Written for Paradox's Halloween prompt post.

"I cannot resist you, your blood, your scent," Leonard sighed into her neck, watching Penny shiver.

"I can't...my father..." she whimpered.

"You don't have to leave him, you just...have to be careful."

"Oh, no."

"Oh, my God, what, Sheldon?" Sheldon rose from his spot on the couch and stood between the two.

"This is ridiculous. The whole dynamic is wrong."

"What, Sheldon?" Penny sighed, thinking things had been going just fine.

"Penny, much more wilting flower, please. You cannot resist his charms, he is the suave vampire lover of your dreams. This is where you'll have to use your imagination quite forcefully."

"Thanks, buddy," Leonard scoffed.

"You're welcome." Sheldon turned around, the question "Sarcasm?" on his tongue.

"Yeah, sarcasm."

"Another score for me," Leonard threw his head back with Sheldon's smug grin.

"Anyway, try to be more weak in the knees, if you'll allow the expression."

"I thought I was."

"Penny, you are a very self-assured and proud woman as evidenced by the fact that you have threatened to hogtie and castrate me more than once." Penny smiled slightly. This is the closest she's going to get to a compliment. "You have to pretend to be entirely dependent on the man...vampire before you. He is your life-blood, not just that he wants to drink it." Penny sucked her lips in and looks questioning at Leonard.

"Just...go with him, huh?" She sighs and waits for Leonard to get back into position.

"I cannot resist you, your blood, your scent," Leonard tried a second time.

"Oh, my God." Leonard and Penny groaned together. "This is terrible."

"He's an expert in vampire romance plays too?" Penny whispered.

"He's an expert in everything, just go with him."

"Yes, Sheldon?" she said, more loudly.

"Leonard, sit down," the taller man commanded. Leonard let go of Penny and moved back. "You seemingly cannot grasp auditory instructions, so I will now visual instruct you. Please, watch closely and attempt to learn from the experience."

When Sheldon took her into his arms, it was more rigidly than Leonard had, much the way it always was with Sheldon. He stood taller, his head thrown back a little, chin tilted upwards. He looked at her with eyes a little more dark and piercing than anything Leonard had shown her.

"I cannot resist you, your blood, your scent," he whispered to her.

For half a second, she forgot the line. She blinks and stutters, suddenly feeling all the wilting flower feelings she was supposed to be. "I can't...my father..."

"You don't have to leave him, you just...have to be careful." He leaned in closer and her breath rushed out. "Do you want...eternity?" His breath tickled her skin, made her shiver for real. "Do you want...me?"

She bit her lip, sucked in a breath, felt the gap close. She nodded yes, and waited. He leaned in, so close...lips almost touching.

"Do you get it now, Leonard?" She felt like he basically dropped her on the floor, abruptly straightening their position and sliding quickly back to the observation spot.

Leonard slid back over.

"That was..."

"Yeah, no, just-"

"From the top, people," he said, clapping his hands.

"Let's not mention this again," Leonard said quickly.

"Yeah, no, it's Halloween, full moon, werewolves, I don't even know..."


Originally posted on Livejournal 31 October 2009.