Heya guys!

Ok so basically i wanted to make a movie with my friends. We were all Death Note fans and we got sadly let down by the movies. Of course Tatsuya Fujiwara –Light- and Kenichi Matsuma –L – were good actors but the movie was pretty crap. Anyway we decided to spoof it which we are currently working on for Youtube the script is already written obviously. So have a read and let us know.

P.S I am not against gay people I have PLENTY of Gay friends and they read the script and liked it so please don't be offended by any of the following

Disclaimer: We own nothing but the script we wrote

*means what's happening

Scene 1: The Death Note...

Walking back from school, an apple falls on Light's head.

Light:"Every gosh damn day this year, can't SOMETHING more exciting happen?"

Light notices the Death Note lying on the floor

(Inner Light) "Gets it, before someone else does"

Light:"Who the hell said that?"

(Inner Light) "Jerry Springer, who the hell do you think."

Light: "OME! Really!? I'm such a big fan Mr spr-*Gets cut off*

(Inner Light) "I'm your inner persona you dork!"

Light: "Oh.. Well, that's pretty lame."

(Inner Light) "Just shut the hell up, and get the book before somebody else does"


(Inner Light) "'Cus, i want a precious."

(Light thinks to himself: 'Maybe i shouldn't have watched all of the LOTR films in one go last week..')

(Inner Light) "Um, moron? I'm inner you, so i can still hear what you say even if you think it."

(Light thinks to himself: 'Dammnit..')

(Inner Light) *Cough*

Light:"Ok ok! I'll get it, jeez."

Picks up Death note and runs away like a little girl.