2 Weeks Later

It's been two weeks and my Grandpa's condition has not changed one bit. My Mother's barley left he hospital since. Souta can barley keep his grades up in school but neither I or my Mother are letting his quit school.

Rin and Shippo have grown very attached to my Mother and make me take them to the hospital everyday to see her and my Grandfather.

Sesshoumaru has kept me strong and has helped me with the upkeep of the the shrine. Souta and him have talked many times.

I wish sometimes that I could heal my Grandpa with my Miko powers but I have no idea how to do it. I am trying my best to not get down in the dumps since its not just me I have to look after, its the little life growing inside of me.

I know that soon we need to go home so Sesshoumaru can check on his lands but I don't know if I can leave me Mother like this. I just wish some way somehow that my Grandpa would be healed and things could go back to normal.

Hi everyone, I have finally came up with a Epilogue for the story. I am gonna start working on the sequel soon but I don't know when I will have it out. Please review and tell me what you think.