Chapter 1

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Kagome POV

I watched as InuYasha ran off, yet again, to rut with Kikyo. He thinks we do not know but it is quite obvious. Sango and I set up camp while Miroku go get some firewood.

Sango gets my sleeping bag out of my pack and lays it down. I kneel down and place a sleeping Shippo onto it and tuck the covers around him.

He fell asleep a while back as we have been walking since sun rise, only stopping once or twice for a break. I stood back up straight as Miroku comes back with a big arm load of firewood. I take half of the load and we both set it down.

I fix up a fire, get my match box out of my pack and use one and light the fire. After it alights I got a couple of ramen packets from my pack along with my pot. Opening up the packets, I dump them into the pot and place the pot onto the rack to cook over the fire.

As it cooks Shippo starts to wake up and I go over to him. He opens his eyes and sat up. He looks around camp and then looks at me.

"Where is Inuyasha?"

"He ran off again." I replied


Shippo jumps onto my shoulder and I went go to check ramen. A couple more minutes and it should be done.

I heard a 'WHAP' .

"PERVERT!" Sango screamed.

I shake my head at the two of them. 'Some things will just never change. You think he would learn after the millionth time'. I looked over to see a huge red hand print on Miroku's face.

Shippo jumped off of my shoulder and over to Miroku shaking his head. Sango walks over to me.

"Why won't he ever learn?" she asked

"Well like they always say. 'You can never teach an old dog new tricks." I smiled

"Hahaha! Good one." Sango laughed.

"Thanks Sango."

After another 5 minutes I checked the ramen, Done. I got out 4 bowls and poured equal amounts into each of them. Picking them all up, I handed Sango, Miroku, and Shippo their bowls and some chopsticks. I grabbed mine, went over to sit down beside them and we started to talk.

15 minutes later we are done and I get a plastic bag to throw our garbage in. I decide to go have a bath so I pick up my pack, bow and arrows and slung them onto my back.

Sango stood up. "I will join you Kagome."

"Thanks but no Thanks Sango. I just want to be alone for a little while." I smiled

"Ok Kagome. That's fine." She said as she sat back down


I walk out of camp and into the forest looking for a good hot spring to bathe in. After walking for a little while I heard a scream all little to the west.

I start running towards the scream while getting my bow and arrows ready. When I broke through the tree line I find Rin slammed up against a boulder, a few feet from a cliff. There, in front of her stood a giant demon.

I aim my bow at the demon and fire. It hits the demon in the shoulder and it hiss in pain. My Miko powers start to spread through its veins. The demon turned to me and growled.

"Why you little Wench. How dare you."

"Just Shut up." I yelled.

I notched another arrow in my bow and fire it. This time it hits the demons stomach. The demon cries out again and charges at me. I tried to dodge but I was too slow and his claws scratch across my abdomen.

I scream in pain and fell backwards landing painfully onto my back. I close my eyes in and waited for the demon to strike again to kill me. Instead I hear it scream out.

I gathered enough courage and open my eyes, to find the famous Sesshoumaru standing over me. I start to feel light headed from the blood loss.

"Am I going to Die?" I whimpered.

He kept looking at me. Rin appears at his side, she had a shocked look plastered on her face. Sesshoumaru turns his back and starts to walk away, I close my eyes and darkness envelopes me.

Sesshoumaru's POV

I start to walk away from the Miko. She was hit badly and she's my Brother's wench. I didn't hear Rin follow me so I stop and turn my head around. I found her laying beside the Miko.

She looks at me with tears streaming out of her eyes and something in clicks. Ever since Rin started travelling with me 4 years ago, she has managed to break the ice around my heart and I've shown kindness that hasn't been seen for many years.

I turn around and walk back to the Miko and Rin. The Miko was unconscious, most likely from the loss of blood. Rin looks up, her eyes pleading.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, please help Kagome-sama. Kagome-sama tried to save Rins life from the bad demon." She pleaded.


"Please Lord Sesshoumaru."

I look down at the Miko and my eyes go wide in shock. I do not hear the Miko breath or a pulse. The Miko is dead. I can already see the soul bearers of the dead coming to collect her.

In the Land of the Dead

Kagome's POV

I open my eyes up and found myself floating in front of Inu no Taisho's giant dead form. I am in the land of the dead. I look down at my abdomen and find nothing there. Not even a scar. Frowning, I looked back up to the great Inu no Taisho and start to hear a voice.

"Kagome?" someone asks

"Yes? Who's is this?" I asked

"Inu no Taisho." The voice replied


A ghost appears in front of me. This ghost looks exactly the same as the Inu no Taisho I've seen in a painting. He and Sesshoumaru almost looked identical if it weren't for the 1 stripe on either cheek and his armour.

"I am dead, dear and so are you." He laughed.

"I figured that." I grumbled

"But you will not be for long so we've got to get this done." Inu no Taisho stared straight at me.

"What done?" I asked confused.

"Just sit back and listen, ok."

"Alright." I agreed and crossed my legs, sitting in thin air.

"You may travel with my youngest son, InuYasha, but you have a purpose with my other son, Sesshoumaru. As you know Sesshoumaru is cold to everyone but Rin. He needs a mate and that mate is you. I know you probably don't believe me but I am telling you the truth. You will travel with him for awhile and you need to break the ice around his heart. It is destined for you both to be together. But you cannot tell a soul, dear." He explained.

"But, I don't understand."

"You will in due time, dear."

He starts to blur and disappear. I close my eyes and open them back up, everything is the same. Then, out of the blue, everything went black.

Sesshoumaru's POV

I pull Tenseiga out of my belt and hold it over the Miko. I watch the soul bearer's as I sliced threw them bringing the Miko back to life. I sheath Tenseiga and listen to the sound of the Miko's heart beat strong and healthy as she starts breathing.

The Miko opens her eyes and looks at me. Blue clashes with Gold and I know she has a secret, I can see it in her eyes. And I vow to find what that secret is.

Kagome's POV

My first breath of air rushes into my lungs and my heart beats steadily in my chest. I breathe for a little while until I finally decide to open my eyes. I look into Sesshoumaru's eyes and I vow to keep the conversation I just had with Inu no Taisho a secret.

I know that Sesshoumaru can tell I have a secret and knowing Sesshoumaru he will do anything in his will to find out what it is. But I am smarter then he thinks I am and I know our destiny.

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