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*Bella's POV*

I knew I was too late when I saw the cloaked figures emerge from the shadows. They were grey unlike the red mass of people around them. I ran faster.


He finally heard me; his expression was both sad and confused at the same time. He looked around himself and saw the vampires that slowly walked towards him.

Then his lips moved, as if he wanted to tell me something, and a huge smile lit up his face right before he was completely surrounded by the grey cloaks.

I blinked.

Then they were all gone.

I fell to the ground. Then everything went black.


"This is the girl?"

I looked towards my confused brothers. They weren't my brother's in blood, but in venom. In the way we ruled the supernatural world and had done so the last few millennia.

Aro nodded.

"Can someone tell me what she's doing in one of our guest bedrooms?"

A brunette was lying on top of the covers, still fully dressed and with a peaceful expression on her face. Maybe she was sleeping? Afton had heard her yelling, and then he had found her collapsed on the ground. He had lifted her up and taken her back to the castle.

I didn't like the fact that there was more humans here than the receptionist and our public relations girl. I didn't really see the point about having someone to deal with public relations either, but if tourists were to keep travelling to Volterra, we had to make sure that we advertised the right way.

"She's sleeping." Aro said after a long while.

I raised my eyebrow.

"I can see that. I wondered why she's alive. Why you haven't let someone drain her yet."

Aro looked a little guilty and Marcus took the word.

"Because she's spiked his interest. Apparently he can't read her mind, not while she is sleeping anyway."

He added the last part of the sentence as Aro gave him an angry look.

I knew Aro had tested his ability on both people who were awake and people who were sleeping. He's never had this problem before. If he couldn't read the mind of this girl there was nothing I could do to hurry the process.

Aro was the great leader of the vampire society, even though I had power, I could never overrule his decisions. I should feel lucky that I was important enough to stay with him and Marcus. Aro had been roaming alone when he had found me, he had no recollection of the life before becoming a vampire, but he knew that he wanted to be the one to control vampires.

His sister, Didyme, had gotten the power of happiness, something Aro hadn't found useful only interesting. So he decided to go looking for powers.

But he had been a little disappointed when I never got a power. He had thought that all vampires got something special, and when he turned me he was proven wrong. So he had tried again. This time with Marcus. And Marcus could feel the bonds of relationships. Something that made him extremely useful in battle.

I had expected that they would kick me out sooner or later, but Marcus hadn't been the person Aro expected him to be. He had fallen in love with Didyme, and they had planned to run away together. I had never regretted telling Aro about that, but Marcus had never been the same again.

"What about the vampire who brought her here?" I said to avoid memory lane.

There was no denying it, we could smell that the girl had spent a lot of time with a vampire. Her clothes also smelled faintly of an animal, but that wasn't really important. Her blood on the other hand. Mouthwatering.

"Alice." Aro said with compassion and yanked me out of my trance. "She left shortly after realizing that we had captured the human."

I knew he would have wanted her to stay. If this human knew about her true identity and Alice had known, Aro would have had the best reason to capture Alice as well. Something he had wished to do for a long time.

"So she knew that she had done something illegal." I stated.

Aro nodded.

"Though somehow I hope the one we killed is the one to blame."

He hadn't wanted to kill the mind reader, but he had done what he had to do. The idiot had tried to expose us to the humans, and therefore he had to die. But Aro didn't want to kill both of the gifted Cullen's. He still hoped that he would be able to get the psychic to join us.

"How long has she slept?" I asked.

"An hour or so; she should be awake soon I guess. Listen to her heart."

I did. The soft, thudding sound made my moth produce a lot of venom and I could only think about how much I wanted to drink her blood. I reached out and grabbed Aro's hand to show him.

"I know, dear brother. Her blood smells better than almost anything I have smelled the past couple of thousand years. This is what Edward was showing me. How her blood sang to him." he looked up at me.

"Almost the same way it sings to you."

I looked at my brother with questioning eyes.

"You my friend are more civil than most vampires, but the way your thoughts reacted to the blood.. It might be because Edward was a vegetarian.." he kept talking, mostly to himself.

There was no way her blood could sing to me the same way it had sung to him. I was Caius, one of the three Volturi brothers', I could not be distracted by a plain human.

As I thought this she turned her head a bit, and her neck was exposed. I felt a strong desire to bite, to suck her sweet blood. I shook my head and turned around.

"She's almost awake. You should get this over with so we can continue like normal."

Aro laid a hand on her arm; the cold touch should be enough to wake her up now. He frowned. This wasn't good, if he still couldn't see what she was thinking.. I sighed. I was concerned that this might mean that he would keep her for a longer time so that he could figure out if she had some sort of power.

The human stirred and opened her eyes.

"Where am I?" she asked as she sat up and looked around.

Her heart was hammering so hard, and the scent of her blood almost saturated the entire room. I tried holding my breath, Aro would not like it if I killed her.

"Dear Bella," Aro began, he had clearly memorized her name after reading the mind reader's thoughts. "you are in Volterra. In our castle."

"Who are you? Why am I here?"

Tears welled up in her eyes. Humans were so frail, so pathetic.

"I am Aro and these are my brothers, Caius and Marcus."

He had avoided answering the last question. Aro took her hand in his, a last attempt to read her thoughts.

"Don't be afraid, little one. We won't harm you."

'Yet' I added silently. There was no way we would keep her, was there?

"Why am I here? Where is Edward?" she was almost hysterical.

"You fainted outside, Bella. We brought you in so you could rest."

She got up from the bed quickly.

"Thank you for taking care of me, but please tell me where I can find Edward."

I folded my arms over my chest. This human would definitely demand more attention than I was willing to give her.

"I'm sorry, dear." Aro answered. "Edward was about to show himself in front of all those humans, I'm sure you'll understand that we only did what we had to do."

Her eyes flickered from one to the other.

"Where is he?" she whispered.

"He's dead." I answered, tired of her already.

She stood there and just looked at me like a dumb donkey for a while before falling to her knees. Aro gave me a look that told me he was disapproving of my honesty. I couldn't care less. The sooner we were finished with this human, the better.

"This is not happening." She whispered.

"I'm sorry." Aro said. "He believed you had killed yourself, he only wanted to be with you."

"But I never killed myself. I just wanted to see him." she whispered.

"I'm sorry." Aro said again.

Then the horrible sobbing started.

I rolled my eyes. Humans should be the ones to accept that life was short and that love was fleeting. After all, they were the ones that experienced things like that.

"And Alice?" she managed to ask between sobs.

"She is gone, I'm afraid. She has returned to America." Aro said in a soft voice.

The human nodded and looked like she understood the reason why.

"And what's going to happen with me?" She suddenly asked.

I looked at Aro, his eyes were fixed on the girl. Marcus looked the other way, and I couldn't really blame him. He had always been the emotional one, and he knew how it felt to lose the one you loved.

But no one answered the girl. And she was shaking between sobs.

I walked out into the hallway; surely I wasn't needed inside that room anymore. Aro would just get mad if I continued to speak my mind anyway.

A distraction was what I needed. I had to find Athenodora.

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