Help me find my way…

He swung his golden coloured spear upwards as he dashed away. The spear spiralled upwards in the most brilliant motion, murdering his enemies, the creatures of the dark. His expression was merciless. His ghastly coloured cerulean eyes gleamed chillingly in the darkness of the night. Blond bangs covered his eyes but never blocking his vision. As he slashed his enemies, his eyes were trained at the clock tower, his eventual destination.

Under the stare of the scarlet moon, he dashed through the pavement, summoning thousands of lances to vanquish his opponents. And he entered the castle.

The bells of the clock tower struck, ringing through the empty hollow of the hours of darkness.

He was determined… to end everything once and for all.


The black and white checkerboards floor tiles of the castle stretched endlessly as he made his way up. He used any means possible to dispatch the creatures of the darkest shades of black, watching them melt into void as they were defeated, subjugated by his holy lance.

He kept ascending the endless stairs blanketed by crimson carpet. His blood mixed perfectly with the ruby colour of the carpet as they dripped. His injuries were getting more and more severe with every attack he suffered. There was no more time…


Panting, he finally made it, standing before the enormous door leading to him.

His holy lance dissipated as he willed it. Suddenly, hesitation began welling up inside him. He couldn't move. He was stunned. What was he doing there? He thought he had already gathered up all determination to end everything. Comrades had fallen and everybody was depending on him. It was in his hands.

His palms curled up into fists. He trembled under the pressure, under the stare of those mocking doors.

Swallowing, he stepped forward, pushing the door open.

He released a surprised gasp.


This is the place it all begins… and this will be the place to mark the end of your journey."

His holy lance came back to life.

The man before him.

That strong and loving figure he once knew was no more.

Finally, it came to a time where decisions had to be made—where fates clashed.

The world is too small…

Too small for both of them to share.

It was either the man he once loved…

Or his own life.

It was the beginning of the end,

as sadness was thrown away into the deepest abyss of the darkness.