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Ok, so since my Autobot Pranks fiction is getting so long, I thought... Why not do a separate one for the Family Guy inspired chapters? After all, they are not ALL based on pranks, either. Basically, it's just Family Guy scenes integrated into Transformers, the movie-verse, with the added characters of my Autobot Pranks. Also, a few of these chapters might be losely based on chapters is above mentioned fic, so if you're confused, reading those will help.

More or less this fiction should be able to stand on it's own.

Summary : Autobot Pranks spin off. A series of one-shots where Autobots, and sometimes Decepticons, find themselves in Family Guy situations. Not always caused by pranks. Hilarity and Insanity ensue!

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(Scene/POV Changes)


(Normal POV)

Starscream growled lowly as he bowed in front of Megatron. "I understand, my lord." Even if I'm going to get you back for this. Standing up again, he waited until he was dismissed, and left, all the while grumbling about his horrible luck. And this is one of those occasions I wouldn't mind if Megatron wanted to offline me.

"I still don't understand how I got drawn into it." The hulking black form of Barricade snarled as he stretched out his claws and glared at the three in front of him.

"Suck it up." Skywarp hissed, rolling his optics.

"Trust me, we're not all that happy about it, either." Thundercracker added, sneering down at the cruiser.

"You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." Starscream added, smirking. "But at least that works for us."

There was a low growl. "Yes, because my job is amusing you three. How did you get yourselves in so much trouble, anyways?" He tilted his head and folded his arms over his chest as he regarded the trio of seekers.

The other two seekers locked optics on Starscream, who ducked his head a little and muttered something. Seeing the pointed glare on Barricade's face, however, he snarled lowly. "I used the Auto-scum's override chip to have Megatron make a fool out of himself." Though how he managed to escape Autobot capture is beyond me. And here I thought we were finally rid of that fragger.

"Exactly." Thundercracker rolled his optics, but his lip plates twitched slightly. "Wish I could've seen it."

"'Cracker!" 'Warp's optics went wide.

"What? I do!"

Starscream smirked a little, before groaning. "Come on, we have our orders. Barricade, you come up with the...uh....song, I suppose." He twitched a little, before sagging in on himself. "I would have much preferred being slagged."

"We all would. What self-respecting Decepticon would want to humiliate themselves in front of the Autobots and their pathetic, organic fleshbag friends?" 'Cracker's optics darkened. "Maybe we can corner one of them alone and offline them afterwards? No one would find out about our...humiliating experience."

Skywarp shook his head. "You heard Megatron. We're to find as large a group of Autobots as possible, and then, urg...perform, and then leave. We don't engage otherwise."

"Makes us sitting ducks."

"How is that? We're seekers, not feathered fowl, and I don't think I've ever heard of a 'sitting' duck."

Barricade rolled his optics, even as he began scanning the internet for a good song. He was already given guidelines to follow, and began scrolling through the list of available songs that filled those guidelines while the seekers argued amongst themselves.

Starscream shook his head before jumping into the air and transforming. "Can it, you two. We've got orders to fill, and you know Megatron's going to be watching. Let's go." He sighed as the other two seekers transformed, and Barricade slowly did the same. "We'll need to take the highways so our land-bound comrade doesn't get lost." He shot off, smirking when Barricade's engine roared in irritation.

As they disappeared off, Megatron began laughing in his throne room.

Lets see how they like it.

(A Few Hours Later)

Starscream was close to calling it quits for the day, and dealing with whatever punishment Megatron was sure to deal out with. They'd been circling Tranquility, Mission City, and even did a fly by of the Hoover Dam, trying to spot the signal of at least one Autobot.

In their near desperation of their mission being successful, they even sent Barricade to Samuel Witwicky's house, only to have the cruiser return with dents, grumbling at them about evil fleshback femme creators, and insist Sam wasn't home.

They were seriously about to call it quits when Skywarp suddenly disappeared.

'Wha-Hey!' Starscream froze and began looking around, followed by 'Cracker. 'Ok, where'd you go?'

'If we can't find them, we'll just have to make them come to us.'

Optics widened in horror. 'Are you off your processors! If we kill any of their precious humans, they'll offline us before we get a chance to perform the mission!'

'Who said anything about killing fleshbags?'

There was another pop, and Skywarp reappeared. He stopped over a thickly wooded area, transformed, and grabbed for his weapons. Powering them up, he scanned the area before letting lose a blast that tore a good chunk of the forest to shred and set up a hefty fire. There were no residences around, so the seekers and newly transformed Barricade sat back and waited, knowing Autobot scanners would detect the energy signature on the weapons fire from miles away.

(With the Autobots)

Optimus' engine rumbled loudly, startling the camaro in front of him. 'Autobots, I'm picking up Decepticon weapons energy some distance ahead.'

'Should we check it out?' Ironhide rumbled in excitement from behind the semi, speeding up so he was on his leader's aft almost. 'They could be up to no good.'

'When has a Decepticon ever been up to good?' Ratchet shot, his sirens blasting as he pulled around the others to drive alongside Optimus. Luckily, they were on a four lane highway that was otherwise unoccupied. 'We should check it out.'

'Agreed. Autobots, keep your guard up. Sensors indicate several Decepticon energy signals. We're to do recon and only engage if absolutely necessary. Bumblebee will watch over the humans. Autobots, roll out!'

The large convoy of disguised Autobots began speeding off towards the energy signature. They all kept their guard up, not having the faintest idea what they were going to find, but as they rolled to the edge of the highway and transformed, they all stared at the seekers and cruiser who appeared to be...waiting...for them?

"It's about time!" Starscream growled. "If you'd been any slower I might just have given the order to attak a human city."

"What do you want, Starscream."

"To be as far away from you lot as possible." The seeker grunted a little, moving to stand between his comrades. "Unfortunately, orders are orders." He growled when many of the Autobots armed themselves at his words. "Oh, relax, I'm not here for a fight." He sighed and lowered his head, praying that a stray meteor would fall out of the sky and crush him into space dust.

Apparently he didn't have that kind of luck.

Looking back up, he glanced over at Barricade expectantly, and when the cruiser sent him the data pack, very nearly offlined himself right there and then. Identical groans from the other two seekers only seemed to agree with that feeling.

"Lets get this over with."

The music started, and Starscream couldn't even bring himself to look his foes in the face, he was so humiliated. His usual cannon transformed into a microphone, and he glared at the ground until his cue.

Just a small town girl

Living in a lonely world

She took the midnight train going anywhere.

Several of the Autobots had to blink, and then wondered if there was something going around. Prowl's head smoked and his optics seemed to dim and brighten, but he managed, somehow, to stay on his feet, even if he was swaying wildly.

Starscream suddenly grabbed Skywarp, who looked like he was seriously considering running for his spark, and pulled him forward.

"No, 'Screamer! Don't make me do th-" He suddenly grabbed the microphone.

Just a city boy

Born and raised in South Detroit

He took the midnight train going anywhere

Sam and Mikeala were in hysterics in Bee's one hand, and Will and Epps weren't much better in his other, while the majority of the Autobots just stared. A few of the younglings began sniggering, but for the most part, the elder mechs could only stare in horrified shock.

It didn't help the voices issuing forth from the vocal processors didn't belong to the singers, but to characters from a local television show that was popular to humans, 'Family Guy'. It appeared Starscream was 'Peter', Skywarp was 'Cleveland'...

"Oh, Primus! I love this song!" Jazz clapped his claws together, before laughing at the incredulous looks a lot of the Autobots shot him, and the beyond lethal glares the Decepticons were shooting him. "What? I do!"

Some will win, some will lose!

Some were born to sing the blues!

Everyone began laughing as Thundercracker more screamed the lyrics, rather than singing them. He was apparently 'Joe'.

Oh the movie never ends

It goes on and on and on and on- Giggity, giggity, giggity, go!

Barricade got right into it, singing with the others. He was obviously 'Quagmire', and his singing caused the humans to laugh even harder. The seekers stood behind him, clasing hands and swaying back and forth as they got right into the music.

Street light...

The singing stopped as Starscream shook himself out of the song with a growl. His cooling jets were on so loudly, any Autobot not already doubled over laughing immediately did so.

"Ok, hope you enjoyed the show, you're not getting another." He growled again, his hands shaking as he transformed the microphone into his gun again. "And tell anyone about this, and-"

"Too late!" Sides popped up. "We had a few troops not here, and I didn't think it was fair to them to miss out, so..." He shrugged with a grin. "I sent a live video feed to them. That includes all the humans at the base, too."

A look of pure, unadulterated horror crossed the seeker's facial plates, and he grit his dental plates with a glare, before hopping into the air. "This isn't over!"

"I sure hope it is." Sunstreaker had a finger pressed against one of his audio sensors. "I don't think my hearing can take much more of your horrid screeching." He shuddered a little, his lip plates trembling.

"Har, har, har. Seekers, return to base!"

The seekers transformed and turned, flying out of sight as fast as they could, their cooling fans switched on loudly and giving them away for quite a distance. Barricade looked over at the Autobots and shrugged before transforming.

"I didn't think it was that bad." He groused, before following them out of there.

There was a muted thud, and everyone turned to find Prowl offline and Ratchet shaking his head slowly.

"One of these days, he's not going to come back from it." The medic mused as he leaned down to check on their fallen Second in Command.


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