeks. I removed the ring and slid it on her finger. She grinned at me as she stared down at her hand.

"I love you, Isabella. Happy new year," I sighed before pulling her hand up and pressing a gentle kiss on the ring she had allowed me to place on her finger.

"I love you, too, Edward. Now can we go see the house?" She was practically bouncing in her seat. I loved how happy it all made her. We climbed out of the truck, and I had Bella unlock the door as we entered the house.

"Mom kept it up for us. She asked me a million times if I wanted to rent it out, but I refused because I wanted you to make that choice." I wrapped my arms around her waist as she leaned back into my chest.

"We're moving to Baltimore in little more than six months. What are we going to do with it while you're in med school?" Bella questioned as she took in to fresh paint on the walls.

"Well, I talked to Emmett and Rose; they want to move back out here after graduation. Maybe they can rent it from us while we're away. At least until they find their own place," I suggested. I knew how much this house meant to her, and I figured keeping it between close friends would help.

"What are we going to do with it until then?" Her face was serene and relaxed, which made my heart swell. I couldn't believe I had waited almost five years to propose to her. We should have been married already.

"Mom can take care of it. I just wanted you to know that it's here and it's still yours. I don't know where life will take us, but I wouldn't complain if it brought us back here eventually." I nuzzled my face into her neck and took a deep breath, inhaling her scent.

"Maybe we should sell it? I mean… two bedrooms doesn't seem like it would be big enough…" she trailed off as her cheeks flushed. My heart pounded in my chest as I looked down at her.

"What do you mean? I thought you didn't want kids, Bella." My voice held all the shock and hope in that statement. I had always wanted a family, but Bella said it just wasn't her thing.

"I don't think we have much of a choice," she whispered so softly I barely heard her. My heart stopped as my breath caught in my throat.

"WHAT?" I cried out. I felt like I might faint. My entire body was shaking as my hands squeezed her to me before quickly releasing her in fear that I was hurting her.

"Edward, I'm pregnant," she whispered again as she bit her bottom lip and stared at her feet. How could she not have told me this before?

"You're what? I mean… how long… why didn't you tell me before?" I gasped out, falling to the floor. Bella bent down and grabbed my hand in hers.

"I wanted to wait until we got back to Seattle. I was scared. I took the test yesterday…" Her voice was cracking, and she sounded terrified.

"Bella… you're having my baby." I felt the grin overtake my face as I pulled her into me. Her shoulders shook as a sob ripped through her small frame.

"I've screwed everything up! Edward… we're moving to Baltimore! How are we going to take care of this baby with you in med school?" she wailed at me as her hands twisted in my shirt. I was speechless. My night had gone from picture perfect to an utter mess. I was ecstatic about Bella having my baby, but she was bawling on the floor.

"You haven't screwed anything up, love. We'll make this work, I swear it to you. Our wedding will be perfect, and our baby will be perfect. I'll got to med school, get my degree, and we'll have a great life. I love you and I will always make things work, baby," I whispered to her as she cried.

"You're okay with this? You want to have this baby?" she asked after a little while but didn't look up at me. I gently grabbed her chin to tilt her head up so I could look into her eyes.

"Isabella, I want nothing more than to marry you and have this baby," I stated as I smiled at her. Her glistening eyes met mine as a slow smile broke free on her heartbreakingly beautiful face.

"I'm going to be a mommy," she whispered as her hand fell to her stomach. I grinned and reached my hand to her stomach as well.

"I'm going to be a daddy," I laughed as I pulled her in closer.

8 Months Later


I was going to fucking kill him. My entire body was on fire as sweat poured from me. I hurt in places I didn't know it was possible to hurt.

"Come on, baby. You're almost there. Just a few more pushes and she'll be out," Edward cooed at me. I turned my head and glared at him.

"I told you I wanted the drugs! God, I fucking hate you!" I screamed as I squeezed his hand and bore down with gritted teeth and pushed as hard as I could through the slow ass ten-count.

"Mrs. Cullen, you're doing beautifully. She's crowning." The doctor smiled at me as he looked up at me. I glared at him, too.

"Fuck you, too! Just get her out of me!" I yelled at him as another contraction slammed into me and I pushed harder.

"Just breathe, Bella. I love you," Edward pressed his cool lips to my overheated skin, and I let a small sigh escape. His hand squeezed mine as another contraction caused me to gasp in pain.

"Push, Bella!" Alice cried out from behind the video camera she was holding. I flicked her off, and she just laughed.

"Come on, Bells, push so we can get this baby out of you." Rose placed an ice cold rag against my forehead. I sighed in relief and let the coolness take over me.

"This next contraction I need you to push hard and keep pushing until I tell you to let go. We're going to get her head out now," the doctor instructed. My contraction came, and I pushed with everything in me. I heard her cry as my body relaxed, but another contraction hit me quickly. I instinctively pushed harder, and the doctor lifted my baby girl up in the air for me to see.

"Oh god… she's beautiful," I whispered as the tears slid down my cheeks. I watched in awe as Edward cut her umbilical cord and the nurses took her to the table to evaluate her and clean her off.

"I'm so proud of you, Bella." Edward pressed a kiss to my lips as the tears ran down his face. The doctor instructed me that I needed to push more to expel the afterbirth, but I barely noticed as my body instinctively followed his instructions. My eyes never left the baby in the small bed next to me.

Alice hovered over the nurses with the camera, and Edward squeezed my hand as he took in shaky breaths. After what felt like an eternity, the nurse brought me my daughter. I stared down into her beautiful face as she looked up at me before closing her eyes again.

"Welcome to the world," I whispered as I touched her tiny little nose. Edward's hand came down and grabbed her tiny one gently as he took a seat on the edge of the bed next to me.

"She's so tiny and perfect." His voice was filled with shock and awe.

"What are you two naming her?" Rose asked softly as she looked down at us. I grinned up at Edward before looking back down at our baby girl.

"Kaylie Renee Cullen," Edward's smile was ridiculous. I loved him more in that moment than I ever had. I passed Kaylie over to him and watched with pride as he cradled her and whispered to her.

"Can you guys go get Charlie and Carlisle?" I asked as I reached out for Esme. She was incredibly quiet through the entire birth. I noticed to tear tracks running down her face as she sat down next to me on my bed.

"You were incredible, Bella. Thank you for my beautiful granddaughter. I'm sorry Renee isn't here to see this, but I know she's watching you and she'd be so proud of you." Esme's eyes welled up with tears again as I pulled her down to me into a fierce hug.

Everyone held Kaylie and bragged about her beauty. She had big brown eyes and a head full of bronze hair. My heart soared at the idea of her being the perfect mix of Edward and me.

After everyone left for the evening, I laid in my new bed nursing Kaylie when Edward came into the room with a bouquet of red roses and a box.

"I have something for you, love," he whispered as he opened the box. I looked into it and saw the most beautiful necklace I'd ever laid eyes on. The chain was a delicate white gold and three tear drop shaped stones were nestled against the black velvet. Our family's birthstones were there, including Kaylie 's.

"It's perfect Edward." I smile at him as he stared into my eyes.

"We can add more stones to it," he whispered with a smirk. I rolled my eyes at him as he took a seat in the chair next to my bed.

"Give me some time to recoup, and we'll discuss that," I laughed before handing Kaylie off to him so I could get some much needed rest.

1 year later EPOV

Having a child and being in med school were incredibly difficult to do together. Kaylie was my life, my everything. I didn't think that I could ever love someone more than I loved Bella, but the moment I peered into that perfect little face I knew that she would be my life. She had me wrapped around her little fingers the moment I found out she existed.

Life was never easy for us. Bella and I fought over small things, but they were never serious. Between school and Kaylie, I never slept. Bella had gotten a job at a publishing company, so it took up a lot of her time. I refused to hire somebody to take care of Kaylie, so I took her to class with me a lot. My professors understood it a lot of time and some of them would even watch her for me when I needed to take a test.

"Edward! I can't think straight! Why in the hell are you working straight through the summer? Can't you take a break or something?" Bella whined as I sat in front of my laptop trying to write a paper with Kaylie on one knee.

"Sweetie, I know that you really want this promotion, and I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for you to get that book edited. You know I have to write this paper. I'm sorry Kaylie won't go to sleep," I sighed. I wasn't in the mood to argue with her. She had to have the book editing by the next morning and she was working her fingers to the bone while I had a paper due that same morning and Kaylie refused to sleep without her bottle, which we were taking away and replacing with a sippy cup.

"If you took the summer off, then you wouldn't be under this stress!" she chastised as she looked at me over the manuscript, her reading glasses sliding down her nose and making her the sexiest woman I had ever seen. She was always worried about me and not herself.

"You know if I go through the summer I'll be finished faster. How about we give into the bottle, just tonight?" I whispered huskily to her. Bella's eyes went wide and her tongue peeked out to wet her lips.

"Um… we can't do that. It ruins the progress we've made," she whispered back, but her attention was no longer on the editing she needed to get done.

"Baby, I'm horny and frustrated, and we both need to get this stuff done. One night isn't going to hurt anything," I pressed as I closed my laptop. I grinned at her as she nodded and raced Kaylie to the kitchen. I fixed her bottle and put her into her crib and then ran back down to scoop Bella up in my arms.

"Edward, I miss you," she sighed as her head nuzzled into my shoulder. I froze in the middle of the hall and stared at her.

"What do you mean you miss me? I've been here the whole time," I asked her with my shock evident in my voice. She ducked her head some and averted her eyes as her cheeks flamed up a bright red. Her reaction caused me to think she didn't mean to say anything out loud.

"Well, yeah… physically you're here, but… you're just so busy with school and I'm always working and I feel like we're losing us," she stated simply without looking at me, but her fingers twisted in my shirt. I pulled back from her and waited for her to look into my eyes before I comment back to her.

"I'm sorry I've made you feel that way. You have to know that I love you more than anything. You and Kaylie mean everything to me." I pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead as I started walking back into our bedroom.

"I know that. It's just… we were always so close before and now… we've drifted. Do you realize it's been a week since we've had sex," she questioned shyly as she blushed.

"We haven't been close lately, have we?" She nodded in response and I continued, "We're going to change that right now, Bella. If you ever feel like we're drifting, you tell me and I'll do the same. I need you in my life," I whispered while laying her down on the bed.

"Absolutely," she sighed out as I pressed my lips to the dip of her throat.

I continued my kisses across her collarbone and up her neck to nipple on her ear. She let out a stuttering breath and my hands slid the fabric of her tank top up her stomach until they reached her bare breasts. A breathy moan escaped her, and her hands were suddenly buried in my hair.

"God, Bella," I whimpered when her hands tugged gently on my hair. I felt her lips press against my neck before I felt her sucking on me. The sensations of licking and sucking on my neck caused a shiver to rip through me.

"Don't talk," Bella whispered. I instantly obeyed her. My mouth found hers, and my hands pushed her tank top all the way up her body. I pulled away from her mouth only to remove the offending piece of fabric before I crashed my lips back down to hers.

Bella's nails scraped down my bared chest before her hands gripped the waist band of my sleep pants and she yanked them down over my ass. She pulled away from my mouth and pushed the pants further down my legs where I proceeded to kick them off. Bella then pulled my mouth back to hers and bit down on my bottom lip, causing a growl to rumble up from my chest.

I quickly tore her pajama bottoms and panties away from her body and crawled up over her. I bucked my hips into her teasingly before I sat back on my heels and my hands slid up her thighs and parted her legs. I let the fingers from one hand slip into her folds and tease her clit before I grabbed onto my cock with the other hand.

"Fuck me, please," Bella's voice came out as a strangled whisper. I didn't hesitate any longer and lined myself up with her entrance. Bella's legs tightened around my hips as I pushed myself into her. We both let out matching cries of pleasure at the connection of our bodies.

My body hovered over her as I stared into her eyes while my hips rocked back and forth into her. Her hands scratched lightly up and down my arms as she bit her bottom lip; her hips matching my movements. When her hands squeezed my shoulders I began to pump into her faster and her moans ricocheted around the room.

"Harder, Edward," Bella cried out desperately. My hand found her clit again as I sat back on my heels. My other hand gripped her hip, and I pounded into her relentlessly. I heard her gasp and whimper before she clenched tightly around me. Before I could register anything, a loud groan escaped my lips and I spilled myself into her.

"Holy fuck," I panted into her chest where I had collapsed. My body shook with the after effects of my orgasm. Bella's hands raked through my hair gently and I raised my eyes to hers. A goofy smile graced her lips and then she leaned up and pressed her lips to mine quickly.

"I feel a hell of a lot better now." She laughed gently, and I tickled her sides, causing her to gasp and wiggle underneath me.

"Oh god… don't move like that. I've still got that paper to write, and you have to finish editing. We can't afford to be in here all night," I groaned out pathetically. Bella smiled at me as I pulled out of her and rolled off the bed. I knew if I laid down next to her, neither of us would finish our work.

"You're right, but I expect a repeat of that performance when we do finally go to bed," she giggled and climbed out of bed with me.

"Damn, woman, I love you." I laughed and chased her out into the living room, still naked. I figured it would give me the inspiration I needed to work faster if I had to look at her sitting across from me completely naked.

"Edward?" Bella called to me a little while later.

"Yeah baby?" I asked her with a grin. She stared me straight in the eyes with the most serious expression on her face before answering me.

"You know I love you, right?"

"Of course I know. I love you too… more than you could ever know."

To say our lives were perfect would be lying. Like any couple we had our ups and downs, hell Bella threatened to kick my ass out of the house on an almost weekly basis. We made it work though and I made sure to tell her everyday how much I love her and Kaylie. Once school was done for me we moved our family home to Washington and our life finally fell into the track that it was always meant to be on.

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