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"Sakura!" I groaned- I hated getting up early. "Sakura! It's time for school!"

"Five more minutes, Mom," I whined, pulling the pillow over my head when she came in and turned on the lights in my room that made my eyes sting.

"You said that ten minutes ago!" She scolded. "I actually want you to eat something before you head off to school- for once."

"Please turn out the lights," I begged, "I'll be up in a minute."

"Nope. If you want these lights off, you're going to have to turn them off yourself." I heard her footsteps exit my room and head for the stairs.

Finally, I sat up. Blinking my eyes a few times, I looked around my room. It was your everyday messy room- clothes on the floor, cluttered desk, shoes lined up against the far wall, and posters plastered all over my walls. This was my sanctuary.

That's when my eyes found the clock on my nightstand. 7:45?! Shit! I'm gonna be late!, I thought as I leaped out of my bed. I couldn't afford to be late during this semester again- Tsundae would kill me!

I quickly went through all of the clothes on the end of my bed, looking for something to wear. When I came up empty-handed, I started going through my closet. Luckily for me, the school I went to didn't have uniforms. There was a dress code, but no one really enforced it. Two of my best friends, Temari and Tenten, think it's because the male teachers -especially Mr. Hatake and the ever-perverted Jiraiya- like looking at the girls in their super short skirts.

In the end, I pulled on a tight black short-sleeved top, my favorite ripped blue jeans, a black wristband, my sneakers, and my black cap to tie it all together. I ran into the bathroom to take care of my hygienic issues, and then ran downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Ah, so nice of you to join us, Sleepyhead," my mother said as she stood at the oven cooking breakfast. I drooled over the fresh pancakes she was flipping.

She turned around and caught me staring. "Sorry Sweetie, but you're going to have to settle for toast and an apple." She handed me my two slices of toast wrapped in a paper towel, along with my paper bag lunch. "Now hurry up before you're late!" The "again" hung in the air between us.

"Where's Dad?" I asked as I stuffed the paper bag into my book bag and grabbed my skateboard.

"He left for work early- he's decided to come home early. Now Sakura, you'll need to-"

"Sorry Mom! I've gotta get going before I'm late!" I cut her off as I swung the door open and ran out. I threw the board under my feet and started rolling. Ugh, this sucks. Why can't school start later- like at 12:00?, I thought.

I straightened up my stance on the board and kicked at the ground behind me to go faster. The toast in my hand was starting to cool from all of the wind, so slowed down a bit so I could quickly take out a piece to eat and stuff the rest inside my book bag for later. I sped up again once the toast was in my mouth.

All too soon, the school was in sight. I could see Tsunade at the gates, getting ready to close them. They're supposed to close at 7:55, and whom ever is already inside has to get to class by 8:00. Everyone outside the gate gets a detention, and I've already gotten too many of those. It seems like a stupid rule to me, but hey, just three more years of this and then I'm off.

As I rode onto the school grounds, I kicked back the tail of my board for an Ollie to get over the curb of the sidewalk and sped past Tsundae just as she was beginning to push the gates closed.

She checked her watch and nodded to me. "Looks like you made it just in time," she said as the first gate door closed.

Tsundae is the principal of our school. Most people think that before she had this job, she was a stripper or a hooker. No one could miss her huge breasts, not even the gay guys at my school. And what else would she use those for?

"Thanks Tsundae-sama," I said formally. I stepped off my skateboard, tucked it under my arm, and took the stairs two at a time so I'd get to class on time.


Konaha High was your everyday high school- strict and perverted teachers, endless amounts of homework, cliques, jocks, and more. And groups- endlessly different groups. Emos, Goths, jocks again, geeks and nerds, normal people who have no label, skater boys and girls (like yours truly), and the bitches- ehem, I mean the cheerleaders.

There was no real social caste- just groups- since it depends on who looks down on who- but I won't get into that now.

I ran to my locker to get my books, and swore when I missed a number for my combination.

"Yo! Sakura!" I looked up to see Kiba- another one of my besties and skating partner since the sixth grade- walking down the hall towards me. He was taller than I was- at least six feet- with unkempt brown hair and soft brown eyes. Kiba always seemed so at ease whenever I managed to be freaked out about something. In this case, he was strolling towards me as if there weren't a hundred students dodging him to run to class and as if he didn't know that if I was late again, I'd be dead.

"Hey Kiba," I said as I opened up my locker. "What's up?"

"Eh, you know," he shrugged his shoulders, "the usual. You still on for the skate park after school?"

"Only if I manage not to get detention today," I put my board in my locker, grabbed my books and slammed it shut. "And that's only if I make it to class on time."

"Pft, you're actually going to class? I'm skipping."


Kiba grinned at me. "Hell yeah- I've got Jiraiya for homeroom. He doesn't give a shit about the boys 'cause he's always too busy staring at the girls." He leaned in close to me. "I haven't been marked absent for a single day in his class. All the guys figure that as long as we don't sell him out, we can do whatever we want during first period."

"Lucky you," I sighed, starting to power walk to homeroom. "I've got Anko for homeroom, and you know how she is."

"Yeah," Kiba frowned, and then grinned. Anko was the school's gym teacher- and a tough one at that. She made students do push-ups in class if they disobeyed her or walked in late- even if it was homeroom. I'd had to do it plenty of times- so much that I think it toned my arm muscles a bit. I actually kind of admired her though- she was a tomboy like me.

The warning bell rang, signaling that there were only two minutes left. "I've gotta get to class now, I'll catch ya later." I told Kiba as I walked off in the direction of my class.

"'Kay, see ya."


Oddly enough, homeroom was one of my favorite classes, despite Anko Mitarashi being the instructor. Normally, homeroom was the class where everyone was to discuss plans for college and careers. Since she's not very good at that, Anko lets us take out computers or study for our other subjects. That way, if anyone looked into our classroom -say, Tsundae or a benefactor for our school- they'd think we were doing what we were supposed to be doing. Pretty clever, huh?

She did roll call as I logged into the laptop that I'd pulled out of the computer cart. I clicked on the internet explorer icon and went directly to my MSN hotmail account. I had a few newsletters from the colleges that Anko had us sign up for, an email each from Tenten and Temari- my two other best friends- and an email from Shikamaru, who was traveling with his dad on a business trip in New York. I looked at the "to" box, and sure enough, the same email had been sent to Kiba, Tenten, and Temari as well.

I right-clicked each of the newsletters and marked them as read. Then I skipped down to Shikamaru's email and opened it. It read:

"Hey guys. Man, being away from home for so long is such a drag. My dad's put me into a school here and it sucks. None of the students I've met so far have the same interests as I do. I'll have to admit, there actually are a few girls who want to be my friend, but for different reasons, if you know what I mean. I keep telling them that I freakin' have a girlfriend, but they won't listen. So troublesome… anyways, my dad says we're only gonna be here until I finish up my semester in school, so it'll be awhile till we leave. I miss you guys. See ya later- Shika."

My eyes skipped down to his last comment at the bottom of the email. "P.S," it said, "I love you Temari, so please don't fly off the handle about the girls here- I'm not interested in any of them. Besides, it's not like you can come here and beat them down… right? Love ya babe- xoxo Shika."

I laughed quietly. I could practically hear Kiba gagging at Shika's last comment.


My head snapped up. Anko was staring at me from the front of the class, frowning. "Are you here, Ms. Haruno?"

"Yes," I mumbled.

"Good," she replied as she checked off my name, "because I'd hate to mark someone absent do to their lack of either attention or hearing- or both."

I rolled my eyes as she moved on to the rest of her list. If she was the one I admired in the school, you could only imagine how the rest of the faculty and staff was…

Shaking it off, I opened Temari's email next. Her message was shorter than Shika's. It said:

"Hey Sakura. Are you coming to the park this afternoon? I'm not coming if you guys aren't- it'll be too boring."

I smiled as I typed in my reply to tell her that I was going. Temari was the newcomer for our group. She'd skated long before we met, and she was pretty talented with anything that had two wheels or more. She was a college student who went to the community college near our school and came to skate with us in between classes.

Deciding to reply to Shikamaru's email later, I moved on to Tenten's email, which had been sent -according to the "to" box- to everyone in our group and just about half the school. It was a flier for her party on Memorial Day weekend- just before the summer. An extravaganza- she called it. It was to be held at the recreation center near where she lived, and there was supposed to be food, drinks, games, activities, and music -endlessly music, I knew, because Tenten was a music lover.

I didn't understand why she was waiting until the summer though. Living in Konaha meant it was a decent temperature year-round, so why couldn't it be hosted on the weekend of her upcoming birthday? When asked, Tenten had just replied "I just had a feeling that the summer'd be more convenient, is all." I sighed and continued to surf the net until the bell rang.


"I'm telling you," Kiba was telling me and Tenten as we walked to lunch together, "this school's trying to torture me! My first class is with that perverted freak Jiraiya, then I've got Ebizu second period, and Kakashi third. It's the pervert trifecta!"

"Kiba, why do you even care?" Tenten asked him. "Why are you complaining when that gives you the chance to skip not one, not two, but three periods in a row! If I had that, I would be thanking God for the arrangement."

"Ditto," I said, "I've already had Ebizu- and after luch I get Kakashi, and later Jiraiya. And don't brag about how 'bad' you have it! I can't skip since I'm a girl and all, remember?"

"Sometimes I wonder," Kiba grinned at me with a wicked smile.

I nudged him in the ribs as I heard Tenten groan. "What's up?" I asked her.

She pointed ahead. "Bitch Squad at twelve o'clock- heading our way."

Both mine and Kiba's eyes looked to where she was pointing. Sure enough, there they were, the "we're-so-all-that" cheerleading squad marching down the hallway in their uniforms- probably to non-verbally brag about their status.

Leading the pack, of course, was Ino Yamanaka (A/N: Sorry to all the Ino fans out there!). Stereotypical cheerleader- blond hair, pretty face, curvy body, and a catty personality. And just the kind of thing that could turn my good day into a not so good day.

When our eyes meet, she smirks and begins to head in our direction with her groupies following her.


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