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(Normal POV)

Ever wonder what would happen if Prowl happened to be pranked one too many times? Maybe you worried about the consequences of all his glitching.

Ratchet never really worried. As a super advanced cybernetic being from another world, the medibot knew well enough just how much Autobot processors could take. Pranks and Prowl's almost common place reaction of glitching were only slightly pushing the bar. After about the tenth prank, Ratchet began to worry Prowl might just carry out his own musings about offlining both sets of twins permanently.

Other than that, however, he wasn't too worried.

Well, ok, he was worried, at the moment, but Prowl was perhaps the farthest thing on his mind. There were rumors about a movie theft, and the missing Second in Command, but the medibot was certain Prowl was, at worst, hiding out in hopes the twins would completely pass by him in lieu of their latest prank.

Obviously, if you considered who the usual culprits were, it wasn't hard to guess who'd stolen Epps' Family Guy movie, as well as his burned CDs of every episode known in existence.

A quick check confirmed Skids and Mudflap were still working on repaving the runway after Ironhide found another glitch mouse Mikeala had tricked Ratchet into making. Well, they were at the moment repaving each other and rolling around in a tussle, but they seemed completely oblivious to the movie events going on within the hangar.

'Ratchet to Ironhide...' The medibot locked optics on the guardian of the smaller twins, and frowned. 'Have they been left alone, for even a moment?'

One black optic ridge slowly elevated as Ironhide gazed back steadily. 'Not one. I've been bored off my aft with babysitting duty. When's shift change?'

'You mean when does Optimus decide to punish another bot?' Ratchet countered, smirking a little. 'I have no idea. I think he was in hiding, himself. Him and Prowl.'

There was a small huff, before Ironhide walked over and hauled the twins off each other, glaring at them and speaking lowly. When he put them back down, his cannons appeared, gave a brief whirl, and then disappeared again, and the twins eagerly got back to work. 'Smart bots. Just make sure someone gets sent out here. Much more, and I might just offline them for Prowl.'

A small chuckle was his only response as the yellow bot ducked back into the main hangar, looking around and frowning. Arcee triplets wouldn't bother stealing. They'd ask. Bumblebee's out with Sam and Mikeala. Jolt was in my office last I checked, and he's too quiet to suddenly steal a movie out of nowhere... The Chevy twins are with Ironhide, Optimus is in his office....

That more or less left Prowl, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

Sighing lowly, Ratchet mentally cursed, knowing there was a connection with why those three bots were currently unaccounted for. Switching internal channels, Ratchet strode through the hangar. 'Ratchet to Prowl, do you read? Can you tell me where you are?'


Pausing mid-step, Ratchet blinked, and his frown grew. 'Prowl? Do you read me?' He changed channels again after more silence. 'Optimus, do you read me?' Allowing a hint of annoyance to creep into his tone, Ratchet stepped out the other side of the hangar and looked to the distant hangars. Most were being used to house the newest Autobots, and most of those had their doors open. In fact, all but one had their doors open.

'I'm here, old friend. I take it something's up?'

Lip plates trembled slightly. 'Yes. The sky.'


Chuckling a little, Ratchet began walking across the base, heading towards the single hangar with it's door closed. He ran over a mental schematic within his processors and frowned slightly. "That hangar's supposed to be empty. Well, other than storage." 'Have you heard from Prowl lately? I can't seem to get a hold of him, and it's not like him not to answer.'

There was silence on the line a moment, and Ratchet briefly wondered if Optimus was either going to disappear as well, or sound a full scale alarm. Prowl was always prompt in responding to any and all hails, but if he'd simply and accidentally damaged or switched off his communications systems, he might easily have missed the calls. Then, Prime sighed.

'I see. This is unusual, however, I passed him in hangar 5 several hours ago. I believe he was going on a thorough search of the entire base for the missing DVDs.' There was a small chuckle, and Ratchet spun to find Optimus walking towards him. "We both know he can occasionally lose himself in his searches."

"Very true. Hm... Should we split up and look for him anyways?"

Looking around the base, Optimus pursed his lip plates thoughtfully, before pausing. "No need." He gestured vaguely.

Turning around, Ratchet raised an optic ridge to see Prowl staggering out of the supposedly empty hanger, a small oil drum in his hand and a dazed look in his optics. Behind him, the 'Vette twins walked out of the hangar.

"Oh Primus, why do I suddenly have a very bad feeling?" Ratchet shuttered his optics and pinched the bridge of his nose, before hearing an identical sigh, turning as he onlined his optics and snickering a little. "I've been hanging around you too long."

Optimus onlined his optics and blinked, before taking in their almost identical reactions to the situation. He chuckled lowly, glancing towards the gate and waving as Bumblebee arrived, transforming and lifting Mikeala and Sam into his hands before walking over. "Sam. Mikeala. I take it you had a good day?"

Ratchet nodded at the humans, not even pausing to listen to what they had to say before turning back to watching as Prowl seemed to hesitate. He watched as the Second in Command turned to him, blinked, and then looked around, as if expecting something. 'Prowl?'

The black and white bot turned to him a moment, before raising an optic ridge. 'Just waitin' for my breakfast....' He tapped his free hand on his hip absently, looking around. Seemingly realizing what he'd just said, he frowned and shook his head a little, the faintest trail of smoke issuing forth.

Ratchet blinked. "Breakfast?" He took in the questioning gaze from Optimus, and the way the twins were walking away casually. Too casually. He growled lowly. "Slagging glitch-ridden twin terrors of Unicron..." He swore quietly, glaring at Bumblebee who mocked gasped, and Optimus who snickered quietly. What're they up to now...?


Jumping a little, Ratchet turned to find Prowl staring at him, almost expectantly. "What?" He called back, slightly.

Prowl blinked again, his head twitching a little. "Slagging....twins..." His head smoked a tiny bit. 'They tied me to a chair and made me watch hours of 'Family Guy'.' He twitched again. 'How is it they're never punished severely enough to make them stop? It's like they can do whatever they want!!' The second in command's voice seemed to get higher and higher as he went. There was a low growl. "Well if they can do anything they want, then so can I!"

Snapping the top off his can of.... Upon scanning it, Ratchet felt his optics widen. "Prowl, no!" He lunged forward, but paused when he realized it was too late.

Prowl tipped the can up, then lowered it as he swallowed his sip. "Mmm... Dear Primus that's good!" He tilted his head back, pausing only to twitch again, before chugging the entirety of the can.

"What's he drinking...?" Optimus' wary voice floated over to Ratchet.

The medibot sighed loudly. "Extremely highly refined energon. The high, high grade stuff."

Throwing the can down, Prowl looked around, his optics impossibly wide and bright. "Suddenly, I want to run!" He grinned excitedly at Ratchet. "Chase me! Ahahahahahahaha Ahahahaha Ahahahahaha Aha!" He began laughing giddily and running in massive circles back and forth, gayly jumping over humans and dodging planes as he went.

Everyone's jaws dropped, and humans and Autobots alike didn't seem to know whether to laugh or run for their lives.

"Ahaha Ahahahahahahahahahaha Ahahahahahahahaha!" Prowl kept running in circles, his arms in the air as he laughed loudly, sending a lot of his audience into fits of hysterics. "Ahahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! Ahaha!"

Ratchet twitched minutely, his lip plates trembling. He saw out of the corner of his optic, Bumblebee doubled over, struggling to hold the giggling humans even as he laughed himself. Optimus wasn't much better, though there was a somewhat disturbed look in his optics.

"Ahahahahahahahahaha!" Prowl suddenly skidded to a stop and seemed to sag in on himself, his optics dulling as well as his facial expression. "Ohh, now I'm sad." His optics suddenly blinked off, and he promptly fell over backwards.

For the longest moment everyone was frozen solid. The 'Vette twins were frozen at the far side of the storage hangar, their optics impossibly wide in shock and their jaws swaying in the wind.

'You two-'

'It wasn't us!' Sides held up his hands in defence. 'I mean, we did tie him up and make him watch hours of Family Guy, but that's it.' He blinked. 'Well slag. He pulled a 'Stewie's First Soda'!'

'He did it.' Sunstreaker took a single step back, his optics wide with fright. 'The old fragger finally snapped!'

"What...the....hell was that about?" Will gasped, his own eyes wide.

Epps snickered, and then busted up laughing once again. "Stewie's...first....soda.... Oh, man! At least now I know where my Family Guy movie went!" He laughed even harder.

Shaking his head, Ratchet warily edged towards the offlined bot, his medic programming warring with his survival instinct. 'Jolt, get your aft out here.' He sent coordinates. 'We've got a situation.' Edging closer, Ratchet blinked and then carefully prodded the still form with his foot, before running scans over the body. He sighed a little, before shaking his head. 'Never again do we allow Prowl near the high grade, I don't care what the situation.' He called to Optimus, before kneeling down to begin his examination.

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