"Vampire," is what she told me when I was awakened, "you are here to kill."

Those words startled me, but pleased as well.

My craving was to kill, making the thirst fade. She wouldn't let me. I had to learn to resist.

Victoria said she changed me to build an army. "Yellow eyes?" Odd, mine were a deep red

"They are the unnatural ones, the animal drinkers." I snarled with disgust

The tigress awoke another, not long before me, who was called Riley.

His age was four years older than I, eighteen. He was also her lover.

I wanted him too.

My emotions were stronger as a vampire. His were, too.

I knew he wanted Victoria more than he wanted me. But I accepted that, even though my unmoving heart ached in depression.

I surely knew that it would feel better after the battle. Because the feeling of slowly draining the life out of a human was a feeling to die for. Literally.

It was only a couple of days away. Our army grew fast and most learned to control themselves.

And some didn't.

The both of them came at me, a brother and sister couple Riley changed. They were in rage over jealous, not over Riley and I, but how Victoria treated me. With more respect, the jealously grew for them.

I grabbed one's neck while the brother jerked my waist. I could feel his hands searing into my side.

Then they vanished.

A hiss escaped Riley's throat.

I was still trying to pin down the woman while Riley took the man out.

Anger burst from him, tearing the newborn's head straight off.

The woman let out a whine, "Quiet," I heard Riley say, "or that will happen to you."

"W-what are you going to do to me?" she asked

Riley bent down and grabbed her neck. She lifted off the ground, "You'll see."