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Raven: 18

Beast Boy: 17

Nightwing: 18

Starfire: 18

Cyborg: 19

"Beast Boy, I swear, if you keep poking me, you'll be out the window in a matter of seconds…" Raven threatened the annoying boy next to her. He rolled his eyes and stopped poking her. Raven raised an eyebrow at him. Beast Boy had really changed. Even though it had only been a two years since Tokyo, Beast Boy had gotten taller and earned more muscle. His face sharpened into more masculine features and his voice was deeper. But, he was still the same old Beast Boy with the same old outfit that he refused to change because it would "ruin his look".

Raven on the other hand, didn't change that much. She did lose a little weight, but not much. Robin, who changed his name to Nightwing, was sitting at the table with Starfire. They were talking and holding hands. Cyborg was playing a one player video game and Raven was reading her book. Beast Boy was sitting next to Raven, watching the screen. "Yo!" Cyborg yelled, "That's not fair!" He turned to the green changeling. "You saw that, didn't you, B? I made that before the time ran out!" Cyborg stood and tossed the controller on the couch. Sighing, he stretched his limbs. Cyborg had matured too, he got taller and some of his old mechanical parts were replaced with more modern parts. He now has two cannons and his eye can shoot lasers too.

He cracked his neck and walked to kitchen, "I give up! I am in the mood for a large meat filled sandwich!"

"Eww, that's nasty, dude," Beast Boy grimaced as he grabbed the controller and started a new game. "Hey, Rae! Watch me beat Cy's time!"

Raven peeked from her large book for a second. "No thanks."

Hearing this, Starfire floated to the couch and took a seat. She said, "Oh! I wish to watch you beat the time of friend Cyborg!" Starfire clapped her hands, her new iron, open finger gloves smashing together. She had greatly changed her outfit. Just like Robin changed his into Nightwing, Starfire had made some major adjustments. She got rid of her mini skirt and tank top, replacing it with a purple leotard. It had an opening on her stomach and sleeves that connected to her iron gloves. Her boots were the same, but a little higher up her leg. An iron plate of armor still hugged her neck and chest and her hair was still long and red as ever.

Nightwing stood and sat next to Starfire. They watched as Beast Boy was seriously failing at beating Cyborg's time. When the game finally ended and Beast Boy lost, he frowned and looked at Raven. She was still huddled up with her book. Even though Raven wanted to look, she couldn't. She wouldn't let anyone even get a tiny bit suspicious that she had an interest with the green teenager. Yes, it was true, only a few months ago did Raven start realizing how much he changed. And that's when her new emotion, Love, came in.

She fought the urge to raise her eyes to the boy next to her and clutched her book closer to her. Finally, she gave up and excused herself to go and meditate. Now-a-days it was easier to meditate because crimes were slow. Nobody wanted to get caught by the Titans. Now that they were older and stronger, villains steered clear. Also, the Teen Titans were no more. They were now the Titans.

Reaching the roof, Raven sat down and placed her book next to her. Getting into her lotus position, she started her mantra. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos… Azarath Metrion Zinthos…" She chanted quietly to herself.

The sunset sky covered the world as the wind blew in Raven's hair. She shivered slightly, but still enjoyed the beautiful summer heat. She loved this part of the day. The sun was setting and succumbing to the dark blanketing of nighttime. The transformation was stunning to Raven. Suddenly, she was pulled out of her chant. She opened one amethyst eye and looked around the roof for a moment. Thinking that nobody was there, she closed it again and resumed her meditation.

A dark figure lurked in the shadows. An eye narrowed as the figure watched the lonely Titan on the roof. Coming out of the shadows, he approached the Titan. He shot out one hand and grabbed her, covered her mouth.

Raven tried to scream, but couldn't. She was turned to face none other than Slade. She gasped and struggled to get him to let go. She tried to use her powers to fly away, but his hold was strong. A blast of dark energy shot out of her eyes, but missed him. Slade hit her on the side of the head and she fell on the floor.

Holding her throbbing head, she looked up to see Slade holding a needle. "What are you doing!?" Raven yelled.

"Just a little revenge, little Raven. Something that will make you suffer until the end of your time," He hissed, his silky voice making Raven tense. He grabbed her arm and injected the clear liquid into her body. Raven screamed and Slade injected the last drop. He jumped off the roof just in time for the rest of the team to get there.

Nightwing yelled, "What happened??"

Raven, not wanted to scare anyone and thinking that she could handle this on her own, stood and brushed herself off. She said, her voice sounding free of fear, "I was stung by a bee."

The four others froze. "Oh," Cyborg said.

"I hope it gets better." Beast Boy shrugged as they all went downstairs. Once they left, Raven pulled up her sleeve to her elbow. On her lower arm was a mark of where the needle was plunged. Raven realized that whatever was injected was into her blood. Her powers only fixed bones and temporary sicknesses. Whatever this was, she couldn't do anything about it.