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Code Yellow

The assembled captains and their allies, the ryoka and the vizards, continued their stare down with the traitors. Kurosaki Ichigo had even managed to used his hollow powers and created a portal that allowed the remaining captains to escape to the real world, providing much needed support to the captains already stationed in the fake town. The captain commander pointed his unsheathed sword directly at Aizen, seemingly ignoring Gin and Tosen,

"Former-captain Aizen. The day is lost for you and your traitorous allies." He narrowed his eyes even more than they normally were, "You will come with us and be executed in soul society as traitors."

Gin chuckled a little behind his perpetual grin,

"I'm sorry commander Yamamoto. But it's just so funny!" he declared before chuckling to himself again. In between Tosen and Gin, Aizen just stood there with his half smile. Commander Yamamoto's eyes opened a little wider,

"You may be a prodigy Ichimaru but I can still incinerate you with a thought." He narrowed his eyes again, "Don't overestimate your strengths."

Aizen spoke for the first time,

"He's not overestimating his strengths at all captain commander." His smile grew wider and he waved his hand slightly, "He's accurately estimated your weakness."

Before any of the captains could react, the ryoka were snatched from between their ranks. The captain commander's eyes widened slightly, this time with shock, as the Espada Starrk and Harribel appeared behind Aizen, three captives in their grasp. As he watched, Starrk fired two point blank ceros from his pistols. Immediately, the Quincy boy and the ryoka with the strange arm disappeared in a red haze of cero and blood. The substitute Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo, was screaming something to his right but the captain commander had already assessed the situation as hopeless. The enemy had Inoue Orihime at the edge of the third Espada's Zanpakuto. A very valuable hostage to be sure. And they had the best escape method waiting for them. Starrk stood by the gaping hole in existence,

"Hey boss, we should get going." He suggested, a bored air about him for someone that had just executed two people. Aizen nodded,

"You are right of course Starrk. Off we go back home. Oh-" He turned slightly to look at Kurosaki Ichigo, "I do hope you have buried Renji and Rukia. I don't want to have to see their mangled corpses. Yammi always was such a messy creature…"

An impossibly loud scream erupted from the substitute Shinigami beside him and Commander Yamamoto saw him preparing to shoot off towards Aizen's retreating back. He held out a hand to stop the boy,

"Kurosaki, you mustn't attack. They're already going through to Las Noches. You'll never make it before the portal clos-" he stopped talking abruptly when the orange haired youth shot past him with speed that not even the thoroughly experienced Yoruichi could muster. He turned quickly and watched as Kurosaki Ichigo flew at the rapidly closing gateway to the hollow world. The gap was closing too quickly, not even the boy's impressive Shunpo was going to be enough to get him through. Surely the boy realised that the hole would close too soon for him to make it through?

If he did then he was ignoring the fact pretty well. The boy's speed increased yet again, something that the laws of physics should have made impossible. Yamamoto watched with carefully concealed amazement as the teenager extended his sword arm outwards and into the portal. His arm followed shortly afterwards but then disaster struck. Just as the boy's head was halfway through the portal it closed abruptly. Light exploded from Kurosaki Ichigo's head and his sword arm reappeared. With a slightly flicker, the light vanished. And Kurosaki Ichigo fell like a stone.

Acting quickly, Yamamoto shunpo'd through the air as fast as he could. He caught the young Shinigami easily and slapped him across the face rather harshly. The boy's eyelids fluttered open but the eyes themselves were rolled up into the back of his head. The captain commander shook the youth briskly and watched as the boy's head simply lolled from side to side. Yamamoto's eye narrowed in anger,

"Captain Kurotsuchi!" he said, raising his voice slightly. Mayuri Kurotsuchi appeared by his side in a flash of Shunpo, not even he was arrogant enough to be idle when the captain commander raised his voice. He bowed his head,

"Yes, Captain Commander?" he asked respectfully. Yamamoto could tell that the respectful tone stung the painted man's tongue but he didn't care,

"You will return to soul society immediately and take Kurosaki Ichigo with you to your laboratory." He commanded bluntly. Kurotsuchi's eyes widened with joy,

"A new test subject? Why thank-"

"You are only going to see what the problem is." He said sternly. Kurotsuchi deflated slightly,

"And why would you want me to do such a thing? The worthless healers of the 4th division would suffice for such a trivial task." He noted, the distain he was famous for returning even in the presence of the Captain Commander. Yamamoto nodded,

"But they will not add to his health." He commented with a sideways look at the scientist. Mayuri smiled again,

"You mean code yellow?" he inquired, childlike glee escaping into his tone. Yamamoto nodded briskly as he handed the limp teenager over,

"Make sure you do not harm him." He warned coldly. Kurotsuchi nodded absently,

"Yes, yes, he has to be willing to help us. Nemu!" he called out to his vice-captain. Yamamoto watched with disinterest as the 12th division captain handed Kurosaki's limp form to his female clone. He stood still as they both disappeared in a flurry of flash steps.

"You're going to destroy him." Unohana said coldly from behind him. Yamamoto closed his eyes,

"Yes I am." He agreed, a sigh escaping him as he did so. Unohana shook her head, a frowned marring her otherwise benign appearance,

"If you weren't dead already I'd say you'd lost your soul." She muttered darkly. Yamamoto sighed again,

"I'm feeling bad enough as it is without you chipping away at me Retsu. That boy is the hope of soul society and the world of the living. And we may not even have to resort to code yellow." He explained, opening his eyes only slightly as his age seemed to catch up with him all at once. Unohana turned away,

"So he's ours now? Willing or unwilling?"

"Sense for them Retsu."



"I don't follow."

"His family is gone as well. I can feel it, and you can too."


"His friends are either dead or held captive, most likely with suicidal tendencies by now, by our enemy. He has nothing left. If we have to use it… code yellow will give him a life."

"But it'll never be his."

"Goodbye Retsu, I believe Captain Soifon needs her shoulder looked at."

"Of course. Goodbye Commander."


Captain Commander Yamamoto was cold. With the most powerful fire type Zanpakuto at his hip he'd always been warmed just by its proximity. But not now. Not while he stared down at the lifeless figure on the steel table. Not while he looked into those glazed eyes. He tore his gaze from the figure on the table before him and looked up at Captain Kurotsuchi,

"You're sure about the results?" he asked the scientist. Captain Kurotsuchi nodded with his sickening grin still in place,

"I've run the tests over and over again Commander. But all the results show the same thing. Kurosaki Ichigo had lost all his memories. He barely has enough to remember how to breathe." He explained, still inspecting Kurosaki's body as if it were a great treasure. Yamamoto nodded slowly,

"Then I authorise a code yellow." He said quietly. Luckily Kurotsuchi had been waiting patiently for the words so the fact that they were almost too quiet to hear was of no concern to him. He chuckled to himself as he attached the pads to Kurosaki's temples. With uncontained glee he walked over to a giant switch. Yamamoto looked down at Kurosaki, noting how shallow his breathing was. He looked up again and nodded. Kurotsuchi grinned even more and flicked the switch.

Nothing happened.

Yamamoto was about to speak when a cough startled him. He looked down at the table again to see that Kurosaki was having a coughing fit, his eyes closed tightly and his limps trashing weakly. The Captain Commander nodded to Kurotsuchi again and the scientist injected something into the youth's arm. After a few seconds Kurosaki stopped coughing and grew still, his breathing the deep and controlled breathing of the sleeping. Yamamoto glared at the 12th division captain,

"Have your vice-captain give me a thorough re-working. His hair colour will have to change. All of the captains and vice-captains will know of the code yellow that took place here but the masses must not recognise him. Is that clear?" he asked the painted man. Kurotsuchi nodded and Nemu Kurotsuchi appeared beside her father in a kneeling position,

"I'm sure she heard all of that." He said with a small grin. Yamamoto was disgusted when he realised he'd seen the same type of grin on well-sexed men. The Captain Commander pointed a finger at the man,

"And he must never enter this laboratory while awake. It may awaken memories of his… formation." He added. Kurotsuchi nodded,

"He'll be joining the 6th division as its new vice-captain anyway. I'm sure he'll never even find the need to come here." He replied, trying to leave the matter. Yamamoto nodded,

"Very well. Remember his new appearance."


Ichigo Kurosaki woke up with a yawn and a stretch. His eyes still closed, he ran his fingers through his hair as he swung his legs out over the edge of his bed. Opening his eyes along the way, he stood up from his bed and made his way over to his room's wash basin and mirror. Dipping his hands in the cold water he sighed before whipping his face with his dripping hands. Invigorated, he looked at himself in the mirror and set about getting his appearance ready for the day. His shoulder length, black, hair was messy and untamed as it normally was and his blue eyes were clear of sleep or bags. Yep. Everything was normal for his first day as vice-captain of the 6th division.