Liandri Bot Manufacturing Facility, Oxida Nova.


A door to a landing pad opens, reavealing Barktooth and Hunter. "All clear?" Hunter said. "Yeah." Barktooth responded, lowering his Sniper Rifle. "Hey Rookie, you out there? Respond, that's an order!" Hunter said, as they walked toward the landing pad.

"Give it up, Hunter. Even if he ain't dead, he's probably lost in that soup sleeping-" Barktooth said before he was cut off. "Oh give up, huh? What if it were you out there?" Hunter replied. "Just sayin', I ain't dead." Barktooth said. The Axon Rebel Cicada swoops in.

"Welcome aboard, ladies. First stop, anywhere but here." Ushido said to the two. As they were about to step aboard, two small Liandri Carrier ships fly in from the right, firing plasma projectors at the two as they duck. The Right one fires an energy orb on the landing pad, knocking the two on their stomach.

The Left Carrier fires another energy orb at the bulk of the Cicada, it flies away, spinning out of control. "We're losin' her, watch out!" Dutch yelled. "AAAAAaaaah!" Hunter yelled, firing his Link Gun at the Carriers, same with Barktooth firing his Sniper Rifle.

"Ushido, Kensai! Status!" Hunter yelled. He turns to Barktooth, putting his hands on his shoulders. "Alive or dead, we're pulling them out! You hear me?" Hunter said to Barktooth. They turn towards the door.

"Back inside, let's find that Cicada." Hunter said. They move through, and come to a balcony outside. They come across a group of Liandri bots. "Pick a target, take it out!" Hunter said. Barktooth aimed for the green one, who was in secure mode with the two yellow ones next to it.

Barktooth fired, taking the robot's head off, and spilling black oil of the yellow ones. They activated with a modified Link Gun attached in their arm. It's Alternate fire beam was longer but thinner, almost like a needle. "That did it! Shoot'n scoot!" Hunter said in Ebonicks.

Barktooth killed the other two, who tried firing their Link's Gun's primary fire bolts, which moved faster. He switched to his Enforcer, and took them out. They move through, encountering many bots. On a balcony ahead, there were two red bots, with modified Shock Rifles that behave like Sniper Rifles.

"Bots with Shocks up top, take'em out!" Hunter warned. These bots also wore Shield Belts. Barktooth destroys the shield by aiming for the head with the Sniper Rifle. Then, Barktooth shoots two more shots at their heads, destroying them.

They move along, encountering dead Axon, meaning that the two Ronin members weren't the only visitors that came here. "Wow, not even Axon can withstand these guys." Barktooth. They move through the facility, encountering various bots. They soon get a transmission.

"Hunter, we're on a rooftop northeast of your location." Kensai said on the comm. "Roger that, sit tight, we'll come to you." Hunter said. They moved through, encountering Silverish-White bots, and a Gold bot. The White ones had Arm-mounted Flak Cannons, while the Gold one had an arm-mounted Stinger Minigun.

"We modified one of those energy bridges to make a bridge to our location." Kensai said. "Hold position, we'll come to you." Hunter said. They fight through robots. They reach the energy bridge. It was a circular corridor, that reached out to another rooftop of the Liandri Facility.

On that rooftop was the Crashed Axon Rebel Cicada that carried Ushido and Kensai. The two Ronin members, aswell as the same Iron Gaurd Rebel, were fending off Liandri bots. They walked into the energy bridge. Bot Combat Carriers fly by, causing it to shake. "Let's get the hell off this thing!" Hunter shouted.

They reached the rooftop. "What's the situation?" Hunter asked. "Bird's wasted. Lost the pilot on impact, rest of us are okay." Kensai said. There was alot of supplies around. Barktooth would have to use something other than his Sniper weapon. Barktooth grabs a Longbow AVRiL and an Instagib Shock Rifle.

"Not for long, Carriers inbound! Pick a turret Barktooth, conserve your ammo. This is gonna get hot." Hunter advised. There was 4 turrets. Two Energy Turrets, and two Rocket Turrets. Barktooth picked the Rocket Turrets first, then tried the Instagib Shock Rifle out.

"Carrier, comin' in from right!" Hunter announced. Barktooth fires the Rocket Turret, destroying the Carrier. More Combat Carriers flew around, which are taken down easily by the heavy weaponry. As the fighting rages on, the Necris were coming.

A Carrier carrying Silver Bots appears. "Silvers, take'em down!" The Iron Gaurd Rebel shouted. "Pour it on, boys. We're almost through this!" Hunter said. After most of the Bots were fought off, they were almost permanently gone. One last Carrier appears.

"We got one more Carrier, Hunter." Kensai warned. "Lookout! White Bot!" Hunter yelled. The Carrier flies past, and drops a newly-encountered Shield belt-wearing White Bot, it was armed with an Impact Hammer. "Scatter!" Hunter shouted.

The Bot uses the weapon's Alternate fire EMP Burst, killing the Iron Gaurd Rebel who had a Translocator. His body flew away onto the lower deck. It made another burst, and charged towards Barktooth. He shoots the Instagib Rifle at it, destroying it's Shield.

The Bot still stood, and used a burst to knock Barktooth against a crane's base. It throws the Impact Hammer away, and forms up a blade on it's arm. It strikes directly in Barktooth's chest, he screams in pain.

As the bot was about to strike again, Hunter comes in and saves Barktooth, but sticking a sharp object in the Robot's neck. Sparks and electricity fly out it's neck. The Bot tries to throw Hunter off, but he keeps his grip.

Ushido aims a Flak Cannon at the Bot, but noticing that he might hit Hunter, he instead goes and tackles it. Kensai tackles aswell, permanently disabling the bot. "Get....this....thing...off..of..me." Hunter moaned, while being stuck under the lifeless Robot's body.

Ushido and Kensai looked at eachother in confusement, and rolled the Bot's body over. Hunter get's up. "How bad?" he asked to Barktooth. "Ahh, not good!" Barktooth said, making stronge exhales. "We're gonna get you outta here." Ushido said.

"Not by air, we're not!" Kensai responded. "It's alright, I know another way." Hunter said. As they approach a door, thunder roars. "Uhh guys, you may wanna....see this. Because, I don't think it'll be too easy." Barktooth said, getting on his feet and pointing to the sky at the dark clouds.

The other 3 Ronin come over to see what Barktooth means, they look in the sky. Tentacles come pouncing down, destroying nearby buildings and towers. It is revealed to be the worst type of alien race ever encounter: The Necris Black Legion.